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Meet Cole DeBoer Parents: Jenny And Brent DeBoer!

Let us introduce you to the parents of Cole DeBoer: Jenny and Brent DeBoer. After their appearance on their son’s HGTV show, fans wished to learn more about them. Below you’ll explore details about their age, job, current residence, and more.

So keep scrolling and find out more.

Who Are Cole DeBoer Parents?

Teen Mom star Cole DeBoer gave an unexpected surprise to his parents after introducing them on Ep. 3 on his HGTV show Down Home Fab. It was his folks’ first appearance on a TV show. Chelsea Houska also surprised Cole with two alpacas which she pulled off with the help of her 13-year-old daughter Aubree.

“I have an idea that I wanted to include you on,” Chelsea Houska told her eldest daughter. “Okay, so Cole’s birthday is coming up, right? I’m not ever good with surprises and so I wanna do something unexpected. I want to surprise him with alpacas.”

Moreover, a miniature menagerie has been established by Chelsea and Cole on their property in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They have a pig named Pete that Houska has had since she was on “Teen Mom,” along with goats, highland cows, hens, ducks, and dogs. The growing family also saw the addition of two alpacas first introduced to Cole with a pulled-up trailer.

Cole said it impressed him.

In the show, Cole asked his dad for assistance to build a trough for the alpacas. “I feel like the relationship between my dad and me, it’s just fun,” Cole spoke to the camera. “We like to give each other a lot of grief. And, you know, we’re always just having a good time.”

Chelsea adds that Cole’s dad is funny and she loves him. Cole updates his dad about the show and explains that taking on projects for the HGVT show has been “chaos” and “fun”.

Cole was born to his parents on 18 April 1988 in his hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota as one of the two kids of Bret and Jennifer.

After meeting Chelsea Houska at a South Dakota gas station in 2014, Cole fell in love with her at first sight. Chelsea was raising her daughter Aubree, whom she has with her ex-partner Adam Lind, alone at the time. Her relationship with Adam fluctuated when she was on Teen Mom 2. But when Chelsea met Cole, she broke things off permanently, and the two started dating. The two tied the knot two years later. They began their own family.

Although Cole is well-known on his own, Chelsea, who is his wife, is a very well-known public personality as a result of her involvement with Teen Mom 2. She also works as a hairdresser and is said to have a net worth of $1 million to $2 million.

Meet Jenny DeBoer, Cole DeBoer Mother

Jennifer “Jenny” DeBoer is the mother of Cole DeBoer.

  • Jenny DeBoer Age

Jenny DeBoer is 65 years old as of January 2023. 1957 is the year of his birth and August is the birth month.

  • Jenny DeBoer Job

Based on one LinkedIn of Jenny DeBoer we’ve discovered, she likely works as an administrative assistant at Sioux Falls School District.

  • Is Jenny DeBoer On Instagram?

No, Jenny DeBoer is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Meet Brent DeBoer, Cole DeBoer Father

On Father’s Day 2022, Cole DeBoer posted a pic of his dad reading to his grandkids. He captioned, “Love you, Dad!! #myhero #happyfathersday.”

Brent DeBoer is the son of Everett and Alice (Vanden Hoek) De Boer on their family farm near Harrison, SD. He had three sisters Karen Kay DeBoer, Delores (Lloyd) Markus of Huron, SD, and Jan (Jim) Eggers of Corsica, SD. He also had a brother named Harlan.

Sadly, Brent lost his sister Karen died at the age of 76 at Avera St. Benedict Hospital in Parkston in 2019. Harlan reportedly died before Karen.

Karen was born with an eye disease and was told she would be blind by the age of 40. She attended grade school at Garden Valley Country School near Harrison, then stayed home with her family. At the age of 35, Karen moved to Sioux Falls to the School for the Visually Handicapped. While there, she worked in the workshop and lived in a group home for more than 30 years.

  • Brent DeBoer Age

Reportedly born in June 1953, Brent DeBoer turned 69 years old in 2022.

  • Brent DeBoer Job

Brent DeBoer has been teaching football for 24 years, 18 of those as the head coach at Sioux Falls Roosevelt. He is a graduate of Corsica High School and Sioux Falls College. DeBoer brought back-to-back State Championships to the program while at Roosevelt, leading the team to a 111-79 record and winning in 2006 and again in 2007. When the Rough Riders lost to O’Gorman in 2004, he served as head coach.

Brent was one of the three South Dakota high school football coaches that will be inducted into the South Dakota Coaches Association’s 2016 Hall of Fame.

Brent DeBoer has served as the Tea Area Titans football team’s assistant coach for the past five years while also serving as the school’s athletic director. A ceremony marking his induction into the Hall of Fame will take place in Sioux Falls in January during the State High School Winter Football Clinic. Brian Hermansen and Leon Breske are among the additional inductees.

  • Is Brent DeBoer On Instagram?

No, Brent DeBoer is not on Instagram or Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Cole DeBoer Parents Still Married?

Yes, Cole DeBoer’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Cole DeBoer Parents Have?

Besides Cole, Brent and Jenny DeBoer have one older son named Brock DeBoer.

Brock is a porcelain artist creating work in Los Angeles & Joshua Tree, CA. as his IG bio reads. You can explore his work on his website House Of Deboer. Brock is currently married to his wife Colleen DeBoer. He is currently 37 years old.

  • Where Do Cole DeBoer Parents Reside?

Cole DeBoer’s parents currently reside in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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