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Meet Dimitri Danzey, Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Alleged Boyfriend!

Meet Dimitri Danzey, alleged boyfriend of Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee. In one of the recent TikTok together, they seemed close so fans inquired if they were in a relationship. Find out his age, job, and current residence here in this piece.

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Is Dimitri Danzey Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Alleged Boyfriend?

No, Dimitri Danzey is not the boyfriend of Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee. Dimitri and Mackenzie McKee recently appeared together on Dimitri’s TikTok (@spiceboi69) and it sparked conversation among Teen Mom fans that they are in a relationship. According to Mackenzie they are just two friends just making a video together.

McKee said Dimtri’s feelings for her might be stronger than hers for him. She took to Twitter to explain their relationship. She said “When the guy who likes you posts a 10-second clip on the Tok that went viral and now he’s TikTok famous and everyone thinks your a couple when you are indeed SINGLE! #justfriends”

The TikTok which was uploaded TikTok on Dimitri’s account currently has over 1 million views. He had captioned the post “We survived Ian🤠.” While Mackenzie is cleaning some dishes, Dimitri performs a dance for the camera. She leans back on his chest and smiles at the camera when she discovers he is filming. Dimitri added a Morgan Wallen song to the recording. The lyrics “Chasing you, like a shot of whiskey/ Burning going down, burning going down” was the one he chose.

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Relationship Status

Mackenzie McKee is adamant about being currently single. In her recent tweet, she suggested that she doesn’t want a relationship.

Before realizing she needed to forgive herself, the former “Teen Mom” star claimed it took her “losing everything.” She claimed that she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders once she was able to look at herself in the mirror and acknowledge that she hasn’t always been perfect and has made errors.

Since she has been in a relationship since she was 13 years old, McKee told her fans, neither a bandage nor other worldly possessions can ease her suffering. She wants to resolve it so she can experience true joy.

“Everything that has happened for the past five years is starting to make sense,” she said. “God has allowed everything to fold into place so I can be here at rock bottom and find true happiness. So now my life begins.”

Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee And Josh McKee Divorce Details

Mackenzie McKee and her now ex-husband Josh McKee are currently going through a divorce. Teen Mom star announced their split after 12 years together. She shared it on her YouTube.

“Josh and I are divorcing, and we’re in the middle of a divorce, and it is very close to being done and finalized,” she said. This breakup is unlike their previous splits, due to the fact that they have already gone through mediation and decided on the legal terms of their divorce.

“The divorce is not a yucky, go-to-court type of divorce,” Mackenzie said. “In the end, we aren’t each other’s people, we aren’t meant to be, which is hard to admit because I carried three of his kids.”

Josh and Mack, according to Mack, agreed on “basically everything” when it came to the divorce, including the fact that she would get the Florida house they bought together back in January. “Now it is just my house,” she said of the four-bedroom home in Palmetto, Florida.

Josh, according to Mack, intends to return to Oklahoma, the couple’s state of origin. (Josh later relocated there after they made up, although Mackenzie moved there years previously when they were apart.)

“The kids are going to have parents way back and forth…it’s hard, but I chose to do it so it’s not the same hard,” she said. “I am now a single mom of three kids, pretty much on my own,”

“We are respecting each other’s dating lives. I have so much love and prayer for whoever Josh ends up with,” Mackenzie said. “My prayer is that they have a relationship that was better than ours, a true love…and he has said the same for me.”

Now that they have split for good, Mackenzie said that she and Josh get along much better and are able to respectfully co-parent their three kids. “In the end, Josh told me, ‘I’m so proud of you for actually having the courage to leave and do it because nothing was ever going to change. I was never going to change.'”

“People see me unleashed and finally happy after years of hell [and tell me] ‘I’m worried you are gonna go downhill’ bitch why were you not worried when I was suicidal and being emotionally abused daily,” she tweeted. “I’m good and free. Never been better in fact.”

The pair started dating in 2009. Mackenzie and Josh became husband and wife in August 2013. They had previously gotten engaged on 4 April 2013. They shared four children; Gannon Dewayne, 10, Jaxie Taylor, 8, and Broncs Weston, 5.

How Old Is Mackenzie McKee Alleged Boyfriend, Dimitri Danzey?

Dimitri Danzey, the alleged boyfriend of Mackenzie McKee is currently 24 years old. He was born in August 1998.

What Does Mackenzie McKee Alleged Boyfriend, Dimitri Danzey Do For A Living?

Mackenzie Mckee’s alleged boyfriend Dimitri Danzey is a realtor by profession. Preferred SHORE, a real estate firm welcomed Dimitri to their firm in April 2022.

They wrote on their socials, “Through Dimitri’s encounters, he listened to so many different vacationers trying to move down here but didn’t have a realtor that they trusted and could rely on. With that being said Dimitri can now be that helping hand in buying or selling their home in Florida.”

Besides selling real estate, Dimitri is a Parasail Captain at Englewood Parasailing & Tours and has been in the parasail business for 5 years.


  • Where Is Mackenzie McKee Alleged Boyfriend, Dimitri Danzey?

Mackenzie Mckee’s alleged boyfriend Dimitri Danzey was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. However, he was raised in Sarasota, Florida, which is also his current residence.

  • Is Mackenzie McKee Alleged Boyfriend, Dimitri Danzey On Instagram?

Yes, Dimitri Danzey AKA Teen Mom’s Mackenzie McKee’s alleged boyfriend is on Instagram (@dimitridanzey). He is also on TikTok (@spiceboi69) and Facebook (@dimitri.danzey).

  • Who Are Mackenzie McKee Alleged Boyfriend Dimitri Danzey Parents?

On Dimitri Danzey’s Facebook, he shared that he was born to his mother Maloma Mandy Ramgopaul, and has a brother named Scotty Regan. His mother hailed from Georgetown, Guyana, and is currently based in Sarasota, Florida.

Dimitri’s parents are no longer together as his mother is in a new relationship since 2017. She studied at William L. Dickinson High School and Meridian Career Institute.

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