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Meet Dyson Daniels Parents: Brikitta Kool And Ricky Daniels!

During the 2022 NBA Draft, New Orleans Pelicans pick Dyson Daniels wasn’t the only highlight of the night. Brikitta Kool who appeared at the event in a white dress with a slit became the talk of the event.

“Trying to see more fan reactions about Dyson Daniels & Christian Braun and all I’m seeing is chatter about their moms,” one person tweeted Friday. Brikitta was also accompanied by Ricky Daniels, her husband, and Dyson’s father.

Let’s learn more about Dyson Daniels’s parents below. This article covers their age, job, and their nationality.

Who Are Dyson Daniels Parents?

Dyson Daniels was born as a middle child to his parents Brikitta Kool and Ricky Daniels. On 22 December 2021, his parents celebrated their wedding anniversary recently.

Brikitta and Ricky shared their wedding vows in December 2000. In 2021, they have been married for 21 years. On their 15th anniversary, Brikitta posted on her Facebook in 2015, “Happy 15years wedding anniversary. I love this man more than words can describe. My rock!! My Love. Could not be more grateful and Blessed for the partnership we share and the amazing Healthy and Happy family we have created. You Complete US”.

Meet Dyson Daniels Dad, Ricky Daniels

In March 2021, Ricky Daniels, dad of Dyson Daniels, wished him a happy 18th birthday. He posted on his Instagram, “Happy 18th Birthday Son, We Love You and are Super Proud of You!”.

Ricky has been the reason why all three of their sons chose to pursue careers in basketball.

  • Ricky Daniels Age

Ricky Daniels are born on 27 February 1972. He is 50 years old as of 2022.

  • Ricky Daniels Job

Ricky Daniels is the Director of Operations at D-Club247 Fitness since March 2001. He spent more than 20 years working in the health & fitness industry.

Standing tall at 6’6”, Ricky J Daniels was born in Shallotte, North Carolina. He started his basketball career in basketball in North Carolina State University. He went undrafted in the NFL be he managed to land an international career.

Ricky made name for himself in 1999 and 2000 while playing for the Braves. He was awarded the Australian basketball Association’s national most valuable player two years in a row, a feat that no other Braves player in history has been able to achieve.

Ricky played 231 games, with 19.3 points, 12.7 rebounds, and 3.6 assists. During his career, he received several honors such as 1999 & 2000 MVP, 1999, 2000, & 20006 All-Star, 2010 East Championship, 2000 Leading Scorer, 1999, 2000, & 2003 Leading Rebounder.

Furthermore, he has also worked in sales for 20 years.

  • Is Ricky Daniels On Instagram?

Yes, Ricky Daniels is on Instagram (@rickyd_hoops).

  • What Is Ricky Daniels Nationality?

Ricky Daniels is American by nationality.

Meet Dyson Daniels Mom, Brikitta Kool

After Dyson Daniels was picked #8 in NBA, Brikitta took to Instagram. She added, “Love and Appreciation for the people and team that made our draft experience a lifetime memory”.

In December 2021, Brikitta dedicated a post to her son. She wrote on her Facebook, “I know you must experience your own path, but let my love be the light to guide you. It’s been an incredible opportunity to have spent precious quality time with my son Dyson. To admire the young adult he is and really get to know his beautiful and amazing qualities without day-to-day distractions is time this mother will forever be grateful for”.

She concluded, “Dyson left home over 2 years ago, so this was a very special time. It’s a beautiful thing, to watch another adult walking around out there in the world with my heart beating inside them”.

  • Brikitta Kool Age

In May 2022, Brikitta Kool turned 54 years old. She celebrates her birthday on 10 May.

  • Brikitta Kool Job

According to Brikitta Kool’s LinkedIn, she is the director of D-Club 247 Fitness. D-Club247 Fitness is a gym based in Bendigo, Australia. It prides itself on bringing its client the latest and greatest in all the things fitness. The company formerly gained recognition as Lifestyle Fitness.

It became an iconic gym in Bendigo for over 15 years. Brikitta and her husband Ricky named the D-Club affectionately from the Daniels.

Moreover, in D-Club they provide yoga, BodyAttack, BodyBalance, BodyPump, Core, Cycle/Sprint, W.O.D., and various types of classes. The gym is equipped with cardio machines, locker rooms, group training workshops, and 24-hour access inside the facility. Besides Brikitta and Ricky, there is also one other personal trainer and two group exercise instructors at D-Club.

You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Brikitta studied Fitness & Health at Victoria University, Australia.

  • Is Brikitta Kool On Instagram?

Yes, Brikitta Kool is on Instagram (@brikittakool).

  • What Is Brikitta Kool Nationality?

Brikitta Kool is Australian by nationality.

Related FAQs

  • Are Dyson Daniels Parents Still Married?

Yes, Dyson Daniels’s parents are still married.

  • How Many Kids Do Dyson Daniels Parents Have?

Dyson Daniels’s parents have three sons.

Dyson’s older brother Kai Daniels also plays basketball. He turned 21 years on 24 June 2022. He is available on Instagram (@kaidanielss). On Kai’s 21st birthday, Dyson surprised Kai with a diamond chain with his initials (KD). Brikitta posted a short clip of Dyson giving the gift to his brother on her Instagram.

In the post, Brikitta wrote, “My Heart burst with Love my eyes with tears 21st birthday Surprise”.

And the youngest of three kids is Dash Daniels (@dashdanielss). He turned 14 years old in December 2021.

  • Where Do Dyson Daniels Parents Live?

Dyson Daniels’s parents live in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

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