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Meet Eramos De Los Santos [Daniel], Amara La Negra Dad

The fourth season of Love and Hip Hop: Miami first aired on VH1 on August 23, 2021. The reality television series is well underway, with many women and men involved in hip-hop music taking part in the show.

Currently, as one of its starring cast, Amara La Negra’s family drama becomes a hot topic, you want to know and we want to tell who Amara La Negra’s dad is.

Meet Amara La Negra Dad, Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel

So, Amara La Negra’s dad is Eramos. However, he goes by the name of Daniel on Love And Hip Hop: Miami.

Fans learned from the show that he was not a part of Amara’s life growing up. He recently reached out to Amara and was absent throughout her childhood.

To why he has decided to come back?

The patriarch claimed that it was because when he returned to Puerto Rico, Amara’s mother had met a new man, so he decided to take a step back and move on just as she had.

However, when Amara confronted her mom, Mami Ana, about this, she said all of it was not true. That, she found a man much later after Eramos left her. Mami shared that she attempted to reach out to Eramos for help with raising Amara, but never heard back from him.

Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel On Love And Hip Hop: Miami

In Love and Hip Hop: Miami episodes, we have seen Amara finally attempting to build a genuine bond with Eramos.

But still, this has not stopped viewers from wondering why exactly Eramos left his daughter without saying goodbye.

Based on that, the skeptical fans assumed again that Eramos left for good following a teaser episode of Love and Hip Hop: Miami, where Amara is seen smashing a vase of flowers that were from Eramos.

One fan commented: “I’m assuming your father left. The man wasn’t I’m your life for years. Don’t try to make him into someone he isn’t. Let it go…”

And the other said:

“It broke my heart when
asked if her dad would ever love her.. since becoming a mom, I don’t get how you can just walk out on your child.”

Amara La Negra Relationship With Her Mom

To those wondering about Amara La Negra’s bond with her mom, Amara took to her Instagram to write this on 28 October 2021.

“Stronger Together 💕 @mamianalamama1 (No Matter What you see on “TV” 😉) My mom is my Ride or Die. God put me in her womb🤰🏽as her Guardian Angel 😇 I was Born to love and Protect her and I promised never to leave her and I never Will! Te Amo Mami 🥰”

So, yes! As always, Amara and her mom, Ana Oleaga, popularly known as Mami Ana, are going strong.

Mami Ana is of Afro-Latina of Dominican descent who immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic before Amara was born. Initially, she endured a rough life in the States, having to work two to three jobs to support Amara.

How Old Is Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel?

Eramos De Los Santos was 1960. So, in the least, he should have turned 61 years old in 2021.

Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel Teeth

Of all, the fans also noticed that Eramos has crooked, overlapping, or twisted teeth. There are several reasons why some people’s teeth grow crooked.

Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel Cancer

Last year, when Eramos De Los Santos was hospitalized and said to have cancer, some viewers thought “this con game is just going too far” and the few others were tweeting something like “Let’s keep Amara’s father in our prayers.”

What Does Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel Do For A Living?

It was not understood what Eramos did for a living.

Unlike his daughter who is a singer, actress, dancer, author, and television host, Eramos chose to keep his profession in suspense.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel From?

Eramos currently lived in the City of Miami, in Miami-Dade County in southeastern Florida, in the United States. However, it was not known where he came from. From what Amara herself confirmed, he is a Dominican.

  • How Tall Is Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel?

Eramos stands above 5’11” tall which is towering to his daughter’s 5’7”.

  • Is Eramos De Los Santos AKA Daniel On Instagram?

As of 2 November 2021, Eramos did not seem to have Instagram or any other social media accounts.

You might however get to witness Amara spill about him on her Instagram @amaralanegraaln and Twitter @AmaraLaNegraALN.

For instance, in a tweet dated 23 Feb. 2020, Amara revealed that she has decided to forgive her dad and build a relationship with him while he is still alive.

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