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Sarrah Jasmin Wiki, Made In Chelsea, Age, Boyfriend

“Made In Chelsea” fans saw a new face in the E4 in 2021 and she is Sarrah Jasmin, a friend of Emily from America. So, naturally, everyone is eager to know more about the girl who was going around asking boys if they were single. So, what do we know about her?

Here is Sarrah Jasmin Wiki that brings information on the new supporting cast “Made In Chelsea.” Learn more about her age and her boyfriend details, scrolling down.

Sarrah Jasmin On Made In Chelsea

Sarrah Jasmin is the new addition to the reality show “Made In Chelsea.” She arrived at the show in the 4th episode. With a flare of passion in her eyes and outgoing nature, she is sure to cause quite a ruckus in the show. The short clip hinted at her being the permanent cast in the show for the rest of the season.

In the show, everyone knew her as a friend of Emily Blackwell’s friend who had been living in America. While Sarrah might be known as the second cast from the United States, she is no stranger to England and even calls it her home.

How Old Is Sarrah Jasmin?

According to her Pinterest, Sarrah Jasmin was 22 years old as of Nov 2021. According to her IG post, she celebrated her birthday in early August, most probably 4 August.

Sarrah Jasmin Boyfriend

Surely Sarrah Jasmin is both cute and bold enough to attract boys, however, it doesn’t look like she is dating anyone in 2021. Furthermore, she is less active on her social media platforms compared to her friends. And none of the posts hinted at her having a serious boyfriend.

So, based on that information we would like to conclude that Sarrah is single at the moment.

Sarrah Jasmin Family

According to her Backstage profile, Sarrah Jasmin is rich in multiple heritages. She is part middle-eastern, south/Asian Indian. She confirmed that her name is Hebrew in Persian. Also, she barely shared anything on her Instagram that gave away any information on her parents and siblings.

Based on her IG post from 5 August 2018, there are three places in the world Sarrah called home. The first one was Canada where her family lives. That means her father and her mother still live there. Then, her second home was in London where she grew up, and finally Texas, the United States where she went to college.

Plus, Sarrah must be very close to her mother. In the IG post, she thanked her mom for buying her plane tickets to wherever she wanted to travel.

Is Sarrah Jasmin On Instagram?

Yes, Sarrah is on Instagram. Her IG handle is @sarrahjasmin. She gathered 8525 followers on the platform. Also, she only posted 50 times on her IG. She is also on Pinterest. Her handle is @sarrahjasmin.

Moreover, Sarrah recently delved into the world of TikTok. Her account @sarrah_jasmin has 895 followers and earned 4019 likes for her videos. However, she has kept her account private.

Related FAQs

  • What Does Sarrah Jasmin Do For A Living?

First off, Sarrah Jasmin is an aspiring model and an actress. Her modelesque snaps can be viewed on her Instagram which serves as her portfolio. Secondly, she is also attempting to establish herself as a social media personality. She has already joined IG and TikTok and making content.

Furthermore, Sarrah is now a reality star once she is announced to become the permanent cast in the show cause we see a permanent cast prospect in her. According to Digital Spy, supporting casts in the show pocketed £225 per episode. But that was then, back in 2013 and the and Entertainment Daily suggested that each cast earned £8,000 per series.

So, we are expecting to see growth in the net worth of Sarrah anytime soon.

Besides that, Sarrah is also on YouTube. She already earned 229 subscribers with zero content.

  • How Tall Is Sarrah Jasmin?

Talking about height, Sarrah stands tall to the moderate height of 5 feet 6.5 inches.

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