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Meet Eric Hadley, MBFFL Star Ashley Baynes Baby Daddy!

Eric Hadley is the baby daddy of MBFFL star Ashley Baynes. Ashley in the premiere of season 10 announced to Whitney that she is expecting a baby. We as viewers also know that Whitney was there with Ashley when the latter had their first child. But, we are in ten seasons in still haven’t met Ashley’s baby father Eric Hadley.

Let’s learn a few things about him in this article here. This article covers it all.

Meet MBFFL Star Ashley Baynes Baby Daddy, Eric Hadley

Ashley Baynes is best known as one of the best friends of MBFFL star Whitney Thore. Their relationship goes way back to high school. The show first appeared launched in 2015 and Whitney got her close friends and family to star in the show, and she has been appearing since day 1.

They have been so close that, Whitney even attended the birth of Ashley’s baby in 2018. Whereas, Ashley helped her friend with selecting her wedding dress.

The show has arrived in season 10 and on the premiere, Ashley surprised Whitney with the news that the MBFFL star is going to be an aunt. In the premiere show, fans saw Ashley arriving at No BS Active, with a piece of news. “Well, so there’s a reason I dropped by,” Ashley told Whitney while sporting an obviously pregnant belly. Meanwhile, Whitney stood there speechless for a few seconds as she attempted to comprehend the bump.

“Unexpected visitors!” Ashley said, making sure to stress the “s,” while caressing her belly. “Shut up! You’re f—ing pregnant?!” Whitney voiced.

Moreover, Ashley replied, “Please don’t be mad! The longer I waited to tell people, the more it was, like, awkward to tell people.” The expecting mom also shared she was more than halfway done with her pregnancy at that point of filming the episode.

Whitney posted a snap of herself with a baby. She captioned the post, “Whose sweet baby is this?!”. While Ashley has her Instagram private so it is unclear if the baby actually belonged to her. But MBFFL sub-Reddit approves that it is actually Ashley’s baby. One user posted a screenshot of Ashley’s Instagram birth announcement.

Ashley posted on her IG, “Introducing August Daniel Hadley!”. She welcomed her son on 24 May 2022 with her baby daddy Eric Hadley. They had already welcomed a daughter named Harper on season 5 of the show. “It’s so crazy that in this one moment, everything has changed in Ashley’s life,” Whitney said on the show. “And to actually be able to see the baby come into the world, to see it all the way through, has been the most amazing but also the most natural — like the most extraordinary and most human thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

However, this time, it is unclear if Whitney was there with Ashley. What’s more, Ashley is a mother as well as the fiance of her baby daddy Eric Hadley.

Eric Hadley Age

Eric Hadley is a complete mystery but we assume that he should be above 35 years old. Ashley celebrates her birthday every year on 24 June. She turned 34 years old while celebrating her birthday in June of 2022.

Eric Hadley Job

Currently, there is no information regarding Eric Hadley.

Meanwhile, Ashley Baynes enrolled at Eastern Randolph High School, according to her LinkedIn profile, to complete her high school education. She subsequently enrolled at North Carolina State University. Ashley served as Prime Communications’ Retail Sales Manager for a year, from 2005 to 2006. Additionally, she worked at Wireless 1 LLC as the Retail Sales Manager (AT&T Retailer).

Prior to that, Ashley worked for Prime Communications and Bath and Body Works. Her credits for appearing in the reality show on TLC were also linked to an IMDB page. That’s how she got the part of Johnny’s daughter in the film Frankie and Johnny (1991).

Is Eric Hadley On Instagram?

No, Eric Hadley doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. However, even if he is, not much is known about Eric’s socials currently.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Eric Hadley From?

Eric Hadley is likely from North Carolina.

  • How Tall Is Eric Hadley?

We have yet to see the picture of Eric Hadley. He should be above 5 feet 6 inches.

  • Has Eric Hadley Appeared On MBFFL?

No, Eric hasn’t featured on MBFFL yet. In fact, Ashley had shared previously that her baby daddy is a private person who doesn’t enjoy the attention.

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