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Meet Jace Terry, Mikayla Matthews Husband! His Age, Job

Mikayla Matthews is a famous content creator who has gained a large following on TikTok as well as YouTube for her everyday life, often involving her children and sometimes he husband too. So, Mikayla who is known for her funny parenting and lifestyle videos is married to Jace Terry. For some reason, it was not until recently that fans started worrying about Mikayla and her husband’s relationship. What this reason is., let us tell you in the remaining of the writing that is about Jace, his age, job, and life in general as TikToker Mikayla Matthews’s husband.

Meet Jace Terry, TikToker Mikayla Matthews’s Husband

Mikayla Matthews has claimed one too many times on the internet that she is just so much obsessed with her husband Jace Terry. But, even with this, she could not convince some of her fans that their marriage is not actually problematic.

Jace and Mikayla also have parenting roles to play with their three children together, Beckham, Haven, and Tommy, glimpses of which Mikayla often shows on her social media. But, unlike Mikayla, Jace does not seem to have a huge presence on social media. Yet, he did make a generous appearance in her photos and videos.

Jace Terry and the family as seen on 3 October 2022 (PIC: Instagram)

The couple claims to have welcomed their first child Beckham on the 4th of July in 2017. Next in the line was Haven, aka Honey, who turned 3 on 31 August 2022. The last one, also a girl, was introduced on the earth exactly at 2:22 pm on 15 November 2021 as a beautiful 7lbs and 13oz baby. They named her Tommie Grace Terry.

It was not known exactly, but Jace and Mikayla seem to have gotten married sometime before March 2018.

Why Do Fans Think Jace Terry Groom Mikayla Matthews?

Jace is five years older than Mikayla and TikTok creator @mingalabae explained this very age gap of this couple is actually problematic. The TikTok user accused Mikayla, Jace, and their three kids do not make up the perfect family they portray to be. This person claimed to do some digging and some math before she came up with her accusation that because Mikayla likely gave birth to her first child four months after her 17th birthday, the baby was conceived when she was 16 years old. She also derived from her research that that meant Jace, a man over the legal drinking age had special relations with a 16-year-old child. At last, the person ended her video leaving her conclusion that she thinks Mikayla was groomed. Following this, many people on the internet agreed with the idea that when Mikayla was 16, she was seemingly having sex with Jace, who was years older.

Ever since this conversation has gotten out of TikTok and continued on other platforms like Reddit. One raged Redditor even asked how Jace is on in jail already.

However, in Utah, there is a law called the Romeo and Juliet law, per which a 16- or 17-year-old can legally consent to have sex with someone who is no more than 10 years older than them. Meaning, Mikayla and her husband’s relationship is legally protected.

Jace Terry Age

Jace Terry was born in 1995. So, he turned 27 years old in 2022. As for his wife, she reached the age of 22 on 18 March 2022.

Jace Terry Job

As of 2022, Jace Terry had been working at the Waffle Love food truck. On his LinkedIn, he precisely mentioned being a warehouse manager at Waffle Love. So, if you should know, the average warehouse manager’s salary in Utah was expected to be around $86,993, as per

Between 2010 and now, he also mentioned going to Timpanogos High School.

Is Jace Terry On Instagram?

Yes. Jace Terry could be found on Instagram @jaceterry12 with 42 posts and 3,653 followers as of 8 November 2022. He also had a Facebook account where he also shared a little bit about himself.

So, clearly, Jace is less popular on social media as compared to his wife as Mikayla’s IG @mikayla__matt included 176K followers, TikTok @mikaylamatthews included 2.2 M followers, and on YouTube, she entertained some 36.2K subscribers.

Jace Terry Family

Jace Terry’s dad is Michael Terry. Professionally, he worked at Walrap Unlimited, and before that studied at Brigham Young University and at Orem High School. On IG @michaelbterry and a native of Utah, the patriarch is in love with his hometown, especially its Mount Timpanogos. Also, he turned 75 years old on 31 December 2021.

Jace’s dad and mom, Patricia Terry, continue to be together and married even today. Patricia, unlike her beloved husband, was in her mid-sixties in 2022.

Other people in the family are Jace’s siblings, sister Becky Terry and brother Jonathan Terry. Becky turned 29 on 30 November 2021. While Jonathan, on IG @jonnyterry13, seemed happily married to Camille Hill Terry, with a son called Ollie.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Jace Terry From?

Not only was Jace Terry based in Orem, Utah as of 2022, but he was also born and raised around here.

  • How Tall Is Jace Terry?

Jace Terry stands around Around 5’10” in height.

  • When Is Jace Terry’s Birthday?

Jace Terry’s birthday is on June 24th and that makes him a Cancer.

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