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Nancy Fuller Family: Children, Parents, First Husband, Spouse

Nancy Fuller is a staple at FoodNetwork and has a large family composed of her husband children, and grandchildren. She is vocal about how much she loves being a mother and grandmother through the platform that put her in the public eye. Learn more about her husband, children, and grandchildren here in this piece.

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Who Are Nancy Fuller Family Members?

Besides being a celebrated chef and a businesswoman, Nancy Fuller is also a mother and grandmother. Her FoodNetwork bio reads, “a warm, loving mother of six and grandmother to 13.” Learn more about her family members here.

Nancy Fuller Children

Nancy Fuller is a mother of six children. When her own children were growing up she expected them to help on the farm and around the home. She raised a brood of children before really coming into her own as a chef and now she is one of the faces of the Holiday Baking Championship.

“[T]hey had to weed the walk — we had this long stone walk, and the deal was weed the walk before you went swimming. Christmas, no one got a present until all the chores were done, and all the cows fed, and milked. Sunday mornings they were whisked off to Sunday school,” Nancy told The Valley Table.

While Nancy was inspired by her grandmother to cook, Nancy’s children and grandchildren aren’t into cooking although they help her out in the kitchen.

Nancy’s three daughters that she often features on her socials are; Kimberlee, Lorinda, and Nita Ginsberg. Nita has spoken of her upbringing previously. She says, she was raised in a loving home without drama but with a lot of discipline and respect. She learned to speak up and to be valued for who she was.

Nancy openly shares that she has high expectations and she expects those expectations to be met. She called herself strict, reliable, and accountable as her Mother told her that “You are only as good as your word.” In her words, “If you say it, then do it!” You have one opportunity to make a first impression and you better make it a good one.”

Nancy raised her children to be of strong moral fiber with a strong work ethic. Nita learned the importance of discipline from her Mother. Nita says, “I yell because I care.” She goes on to say, “Mom probably thinks I’m softer than she is…I have more tolerance for misbehaved children or sassiness. I don’t want to squash it. I want to figure out how to navigate it. There is a confidence I see in my children that I foster and I make sure no one else takes that away from them.”

As for Kimberlee, she reportedly lives in Miami, Florida.

Meanwhile, Lorinda earned her Doctorate in Education in 2021. She is currently working as a school principal.

The two sons of Nancy that we currently know of are John and her adopted son Paco.

Who Was Nancy Fuller First Husband?

Nancy Fuller has been married four times as of 2022. She is private about her previous marriages.

Nancy Fuller Spouse

Nancy Fuller is currently married to her businessman husband David Ginsberg. They reportedly met her husband at Columbia Gulf and Country Club. Nancy’s expertise in catering made a larger structure necessary, and at the time Columbia Gulf and Country Club dining facilities were available for lease. That lease was a starting point for a new life.

Speaking with Her Life Magazine, Nancy shared, “It was during that time in my life when I met David Ginsberg.” David and Nancy eventually got married in 1997.

David and Nancy try to teach their grandchildren “kind of the basic values, create integrity, character—the epitome of what you are when you grow up on a farm—but it’s difficult because I’m not milking cows anymore, so they don’t have the opportunity to feed the calves, to be responsible for another living thing.”

Nancy’s husband is currently serving as the CEO of Ginsberg’s Institutional Foods. The company saw its start as a humble butcher shop in 1909. A graduate of Hudson High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his father served in World War II in the Quartermaster Corps.

Following graduation from college, David and Ira joined the family firm, where they both found a niche that helped the company grow. The company now employs 230 people and is valued at over $167 million. In the family firm, he has devoted workers, some of whom have worked there longer than David has. Four Brothers (@fourbrotherspizzainn), their oldest business partner, has been working with them since the 1970s.

David and Nancy are the recipients of the Marty Whelan Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

Nancy Fuller Parents

Nancy Fuller was born and raised in Copake, New York, a little town in the southeast corner of Columbia County, about two hours north of Manhattan.

“My grandmothers were the cooks. My father’s mother was a businesswoman, and my mother’s mother is who I remember the most. I remember her making toast fingers and dipping them in the yolk of a poached egg. My grandmother’s cousin, Grammy Carl, who had no children, was the best grandmother. We made every type of cookie and cake imaginable. As soon as I was old enough, I would ride my horse to her farm, which was near us, every Saturday and Sunday. She would have a full breakfast ready for me,” Nancy shared with Her Life Magazine. “She was always in the kitchen, She cooked the best chicken, coleslaw, and creamed potatoes ever She was the epitome of the farm wife, and probably the woman who most influenced me She was every girl’s dream grandmother.”

Per Valley Table, Nancy was the only child born to her parents. Likewise, her mom and dad, of them were only children to their respective parents. She explained, “My father was an only child and his mother was an only child, and I was an only child—that’s unusual for a farm family.”

She added, “Grammy Carl made the best chicken and the best coleslaw and the best gravy and the best cookies—she was probably the biggest influence in my life for cooking and values and nurturing. I loved those days when life was so simple, but I vowed not to be like my father, who refused to get out of the ‘50s.”

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  • Where Does Nancy Fuller Family Live?

Most of Nancy Fuller’s family members are living in New York. However, her children are also residing in Florida.

  • Has Nancy Fuller Family Appeared On TV?

Although Nancy Fuller’s family is featured on her socials, they haven’t appeared on TV shows. However, Nancy’s daughter Nita has worked on several projects together.

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