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Meet Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr, Sherri Shepherd Son!

The host of The Wendy Williams Show, Sherri Shepherd has a lovely relationship with her son named Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr. She has fought for him, battled alongside his developmental issues, and built him to become the man he is today.

So, who is this lucky child? Let’s get to know him better as the article proceeds.

Meet Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr, Sherri Shepherd Son

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr is Sherri Shepherd’s only biological son — born with developmental delays that left him with special needs. Fortunately, Jeffrey got better over the years. This handsome man has now gone from wanting to kiss his mother all the time to “Mom get out of my room.” Sherri explained.

Also, over an interview, Sherri described Jeffrey to be “perfectly imperfect in every way.” But while the statement may seem like words of any mother encouraging their child, the “perfectly imperfect” part didn’t quite resonate well with parents of  “special needs” children. The Wendy Williams Show host was soon slammed over the internet.

But despite being a “special child,” Jeffrey had so much to offer to his mother. According to Sherri, her son motivated her every single day back when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2007. He encouraged her to eat healthy, exercise, and have more energy to do things with him.

“I had this vision of my son at 5 years old, holding his teddy bear, and he was crying because he was trying to figure out where heaven was… because that’s where everybody said mommy was. And that woke me up!” Sherri explained.

Overall, the mother-son duo has a give-and-take relationship. Someday the TV star wants her son to be an independent handsome man, who can as well take care of her. No wonder, she’s already prepping him now!

Back in May 2021, when the two went to a restaurant Sherri made him pay for the food. “He pulled out all the money he had in his bank in order to pay,” she recalled.

Fun Fact: Jeffrey hates it when his mother wears leggings.

Who Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Father?

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr’s father is the actor Jeff Tarpley Sr (54 as of 2022). He was known for a few movies such as Cold Cabin (2010), Tapped Out (2003), King of the Open Mics (2000), and Dead Man on Campus (1998).

Unfortunately, Sherri and Jeffrey’s biological father divorced back in 2010 after 10 years of togetherness.

Their child custody battle was a mess! Jeffrey Sr had filed to take sole custody of their son, claiming Sherri was an unfit mother. He even shared that their then-9-year-old son was being neglected, nearly illiterate, and wasn’t able to tie his shoelaces.

However, the judge decided the case in Sherri’s favor, with Jeffrey Sr having visitation rights.

According to Sherri, her ex-husband didn’t take advantage of his visitation rights over the first nine years of Jeffrey’s life. But later he eventually stop responding.

Thus, Sherri continued to care for Jeffrey as a single mother.

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Age

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr was 16 years of age in 2022.

He celebrated his turning 16, alongside his family and friends, with a birthday party managed by Latrice Johnson.

How Tall Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr?

At the age of 16, Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr was already taller than his mother Sherri who is 5 feet 1 inch (156 cm).

Did you know: Jeffrey already has an IMDb account, thanks to his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2005 and 2006.

What High School Does Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Attend?

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr attended the Los Angeles Unified School District

During the 2020 COVID pandemic, Jeffrey stayed home for 2 months, and Sherri took it to her IG to comedically share the news that she was “heartbroken” because she had to “cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner” for Jeffrey every single day from then on.

But jokes aside, Sherri did claim that remote learning had been “absolutely detrimental” to her son’s mental health. Unable to leave his room, Jeffrey was allegedly depressed. The only way she could have him then was by being involved with him in different activities.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Born?

Jeffrey was born 15 weeks early and had to spend over 4 months in NICU.

  • When Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Birthday?

Jeffrey receives his birthday wishes on April 22, making him of the Taurus zodiac.

  • Does Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr Have Siblings?

Technically, Jeffrey does have a sibling named LJ, born on August 5, 2014, in Pennsylvania.

Why “technically?” Well, LJ was born via a surrogate, after Sherri and her ex-husband Lamar Sally Jr. found out that Sherri’s eggs were no longer viable. But the two divorced in 2014 when their surrogate was just several months pregnant with what was to be their child.

So, Sherri then fought against having her name printed on the birth certificate of LJ. But, her request was denied. Moreover, she even got on the hook for $4,100 in child support every month.

  • Is Jeffrey Charles Tarpley Jr On Instagram?

No, we couldn’t find Jeffrey on Instagram.

However, he was heavily featured over his mom’s IG @sherrieshepherd.

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