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Danielle Parton Bio, Age, Net Worth, Related To Dolly Parton?

Moonshiners is an American docudrama television series on the Discovery Channel. Produced by Magilla Entertainment, the show dramatizes the life of people who produce (illegal) moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. With the 11th season of the show well underway, here is a tell-all about Danielle Parton, one of the leading ladies on the show.

Danielle Parton On Moonshiners

Danielle Parton is an American entrepreneur running the first moonshine in decades on her legendary family property. The Moonshiners also saw this on Season 11 Episode 15, on 9 February 2022 on Discovery Channel.

Her part of the story on Moonshiners followed Danielle’s life and how her family produces moonshine and the law-elude techniques. Viewers saw Mark and Digger team up with her to run the first moonshine on her family property. The crime reality episode of the docudrama is gaining popularity and people have especially loved Danielle in her role.

Moonshiners also covered how she launched her line of moonshine and describes the line as “a culmination” of her unique family heritage.

Danielle’s family on both sides, the Parton and the Noland families from Wiley Noland, Sevierville, plays a unique role in making whiskey (Moonshine). Her Papaw Lee Parton was known to make a little Shine to help support his family. My Mamaw Avie Lee Parton wasn’t thrilled with this idea, but it happened all the same. Probably less thrilled with him being the primary tester than a distiller!

Her Papaw Lee Parton was known to make a little Shine to help support his family. Her Mamaw Avie Lee Parton, however, was not thrilled with this idea. Just down the road, her Great-Grandfather Wiley Noland, his brother, Sheriff Ray Noland, was also on the hunt for illegal moonshine operations.

Papaw Wiley also raised honey bees and made molasses with her Mamaw Edith. To this day, her Great Aunt and Great Uncle still raise bees and sell honey in the same spot.

Danielle was on the guest panel for Moonshiners Master Distiller during S03 E07 in January 2022.

Danielle Parton Age

Every year the 6th of January marks Danielle Parton’s birthday. So on this day in 2022, she turned 46 years old.

Danielle is currently based in Sevierville, in east Tennessee, in the United States.

How Much Is Danielle Parton Net Worth?

Danielle Parton reportedly hoarded above $1.5 million net worth as of February 2022.

When the family business, Shine, came down to Danielle, she decided to include not only what they did, but also use honey in place of, and in addition to grains or sugar. Thus the new ‘Shine Girl’ was born.

You could shop from her merch store on

Is Danielle Parton Related To Dolly Parton?

Yes. Danielle Patron is one of Dolly Parton’s many nieces and nephews. That makes the American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actress, author, businesswoman, and humanitarian, Dolly (Rebecca) Parton, known primarily for her work in country music, her aunt.

On her business website for Shine Girl, Danielle has catered a section specifically for her family legacy.

Danielle’s father is the biological brother of the country singer and they are just two of a bunch of 12 siblings, all of which have played a part in the family’s moonshine business. As Danielle puts in her website, not everyone can say that their family is made up of bootleggers, respected lawmen known for shutting down illegal moonshine operations.

If you should know, Danielle’s mom is Doris Noland Parton and her dad is Bobby Parton. And as for siblings, she has a sister named Rachel Brown Culotta.

Is Danielle Parton Married?

Danielle Parton was likely not married. As of the time of this writing, her relationship information was some kind of a mystery to her audience.

Related FAQs

  • Which Airlines Does Pilot Danielle Parton Fly For?

Danielle Patron is the first woman in her big family to attend college and obtain a degree. She graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennesse in 1998 with a BA(Hons) in Arts and Business Administration.

After college, Danielle began her airline career as a flight attendant for American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. From there, she joined the Air National Guard (118th Wing, Nashville; 123th Airlift Wing, Louisville, Kentucky; 164th Airlift Wing, Memphis), serving as a pilot. Meanwhile today, as per her BIO, Danielle is the Chief of Public Affairs at the 118th Wing.

The ex-military pilot operated the C-130 and C-5 aircraft around the world and in combat and became an Aircraft Commander in 2012. Two years later and her aviation career finally came full circle when she got to be a pilot for one of the world’s largest carriers, where she flies the Airbus A320 family of aircraft.

  • Is Danielle Parton On Instagram?

Yes. Danielle Parton could be found on Instagram, and as of 11 February 2022 the account @shinegirlspirits included 5 posts and 933 followers.

Other than that, Danielle showed social media activity also over Facebook @shinegirlspirits and the ‘Danielle Parton’ account.

  • How Tall Is Danielle Parton?

Danielle Parton stands above 5’8” tall.

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