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Ronald Gladden Family: Parents, Siblings

Ronald Gladden was just your average construction specialist until he unknowingly starred in the mockumentary Jury Duty. So, when everything came to light, he “didn’t wanna risk being the one to blow this whole thing” and kept it a secret from his family — only letting them know he was “gonna be famous here pretty soon.”

But who are Ronald’s family? Learn all about his parents and siblings as you scroll down.

Meet Jury Duty Star Ronald Gladden Family

Ronald Gladden comes from a family of six — his parents, himself, and his three siblings. He loves them to the moon. But didn’t trust them with his secret that he was pranked on Jury Duty. “I didn’t tell anybody, because I didn’t wanna risk being the one to blow this whole thing,” he explained.

However, he did jokingly tell them, like “Oh, hey you guys, I’m gonna be famous here pretty soon. You can’t talk to me like that.” So, when Jury Duty finally premiered, it was great to see their reaction. “I was like, ‘Dude, I told you so,’” he added.

Ronald first signed up for Jury Duty through a Craigslist ad. But of course, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. “I signed up for what I thought was a documentary. I didn’t really know what was going on ’til the end,” he said. Initially, he thought he was just doing his civic duty, with a few cameras following along. But little did he know, everyone except him was an actor pretending to work in a three-week civil trial in an LA courtroom. 

To keep Ronald out of the loop, they even sequestered him because James Marsden called the paparazzi on himself. “I was on lockdown for three-plus weeks. I don’t think people understand that. Had no access to the outside world, no phone, no laptop, no internet. I couldn’t watch TV. Like the only things I could do in my spare time were read a book, or—production got us a Switch, so I could play some video games every once in a while,” he recalled.

During the quarantine, he didn’t even like contacting his family because only was a bailiff standing in the room with him the whole time, but also they were listening to the entire conversation.

Fortunately, Ronald’s upbeat personality quickly caught the viewers’ attention, they started calling him things like a “walking green flag.”

Now that the filming wrapped up, Ronald has gone back to his daily life as a construction manager at The Home Depot. Prior to Jury Duty, he worked as the VP of construction at Scrubbing Solar LLC.

Ronald Gladden Parents

Ronald Gladden loves his parents. But since their separation, he’s been closer to his mother Kim Gladden. “Happy birthday momma!! Love you tons, miss you, and hope you have a great day. What are you, pushing 30 now you young Philly you,” he dedicated a post to his mother on her “30th” birthday (i.e. on April 23) in 2015. But Kim actually turned 44 that year.

His mother, Kim is a Milo Adventist Academy and Walla Walla University graduate. She worked as a Promoter at Le-Vel, a health and wellness brand that creates nutritional products.

After separating from Ronald’s father, Kim went on to marry Jerry (Ronald’s stepfather).

Jerry is a metal craftsman with a heart of gold. On Kim’s 47th birthday, he surprised her with a bouquet. “He was so surprised at how beautiful the flowers where he bought me for my birthday!!! I so love my life,” Kam later wrote on FB.

Ronald Gladden Siblings

Ronald Gladden has two siblings — Justin Gladden and Felycia McKenzie.

Justin Gladden: He was born in May 1994. After graduating college, he joined his mother on her promoter team. “So excited to welcome my son Justin Gladden to our amazing team!! He is ready to change some lives,” Kim said. In 2023, Justin lived in Wallowa, OR with his wife Amanda Gladden (a Silverton High School graduate) and their son.

Felycia McKenzie: She was born in November 1990. Interested in fashion from a young age, she went on to become a hairdresser and open her own hair salon Fades by Felycia. In 2023, she resided in Lacomb, Oregon with her husband Gatlin T McKenzie who worked at Brothers Concrete Cutting, Inc. Also, she shares two kids with him.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Ronald Gladden Family Reside?

Ronald’s family resided in Oregon.

  • What Else Do We Know About Ronald Gladden Family?

Ronald’s family also includes his aunts Barb and Lisa Gladden, cousin Frank Gladden and grandmother Bonnie Gladden (who turned 79 in October 2022).

His aunt, Barb hails from Salem, Oregon. She went to Milo Adventist Academy, Laurelwood Academy and went on to start her own business.

  • Is Ronald Gladden Family Close?

Yes, Ronald is close to his family. They share a tight-knit bond and often get together for vacations and holidays.

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