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Ronald Gladden Bio, Dating, Height, Job, Age, Jury Duty

Ronald Gladden starred in the mockumentary titled Jury Duty which premiered on April 7, 2023, on Amazon Prime and Freevee. Surprisingly, the series went crazy popular, and Ronald found some fame.

In the Wiki article, learn about how Ronald has been dealing with his newfound fame and where is he today. Also, find out about Ronald’s age, job, girlfriend, and more.

Where Is Jury Duty’s Ronald Gladden Today?

Amazon Freevee series, Jury Duty, is a documentary-style comedy series that follows the inner workings of a three-week civil trial in an LA courtroom. The catch is that Ronald Gladden, who plays himself in the show, believes that he was participating in a documentary about a real trial. Except it’s not. All the people around him are paid actors.

Ronald’s landing on Jury Duty all began when he saw a Craigslist ad asking for people to take part in a documentary about the judicial process.

As per Yahoo! News, Ronald’s life has not changed much since the show finished filming last year. He returned to his work as a project manager in San Diego, California, after the show wrapped filming.

Talking about his newfound fame, Ronald told, “It still really hasn’t hit me. I’ve been keeping this quiet for a year or so,” San Diego Tribune on April 4, 2023.

Although Ronald has not had many changes in his life since starring in Jury Duty, he has had some exciting relationship developments. He is friends with the star of the show, James Marsden.

The chemistry between Ronald and James can be seen on Ronald’s Instagram page when he shared four photos of him and James in April 2023. One of the picture was a screenshot of Ronald crossing his arms and listening to James talk.

Recently, on April 21, 2023, Ronald also announced that he will be creating personalized videos for his fans through the video-sharing website Cameo.

Ronald Gladden Age

As of April 2023, Ronald’s age was 30.

Is Ronald Gladden Dating Anyone?

Ronald Gladden’s relationship status is no secret. He has been committed to a special someone for more than 4 years now. You ask, who is that special someone? Her name is Tori Gentile.

As per Tori’s Facebook, she studied Economics at Oregon State University. She received her Master of Science in Finance at UAGC – The University of Arizona Global Campus. Currently, she works as a Treasury Sales Associate at J.P. Morgan. Tori played softball in high school and above.

Ronald and Tori are the proud owners of their dog, Meatball. Tori is extremely proud of her boyfriend and on April 11, 2023, she retweeted a tweet “Although Jury Duty is technically airing on FreeVee and Amazon Prime, shout out to the absolutely BONKERS numbers it’s putting up on TikTok for opening weekend” saying “This is so insane 🤯 proud of my man and his moral fortitude/ all around goofy demeanor.”

Ronald Gladden Family

Talking about Ronald’s family, his mother is Kimberly Gladden. 52-year-old Kim works as a promoter at Le-Vel. She attended Walla Walla University and formerly worked at The Bronze Foundary. Kim celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of April every year as her son Ronald wrote, “Happy birthday momma!! Love you tons, miss you and hope you have a great day…,” on Facebook on April 23, 2015.

Kimberly has featured her husband, Jerry, a couple of times on Facebook. On April 22, 2018, she wrote, “He was so surprised at how beautiful the flowers where he bought me for my birthday!!! 🤣🤣. I so love my life!! #bestmanever!,” sharing pictures of her man holding the flowers.

Ronald has at least two siblings, a brother, Justin Gladden, and a sister, Felycia McKenzie. As per, Justin turned 28 years old in May 2022. He is married to Amanda Gladden. Ronald’s sister, Felycia, 32, is married to GT McKenzie.

Furthermore, Barb and Lisa Gladden are Ronald’s aunts and Bonnie Gladden his grandmother.

Ronald Gladden Job

As we already know, Ronald is not a regular actor and there’s a lot of proof of that. Only between 2019 and 2021, Ronald posted over 30 solar panel pictures on his Instagram as he was VP of Construction at Scrubbing Solar LLC. During his time there, he oversaw all aspects of the installation of automatic cleaning systems, performed QC before granting PTO, oversee all manual cleanings, locally and nationwide, and many more.

The solar panel contractor posted pictures of the workers, who work under him, installing a huge solar panel on September 9, 2021, with a caption that read: “New week, new site, new panels that need saving.”

Since January 2023, Ronald has been working as an area installation specialist at The Home Depot.

Some of Ronald’s past jobs include working Senior Energy Consultant at Heliogold, Crew Lead at Aforma, Metal Framer at ALLEN & LAPORTE GENERAL CONTRACTING, INC, and more.

Jury Duty star has an Associate’s degree in Engineering from Walla Walla Community College. In 2013, he joined Oregon State University to study Construction Engineer but dropped out “in junior year due to a family medical emergency that required my time, and financial contribution, and forced me to prematurely enter the workforce full time.”

How Much Is Ronald Gladden Net Worth?

As of April 2023, Ronald Gladden’s net worth was estimated to be above $400 thousand.

Although we don’t know how much Ronald earns as an Area Installation Specialist, estimates that the average salary for the same job is between $44 thousand and $60 thousand. We assume Ronald’s yearly remuneration is between that figure.

Ronald Gladden Height

Ronald Gladden stands extremely tall at 6 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Ronald Gladden From?

Originally from Wallowa, Oregon, Ronald currently resides in San Diego, California.

  • When Is Ronald Gladden Birthday?

As per, Ronald celebrates his birthday in the month of October every year.

  • Is Ronald Gladden On Instagram?

You can find Ronald Gladden on Instagram @sunnyg_sd. He has over 94 thousand followers on the platform. Additionally, you can also find him on Facebook.

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