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Meet Konner Howell, Survivor Maryanne Oketch Boyfriend!

Survivor 42 winner Maryanne Oketch first shot into the limelight after she declared her love for her fellow contestant, Zach Wurtenberger, in the 2nd episode of Survivor 42. Almost every fan of the show thought she would end up dating Zach, who she said was “picture perfect” and “every type of white guy that I have a crush on.” After the season ended and Maryanne won the show in a landslide 7-1-0 vote, she revealed that she was in a relationship, but made it clear the man was not Zach. Lately, Maryanne has begun to share pictures of her boyfriend and now we know who is. Read the article to learn more about Survivor 42 winner Maryanne Oketch’s boyfriend Konner Howell, from how they met to Konner’s age, job, and more.

Meet Konner Howell, Survivor 42 Winner Maryanne Oketch Boyfriend

Reportedly, Konner Howell reached out to Maryanne around the time Episode 2 premiered–in which Maryanne had declared her infatuation for Zach. At the time, Konner did not reveal his identity, but said that he was quite similar to Zach in terms of being a “skinny white guy.”

As per what Maryanne told EW, the duo chatted more and more from that point and never stopped. She also said, “He actually was here for the finale party. So he got to experience that with me.”

Maryanne Oketch reveals the identity of her boyfriend and posts pictures of them together for the first time.

Maryanne revealed the identity of her boyfriend, Konner Howell, via an Instagram post on June 1st, 2022. She shared multiple pictures of them together from several of their trips and wrote, “But my prize isn’t even the million dollars.  My prize is… I fell in love in this game,” quoting Billy Garcia. Maryanne’s crush in the show, Zach Wurtenberger, replied: “Suddenly my dms are open.”

The two currently reside together in the Greater Toronto Area, according to

How Did Konner Howell And Maryanne Oketch Meet?

On the same day Maryanne revealed her boyfriend’s identity, she also shared how they two met via a tweet. Sharing multiple pictures of them together, she made clear that they did not meet in person or on the hinge. She shared she actually met Konner on Twitter because he saw her cast photo on the show they both love.

According to Konner’s Twitter, he is a massive fan of Survivor. He has been expressing his support for Maryanne since Day 1 of Survivor 42. “Maryanne is already iconic 😍 #Survivor #Survivor42 #marystanne,” Konner wrote on Twitter on March 10, 2022, well before he reached out to her romantically.

A week later, when it felt like Maryanne was on the chopping block along with Marya Sherron, he wrote “The way I need Maryanne not to go home tonight.” After Marya Sherron ended up going home that night and Maryanne became safe, he replied to his own tweet with “BLESS.”

In Episode 9, when Maryanne and Drea Wheeler spoke against racism and subconscious biases, he came out in support of them and tweeted: “So much respect for Maryanne and Drea tonight.”

Konner Howell Age

Maryanne’s boyfriend Konner Howell was reportedly born in the year 1996 and his age was either 25 or 26 as of June 2022.

Konner Howell Job

According to Konner Howell’s LinkedIn handle, he joined Oxide Games as an Associate UI/UX Designer in October 2018. He was promoted to the position of Junior UI/UX Designer in October 2019.

Prior to working at Oxide Games, Konner was UX/UI Design Intern at Elavon, Inc. His first ever job was as a Resident Assistant at SCAD Residence Life and Housing. There he worked from August 2015 to June 2018 and “created advertisements for large-scale campus events, organized community builders, and completed office-related tasks to ensure smooth performance of campus housing.”

While we don’t know how much Konner earns at Oxide Games, the average salary for a junior UI/UX Designer starts from $50 thousand and goes all the way to $70 thousand or sometimes even more.

Is Konner Howell On Instagram?

Yes, Konner Howell is on Instagram @heykonner, where he has around 211 followers. Unfortunately, his IG account was set to private as of this writing. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Konner Howell From?

Konner Howell is originally from Billings, Montana. His parents are Randy Howell (father) and Nancy Howell (mother). Furthermore, his maternal grandmother’s name is Charlotte Monthye.

  • How Tall Is Konner Howell?

Konner Howell stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

  • Where Did Konner Howell Recieve His Education?

Konner completed his high school studies at Billings West High School. During his high school, he was in Youth Group, Piano, Jazz Band, Pep Band, Intramural Tennis, and French Club. His most rewarding class was in his senior year of high school when he took a class in graphic design at the Career Center. There, Konner learned skills in graphic design, communication, advertising, and work ethic.

According to his LinkedIn handle, Konner joined Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014 for his undergraduate studies. He graduated from there in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interactive Design. At Savannah College of Art and Design, he was a member of the SCAD League of Legends Club and a team member for the uLoL team.

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