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Meet Larry Felt, Jan Broberg Husband! His Age, Job

Jan Broberg has been through a lot. If you’ve watched A Friend of the Family, you might think that the little girl might have been devastated and would be dealing with past traumas all her life. But that’s not the case! Jan, infact, now has evolved into an actress, singer, dancer, and author, and has a loving husband named Larry Felt.

So, who’s Larry? Learn all about Jan Broberg’s husband as you scroll down.

Meet Larry Felt, Jan Broberg Husband

Larry Felt married Jan Broberg before 2003. Though the two might be private about their relationship, it’s clear as a day that Larry loved Jan to the moon for he chose to see her past her history.

In case you don’t know, Jan was abducted by a family friend at 12 and was convinced that aliens chose her to “mate” with him and that the survival of the foreign planet depended on their consummation.

Jan’s family first met the Berchtolds family at a local church back in 1972. Immediately bonding, the children started playing, going to school, and even spending their vacations together. But little did Jan’s family know, Bob Berchtold, who they lovingly referred to as “B”, would bring a disaster to their lives.

In 1974, B asked Jan’s mother Mary Ann for permission to take Jan horseback riding and instead took her to Mexico for 37 days. And it was there, he convinced the 12-year-old to “mate” with him.

Surprisingly, Jan’s parents didn’t report the kidnapping for days believing B wouldn’t harm Jan. Instead, they were looking for a car accident. But to their surprise, B called his bother Joe saying that he married Jan in Mexico, and he needs him to call Mary Ann and get a written letter of permission to marry Jan in the U.S.

Thankfully, Joe involved the FBI, and soon B was arrested, and sentenced to 45 days in jail.

Fast forward to two years after the incident, in August 1976, B kidnapping Jan for a second time. And once again, Jan’s parents waited about two weeks before notifying the FBI. Eventually, after a lot of searching, Jan was found and B was arrested again and sent back to prison for 6 months.

Jan Broberg And Larry Felt Children

Larry Felt and Jan Broberg likely shares two children named Melissa Felt Lewis and Faithe Felt Conners.

Sadly, Melissa passed away before 2016.

As for Faithe, she was 26 years of age in 2022. At the time, she was married to Allen Patrick Conners for over a year and together they resided in Taylorsville, Utah.

Larry’s son-in-law, Allen hails from Kaysville, Utah. He attended BYU-Idaho and later received his Studies Master Of Social Work (MSW) from The University of Utah. Today, he works as Psychiatric Technician (PT) at the University of Utah Hospital — Neuropsychiatric Institute.

Besides Melissa and Faithe, Jan also has a son named Austen Duke from her marriage with Duke Tanner.

Duke was Jan’s first husband. Here’s his FB @duke.tanner.16.

Talking about her son Austen, Jan said that he has been a “champion” in her life. But naturally, he got “angry or upset” while watching A Friend of the Family because “his mom didn’t get protected in the way he wants to protect her as a 33-year-old man,” Jan explained.

A big supporter of his mom’s story, Austen also worked as the head producer of his mother’s podcast, The Jan Broberg Show, which highlighted other survivors of child abuse and grooming.

“He is the one who has helped me form the Jan Broberg Foundation. He was the one that said, ‘Mom, you have to start a foundation. You got to get an online community where people can come together that have your experience, and talk to each other and help each other,’” Jan explained.

Austen turned 33 in 2022. He is a Snow Canyon High School 2007 and Los Angeles City College 2013 graduate who worked at Costa Deliziosa before helping his mother with her podcasts.

Did you know: Besides Austen, Larry technically also has a stepkid named McKenzi Felt Dye (who is Jan’s stepdaughter). Mikenzie was born in October 1984 and is a Photographer at M. Felt Photography.

Larry Felt Age

Larry Felt was 78 years of age in 2022.

He is 18 years older than his wife Jan Broberg.

Larry Felt Job

Larry Felt didn’t share information about his job.

But Jan today is an actor and an author. She’s been working with Screen Actors Guild for over 31 years and has penned a book called “Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story” along with her mother in 2003. The book detailed the abuse and manipulation Berchtold inflicted upon her.

What Is Larry Felt Religion?

Just like his wife, Larry is likely Christian.

Larry Felt Family

Larry Felt’s family members include — Robert D Broberg, Mikenzie Felt, Ronald G Hallmark, Elise Felt, Theresa A Felt, Faithe A Felt, Daniel L Harris, Amanda Felt, Rocio Rios, O Larry Felt, Deanne S Felt, Martha R Felt, Roberta I Magarrell, Tom Felt, Bria Felt, and Annalise Felt.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Larry Felt Birthday?

Larry’s birthday wasn’t revealed.

  • Where Does Larry Felt Reside?

In 2022, Larry resided in Santa Clara, Utah.

  • Is Larry Felt On Instagram?

We couldn’t find his Instagram. But here’s his Facebook @larry.felt.94.

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