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Love Never Lies Javier Roca Albero Age, Job, Instagram

In the recently renewed second installment of Love Never Lies on Netflix, we got to meet six couples ready to prove their devotion to each other and win up to 100,000 euros. One of the couples to put their relationship to the test on this dating game show was Javier and Maria. So, now, in this writing, i.e, exclusively about Javier, we shall tell you all about him and most importantly address the fans’ burning question — “Are the two still together?”.

Love Never Lives: Are Maria Gregorio And Javier Roca Albero Still Together?

During Love Never Lies: Destination Sardinia, viewers are introduced to Javier “Javi” Roca Albero and María Gregorio. They captured the interest of the viewers from the very start because of their scandalous backstory and extremely emotional interactions.

Maria arrives on the show alone and explains that the night before they left home to appear in the show, she found out that Javier had cheated on her. So, this way, the show cut to the two 48 hours before they were due to appear on the show. Javier also explains that he kissed someone else in a club and asked Maria for forgiveness. Both of them also claim that they have not seen each other until they appeared in Love Never Lies episode 1. Also, Javier opened up that he was there to regain his girlfriend’s trust.

We see on the show that their relationship goes through several ups and downs. And this seemed to truly test the strength of their bond. So, did they manage to still be together? Here’s what we know.

At some point in the game, Javier makes a final decision to end his relationship with María. As a result, the couple is required to leave the show as it only allowed them as a couple to participate. María was asked to pack her bags and leave her residence. It was also soon revealed to confused María that Javier had bonded with Rocío and had decided to end his relationship with her. María, of course, could not understand Javier’s reasons and was inconsolable for a long time. But, Javier still insisted that this was good for both of them as he did not want to continue hurting her. Even when María wanted to try and make it work, he repeated that it was still the best route for them.

So, by the time of this writing, they did not appear to have gotten back together. But then, the duo continued to have posts featuring each other on their social media and were also following each other. Also, the said posts certainly gave away the vibe that they are still romancing.

So, on social media, they have been seen becoming lovey-dovey back in February, and then in April, in August, and again in October, all in the year 2022. This naturally has led fans to wonder if they are still together and if these pictures of them are from before or after the show. Of course, the answers to all of these had not been revealed yet.

When Maria and Javier were made apart at the start of the round, like every other couple they too had to separately spend time with some highly attractive bachelors. And like Guillem and Sara, they also got momentarily distracted. María welcomed her friend Erik to the show. She seemed to like him better than Javier. María also seemed to be truly enjoying her time with Álex. Javier, on the other hand, seemed to connect with a woman named Fiona.

Javier Roca Albero Age

Because Javier Roca Albero was born after 2000, he should have at most turned 22 years old.

It should also be noted that when he appeared in Love Never Lies that premiered on 11 November 2021, he was 21 years old. Maria, his girlfriend, was also of the same age.

Maria said to the camera on the show that she wanted to live the experience to the fullest.

Javier Roca Albero Job

Javier Roca Albero’s LinkedIn could not be found at the time of this writing. So, one could only tell about him that he is a model as well. At this point, there were several professional modeling shots that he was posing for, on social media.

Is Javier Roca Albero On Instagram?

Yes. Javier Roca Albero could be found on Instagram @javirocaibi with 29 posts and 4,753 followers as of 16 November 2022.

Apart from that, Javier also showed glimpses of his life on TikTok @javiroca2, on Twitter @javirocaibi, and on Facebook.

Javier Roca Albero Height

Javier Roca Albero stands above 6’1” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Javier Roca Albero Birthday?

Javier Roca Albero’s birthday was not known at the time of this writing.

  • Where Is Javier Roca Albero From?

Javier Roca Albero hails from Ibi, a town located in the comarca of Alcoià, in the province of Alicante, Spain. As for Maria, she also was born and brought up in Alicante, Spain. This makes them hometown buddies. So, they may have a lot more in common than they portrayed in the show.

For instance, like Maria, Javier also maybe went to study at the University of Alicante/Universitat d’Alacant. Like her, maybe he was also expecting his graduation sometime in 2022.

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