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Meet Lauren Marks, No Demo Reno Tony Taveras Wife!

No Demo Reno returned with brand new episodes on 23 June 2022 on HGTV. It thus brought back with it, the lovable Jenn Todryk to create beautiful home renovations without massive demolition. During Season 1, Tony Taveras, a general contractor, had famously aided Jenn in her quest to build beautiful homes. And so, since the announcement of the No Demo Reno‘s new season, people have been wondering if or not he is coming back. Answers to these and more, we shall discuss in the writing about Tony’s wife Lauren Marks.

Meet No Demo Reno Tony Taveras’s Wife, Lauren Marks

Tony Taveras found himself amid unmatched popularity due to his appearances in Season 1 of No Demo Reno. He won viewers’ hearts with his work ethic when working as a detail-oriented and reliable contractor. People loved how while working on No Demo Reno, he was also a successful bodybuilder and the Vice President of Linear Roofing & General Contractors.

But his sudden disappearance raised many questions. Still, it was always a good feeling to fans when each time he posted on Instagram about his latest achievements as a bodybuilder. He also as much celebrated his achievements at Linear Roofing & General Contractors.

What’s more, Tony frequently showed off his partner and fellow fitness enthusiast, Lauren Marks, whom we shall discuss now.

Lauren was not yet Tony’s wife (as of the time of this writing). She got engaged to him in the fall of 2021 and proudly writes so on her Facebook BIO.

In addition, Lauren and Tony are the proud parents of Ziva Amor, their daughter who was born on 14 April 2019.

Tony captioned this picture with his wife and daughter as: “Love was once just a word,
now it has the meaning” (PIC: Instagram)

As for when they met, Lauren had her first date with Tony on the 22nd of October in 2017. Four years later on this day, they enjoyed a great dinner and ice cream with their little one Ziva.

Lauren often words on her Instagram things like it is really the toughest job being a parent but it is the most rewarding. She gushes that watching Ziva grow and her little diva personality emerge has been more than a blessing. Clearly, the love she and Tony have for her is immeasurable.

Ziva enrolled in her very first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class in June this year (2022).

The family of three is now based in Dallas, Texas.

Lauren Marks Age

In 2021, Lauren Marks turned 32 years old.

Lauren Marks Job

Other than being a bodybuilding champion, Lauren Marks had been working as a real estate agent at Competitive Edge Realty around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex since February of 2019. And before that, she spent the past decade in the restaurant industry working in every position from host to manager. In the process, she said, she met people from all walks of life and was introduced to the world of Latin dancing.

In 2011, Lauren began taking salsa and bachata lessons and trained for several years to be a professional instructor and performer traveling around the world. Then, by a fellow dancer, she was inspired to compete in the bikini division of bodybuilding. It was in May 2018 that she competed for the first time.

It was also in 2018 that Lauren aced her first real estate course at Champions School of Real Estate. She was proud to score a 97 on the test. Later in early 2019, she completed all her courses there.

As for her future goals, Lauren said earlier that she hopes to share the knowledge she has gained over the years to help people be the happiest they have been in their own skin, that is (of course) through collaboration with Trydent Nutrition. She joined the coaching team here in August 2021.

Is Lauren Marks On Instagram?

Yes. Lauren Marks could be found on Instagram @lauren__marks where she had 297 posts and 2,021 followers as of 25 July 2022.

Here, Lauren shared glimpses of her life as a “mama bear” to Ziva Amor, warrior woman to Tony Taveras, an IFBB fitness pro, Latin dancer, and artist.

Lauren also had social media activity on Facebook.

Lauren Marks Family

Well, Lauren’s mother Dora Silcock (Dora Marks) is a registered nurse at Dallas Cardiovascular Specialists. Also according to her Facebook, she studied BSN at West Texas A&M University, ADN at Galveston College, and went to Ball High School. Originally a Galveston, Texas native, she was based in Dallas, Texas at this time. And she was separated from her husband.

As for siblings, Lauren has brothers: the younger one named Kyle Marks and another brother, Charles Marks.

Of them, Kyle made it through boot camp in Illinois for the US Navy back in 2019. The other, Charles studied Cybersecurity/Networking at Collin College.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Lauren Mark’s Birthday?

Lauren Mark’s birthday is on the 19th of September and that makes her a Virgo.

  • How Tall Is Lauren Marks?

Lauren Marks stands 5’7” tall in her perfectly toned athlete body.

She says she has been an athlete her entire life. Once she got into bodybuilding, it was Tony who trained her and continues to train her.

Finally, at this point, Tony was yet to post an update about if or not he will appear in the Season 2 of No Demo Reno. He was yet to tell the world where things stand between him and the show’s host Jenn, and the rest of the crew and cast.

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