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Meet Martin Salgado, Bitwit Heather deCaussin Boyfriend!

Kyle Hansen and Heather deCaussin’s divorce was one of the heartbreaking moments for the couple and all the Bitwit fans as well. But, since their separation in 2021, the duo has already moved on, with Heather even finding her love, Martin Salgado.

The article below is about Heather’s boyfriend, Martin Salgado — learn about his personal life, age, job, family, and more.

Meet Martin Salgado, Bitwit Heather deCaussin Boyfriend

In a recent video from his YouTube channel Bitwit (over 2 million subs), Kyle Hansen gave a life update and shared that he will be taking a month-long break from his main channel to work on his passion projects. However, he said he will return in June to cover the Computex 2023 event in Taiwan.

Kyle said something similar in 2021 about slowing down content production on Bitwit and focusing on other endeavors. However, he did not do so and posted regular content on Bitwit.

However, this time it will be different as Kyle revealed in 2021 that he came back to Bitwit only because the legal fees due to his divorce from wife Heather deCaussin put financial burden upon him.

Kyle and Heather met each other in 2010. The couple got married in 2015 in a wedding ceremony held in Big Bear Lake.

Things were going smoothly for the couple until Kyle found out that Heather was cheating on him with the Bitwit editor, Chris. The duo then split up in January 2021.

Even though it was hard for both, Kyle and Heather somehow moved on. Heather began dating a man named Martin Salgado. As of 2023, we don’t know how the pair met or when they began dating, however, their first photo on the Internet dates back to June 5, 2022. Through his Instagram account, Martin shared pictures of him and Heather from their crazy little adventures and outings with the caption “Life is good.”

At the time of this writing, Martin and Heather were still together. The couple still shared pictures of them on their respective social handles.

Martin Salgado And Heather deCaussin Baby

Martin Salgado and Heather deCaussin raise a daughter together. However, it is important to note that Martin welcomed a daughter in his life before he began dating Travel Advisor-Agent & Owner of Skyring Travel. That implies that their daughter is Martin’s baby from his previous relationship.

The little baby came into Martin’s life on August 6, 2021. Celebrating his daughter’s 1st birthday, Martin shared tons of pictures of his baby and wrote, “7:27 am, one year ago today. You are more than anything I could ever imagine…Watching you grow has been everything. You have the world on a string. Happy birthday my little chicken,” on Instagram.

The small, sweet family often goes on the outings. On February 19, 2022, Heather shared pictures from their visit to San Juan Capistrano, a place where the swallows go.

A picture of Heather holding Martin’s daughter.

Recently, the Newberry School of Beauty graduate shared a picture of her boyfriend and daughter running toward the camera on Instagram and captioned it: “Never a dull moment with these two ❤️.”

Martin Salgado Age

As per, Martin Salgado’s age was 37 at the time of this writing.

Who Are Martin Salgado Parents?

Martin shares his name with his father. His father, Martin, turned 61 years old on January 27, 2023. Whereas, Martin’s father, Adela Salgado, turned 59 in February 2023. Both of his parents reside in Corona, California, and have two other kids besides Martin. They also have four beautiful granddaughters and one adorable grandson.

Martin’s father works at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and studied at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High as per his Facebook handle.

On February 3, 2021, Martin’s parents filed for Bankruptcy under Chapter 13 Lawsuit. The case was filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, California Central Bankruptcy. The case status was still pending as of April 2023.

Martin Salgado Job

As per Martin’s LinkedIn handle, he has been working as a Founder and Head of Growth at Influential Agency. Apparently, Influential Agency specializes “in demand engineering services for growing companies, helping companies focus on the most promising prospects and customer segments, so they can prioritize their resources and efforts to achieve the best results.”

With his company, Martin promises that struggling B2B businesses can fast-track their Sales Engagement Strategy for more relevant conversations with decision-makers, find the exact leads they’re looking for, and more.

Besides working at Influential Agency, Martin is also a member of RevGenius and the host of The Art of Influence Podcast.

In the past, Martin worked as a Strategic Advisor at GuestChat and as a Chief Executive Officer at Future Bail Bonds.

Talking about his license and certifications, Martin had a license “Revenue Operations” issued by HubSpot Academy in April 2022. It expired on May 2023.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Martin Salgado From?

Originally from Colton, California, the 37-year-old entrepreneur Martin currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

  • When Is Martin Salgado Birthday?

While we don’t know the exact day, Martin celebrates his birthday sometime in the month of April.

  • Is Martin Salgado On Instagram And Facebook?

You can Martin Salgado on Instagram at @martinjsalgado. He had exactly 159 followers on the platform as of May 4th. Martin also uses TikTok and Twitter. Unfortunately, we could not locate him on Facebook.

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