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Meet Mary Mara Family: Children, Spouse, Parents, Siblings!

Meet Mary Mara’s family which included her spouse, children, her parents, and her siblings. Below you’ll read about their job and current residence. After the beloved actress’s tragic death, her fans wanted to learn more about he family.

Hence, we’ve put together this article which contains all the information.

Meet Mary Mara Family Members

Mary Mara’s family included her parents Roger and Lucille Mara. Her two sisters Martha and Susan Mara. Her brother-in-law Scott Dailey. It also included her ex-husband Jerry Mersola, and her step-daughter Catie Smith (nee Mersola).

Mary Mara Spouse

Mary Mara and Jerry Mersola got married on 23 September 2006. It is unclear how they met and how long they dated before they made the decision to tie the knots. Nevertheless, the marriage lasted for more than 10 years.

Mary posted a picture of her ex-husband Jerry holding their pug in March 2016. Then, she posted a picture of what appears as their visiting card which read “Mary & Jerry’s Rarities”. The card also had their respective phone numbers. She captioned the post, “Topanga Vintage Market this Easter Sunday at Pierce College! Lots of rare and fun stuff!”

Late Mary Mara With Her Sister Martha, Ex-Husband Jerry Mersola, and Step-Daughter Catie Smith Mersola At Catie’s Wedding (Pic: Mary’s IG)

On 29 September 2016, Jerry posted on his Facebook, “Catie has us out to dinner for Mary’s Birthday, it was also our 10th anniversary on the 23 and Mary’s Birthday the 21, so happy to have been married to this amazing woman for 10 years, Mary you make me happier every year that goes by. Love you soooooo much. Thanks, Catie for coming up with this dinner/birthday night. Love my girls.”

In November 2016, Jerry celebrated his 52nd birthday. He commemorated the celebration via a Facebook post.

He captioned the post, “Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes, at 52 years old I’m very blessed with the people in my life, family and friends. Catie, Mary, and Martha thanks for a great birthday weekend, everyone else, thanks for letting me know there are so many blessings in my life. As I move through this life I find that no matter how old I get, I need leave myself open to learning and growing. It makes me a better dad, partner, and friend. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes”.

Their decade-long marriage ended in divorce. But, social media activity suggested that they were together until May 2017.

Mary Mara Children

Mary Mara never had her own children. But, she loved Catie Mersola, the daughter of her ex-husband. Jerry Mersola has more than one daughter but the only one we know of is Catie Smith Mersola. Jerry had Catie with his ex-wife/partner Janice Albright Suderman.

In February 2018, Mary posted a picture of her and Catie on her Facebook. She captioned the post, “Catie our bride-to-be bride #love #family #daughter”. Later in April 2018, Mary again posted a wedding picture of Catie and captioned it, “MR & MRS SMITH #marriage #cake #union #love #grateful #weddingdress”.

Not only that, but Mary had also attended Catie’s wedding.

On National Daughter day 2018, she posted, “So proud of you always and forever, Catie Smith! #nationaldaughterday #daughters #love #grateful”.

Catie is currently based in Thousand Oaks, California. She attended Westlake High and graduated in 2010. She studied Child Development and Education at Moorpark College in 2014. Moreover, she also pursued her Child Development and Education at California State University, Northridge.

She is currently working at a preschool in September 2016. Before that she worked as Childcare Provider.

Jerry, on his Facebook, has talked about still remaining friends with Catie’s mother Janice even after all these years.

The Facebook post from 2016 read, “My life is so blessed with so many special people. I’ve talked about my daughters, my wife, and friends. There’s always room for more, I’m also blessed to have a great friendship with Janice Catie’s mom, yes Jan is a great mother and friend, her husband Matt and daughter Piper are also very much a part of my blessings today”.

Although Jerry hasn’t shared about his other daughter, it appears Daniele Eva Chapa is the second daughter.

Who Were Mary Mara Parents?

Mary Mara was born to her parents Lucille Mara and Roger R. Mara.

Mary’s father Roger was an army major. He used to tell her siblings’ great war stories.

Actress Mary Mara’s Father Major Roger Mara (Pic: Mary’s IG)
Mary Mara’s Mother Lucille Mara, Pilot (Pic: Mary’s IG)

Mary’s mother, Lucille was born on 18 February 1921. Lucille was a professional pilot. She posted a picture of her mother on 5 February 2018. She captioned, “My mother Lucille -a pilot. Extraordinary! #fly #womens #equality #syracuse #family #love #lucille #women #womensmarch”. In October 2018 post about her mother, she posted that it was because of Lucille, that she became an actress.

Lucille reportedly died on 30 January 1998.

Mary Mara Siblings

Mary Mara was the youngest of three daughters born to her parents. She was very close to her older sister Martha Mara. She had featured her on her IG on several occasions.

In September 2018, she posted a picture of Martha and captioned it, “My sister Martha has made me laugh harder in life than anyone else!”. The post also suggested that Martha suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

According to LinkedIn, Martha Mara worked as a Manager, of Infection Prevention at Glendale Memorial Hospital and Medical Center till March 2015 before she retired. She also worked at Kaiser Hospital in Infection Prevention, Glendale Memorial Hospital as Manager, Infection Control, and Swedish Medical Center in Emergency Department.

Martha earned her BS in Nursing from the University of Phoenix. She also attended and graduated from the City of College of San Francisco in 1986.

Mary Mara’s Sisters Martha Mara (left), Susan Mara (middle), Mary Mara (right) (Pic: Mary’s IG)

Her other sister is Susan Mara who is married to her husband Scott Dailey. Scott is the son of William F Dailey, a retired fundraising executive for Stanford University, and his mother Judith. His parents stayed happily married for 63 years.

Moreover, Susan’s husband, Scott is the owner of Scott Dailey Creative. Scott graduated from Stanford University in 1976. He also attended San Jose State University. He worked as a music teacher at East Palo Alto Academy.

Furthermore, Sue worked as a former Senior Director at Enron and also as a Director at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. She studied Water Resources Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Moreover, she also studied Geology at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Mary Mara Family Members Live?

Mary Mara’s sister Susan and her husband live in Redwood City, California. Whereas, her sister Martha relocated to Syracuse, NY after years of living in California. 

Mary’s ex-husband Jerry Merosola lives in Los Angeles County, California. Whereas, her step-daughter Catie lives in Thousand Oaks, California.

  • Are Mary Mara Family Members Close?

Yes, Mary Mara’s siblings are very close to each other.

  • Is Mary Mara Family In The Showbiz?

No, noe one except Mary Mara is in the showbiz.

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