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Phillipa Sage Bio, Age, Job, Jeremy Clarkson Ex-Girlfriend

Meet Phillipa Sage, ex-mistress or girlfriend of Top Gear Live‘s Jeremy Clarkson. Phillipa, who was unpopular, came into the spotlight after the affair was ousted by the media. In 2022, she is publishing a new book which is set to release in July that year.

Learn about her age, job, and her relationship details with Jeremy Clarkson below.

Meet Phillipa Sage, Jeremy Clarkson Ex-Girlfriend

Jeremy Clarkson and Phillipa Sage reportedly met each other while working on Top Gear together. They were an item for seven years before they parted ways in January 2017. The break-up was shortly before her father had a fall.

She also revealed once that it took her a “long time” to move on from him.

When the media revealed that Phillipa was Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend, Paparazzi had a field day arriving at her doorstep.

Speaking to Hertfordshire Life in 2021 she revealed that Jeremy was the love of her life. She also admitted that it was going to be forever “but it wasn’t to be”.

Phillipa shared, “And I’m actually grateful for my breakdown because it put an end to that mad life. I needed to go through decompression. Nobody has been enjoying travel or social events this year, but I don’t miss the life at all, although I’m very grateful to have done it”.

She told Express, “Truly the lowest point in my life. But it was to prove the glorious turning point.”

Speaking on the Driven Chat Podcast, Phillipa said, “I think it was about seven years we were officially together. It was pretty intense and high speed.”

When probed on her current relationship with Jeremy, she added, “We are vaguely in touch, yeah, but I’m pretty bruised by it so I don’t get too involved”.

Addressing the end of their relationship, Sage continued: “It took a long time for me to get over it because you can’t escape. Especially because he’s all over the place!”

Phillipa went on to say, “It’s really nice actually, now I can enjoy watching The Grand Tour because yeah, I was pretty sore afterward because I couldn’t work with him anymore. I’ve moved on, I enjoy watching them all, they still make me laugh.”

In her new book, she opened up about the decadent life she lived with Jeremy Clarkson, full of private jets, helicopters, superyachts, and celebrity parties. While sharing an excerpt of the book with The Sun, she gave a glimpse into the lavish lifestyle she lived when she was with Jeremy.

“We spent weekends at country estates, partied and holidayed with media moguls and members of parliament, including prime ministers, film stars, pop stars, lords and ladies – even royalty,” she told.

Phillipa continued further, “We dined at the top tables, drank the finest wine, flew first class all the way, and holidayed on private islands”.

In her book, Phillipa also stated meeting Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Chris Evans and attending some of the most lavish events. They also spent time “playing” at his Oxfordshire farm, “clearing paths, discovering streams, trees & plants, and messing about with his numerous motorized toys”.

One of the bizarre claims she made in her book was Jeremy turning down Madonna to go on a date with her. She wrote in her book, “On one of my first dinners with Jeremy, he claimed to have turned down Madonna to spend the evening with me”. She added, “I was honored and humbled to be accepted into the extraordinary world of Jeremy Clarkson”.

Who Is Phillipa Sage Husband Today?

Phillipa Sage is most likely a single mother today. She has a son named Alfie who has autism and Fragile X Syndrome. The latter is a chromosome disorder unwittingly passed on by Phillipa and involving a complex combination of autism, communication problems, and other developmental issues.

Her son turned 17 years old on 21 May 2022. Alfie’s father is currently living in the States.

Phillipa Sage Age

Phillipa Sage celebrates her birthday on 26 February. She should be above 53 years old in 2022.

Phillipa Sage Job

Phillipa Sage led her life as a “PA, goffer and fixer” and later became a presenter on BBC Top Gear Live. She spent 18 extraordinary years with the Top Gear team.

Speaking to Hertfordshire Life, Phillipa reflected back on her upbringing, “‘I was always a tomboy and struggled academically, but I just think I hadn’t found what I was good at. I think the school system fails so many children with low self-esteem and now, as the mother of a teenager with special needs, I’m passionate about giving children confidence”.

But, it was her Saturday job as a hairdresser that led to formal training with scissors and comb, which led to an invitation from a friend to help with a motorsport event. Phillipa discovered her new career “supporting three of the highest-profile, love-them-or-loathe-them, presenters on television”.

She worked with the original Top Gear team back in the late ‘90s. Then she was asked to help out in 2003 at the launch of the first MPH Show. The show later evolved into the Top Gear Live tour with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, who she addressed as “my boys”.

Phillipa told, “I was quite nervous, but I loved cars, I loved the buzz of live events, and I just silently repeated my mantra: “they’re only human beings”. I’d learned to stand my ground having grown up with two brothers, so I approached the presenters in just the same way and it worked”.

Phillipa admitted that she had no prior experience working as a PA.

Top Gear Live came to an abrupt end in 2015 after a well-publicized assault by Clarkson on a producer of the TV show.

In 2022, she is working at Learning To Listen. She previously authored a book titled Off-Road with Clarkson, Hammond, and May: Behind The Scenes of Their “Rock and Roll” World Tour. She previously planned to name the book “Top Girl” but later changed because she wasn’t young.

Phillipa had also worked as Motoring Editor of @thefrank_mag.

Is Phillipa Sage On Instagram?

Yes, Phillipa Sage is on Instagram (@pj.sage) and on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Phillipa Sage Nationality?

Phillipa Sage is British by nationality. She hailed from her hometown of Welwyn, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. She is currently based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire countryside.

  • Did Phillipa Sage Appear On Top Gear?

No, Phillipa Sage didn’t appear on Top Gear.

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