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Meet Megan LaCava, Joe LaCava’s Wife! Her Bio, Age, Job

Joe (Joseph) LaCava is a household name golf aficionado and especially among the great Tiger Woods fans. Tiger, as you know, is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time and one of the most famous athletes in modern history. And a big share of the “World Golf Hall of Fame” inductee’s win certainly has to go to his caddie of longtime, Joe LaCava. Even when Tiger had given up on himself and was done as a competitive golfer, Joe had remained his last man standing. The caddie still believed he would share more magical Sundays with his employer and believed in him for his faith in Tiger was and has always been his wife Megan LaCava.

He still thought what happened last month at the Masters was more likely than not.

Meet Megan LaCava, Joe LaCava’s Wife

Megan, who can talk to you in length about the darkest days of Tiger Woods and her husband’s lay-off now and then, has never needed to worry about her husband and her family as Tiger has been generous with Joe and the family even during the layoff days. Megan was therefore worried about Tiger, and whether he would ever be healthy enough to play another event. This was back in May 2019 when Tiger was bedridden with fourth back surgery; Tiger’s back problems started in the spring of 2014.

Anyway, Megan is her husband Joe’s best friend and former high school tennis player he married 27 years ago. The day they got married was in September 1994.

Megan and Joe met at a Danbury sports bar. He took her to a Clint Eastwood movie “Unforgiven” on their first date and the US Open tennis tournament on their second. (Of course) Megan also remembers how he impressed her by buying her a $20 Open hat.

Talking to ESPN a couple of years back, Megan revealed how she knows Joe the way he knows his players. She said that over the years, she has watched her husband connect with them, push them, calm them, and respond to their body language.

Joining Megan and Joe in their lives are also their two kids, daughter Lauren Elizabeth and son Joseph Lacava. Joseph being the eldest of the two turned 32 in 2021 and Lauren had become 25.

Megan LaCava Age

Megan LaCava turned 53 years old in 2021. This makes her entire 5 years younger than her husband who turned 58 on 23 February 2022.

Megan LaCava Job

Megan LaCava is a sales manager at a women’s apparel store in Southbury, Connecticut.

Is Megan LaCava On Instagram?

Megan did not seem to be on Instagram. But she did appear to be on Facebook with the handle ‘Megan LaCava’.

Megan LaCava Height

Megan stands above 5′ 7” tall.

What Is Megan LaCava Maiden Name?

Megan before she took her husband’s last name ‘LaCava’ went around by ‘Kearns’.

Megan LaCava Parents

Megan’s dad James Patrick Kearns Jr. of Newtown passed away at the age of 87 of Newtown on 21 June 2017 in Danbury Hospital surrounded by his family. He was by that time survived by his wife of 58 years, Alma Kearns, Megan’s mom. The matriarch turned 87 in 2021.

“Happy Fathers Day Daddy! Miss you every day! Hard to believe 3 years have gone by…so miss our talks” Megan recalled her deceased father in a Facebook post. (Of course) Megan also wrote “There are no words to say how thankful I am every day that you are my Mom! You have taught me so much and I don’t think I would be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for your unconditional love and support throughout my life. You truly are an amazing Mom and I am proud every day that I’m your daughter!” on Mother’s Day.

Other than Megan, they also welcomed James Patrick Kearns III into their lives. James is now married to his wife Tami of Stockton, California.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Megan LaCava Birthday?

The 18th of August or the day(s) before is when Megan celebrates her birthday making her a Leo.

  • Where Is Megan LaCava From?

Megan is a native of Newtown, Connecticut and she is likely currently based in Southbury, Connecticut.

  • How Much Is Megan LaCava Net Worth?

Megan had more than $750 thousand as net worth as of April 2022.

If you should know, she should have made around $76.98K per year on the average salary for a sales manager is in Connecticut with $11.7K commission per year.

As for her husband’s earnings, usually, caddies get around 10% of any winnings but this is found to vary depending on the player-caddie relationship. Some have a weekly salary as well. So, given how Joe is with Tiger, and the amount of money Tiger has made in his career, it would not be surprising for him to make the six-figure mark.

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