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Does Ellie Simmonds Have A Partner? Relationship Status

BBC One’s Ellie Simmonds: A World Without Dwarfism? explores the new drug, Vosoritide — which claims to treat achondroplasia — from Ellie’s perspective. Meanwhile, many are happy that dwarfism now can be treated, the Paralympian gold medalist is worried the controversial drug could potentially eradicate dwarfism.

But the “controversy” is not what we are here for today. Rather, this article is all about Ellie’s previous relationships and her partner. 

Does Ellie Simmonds Have A Partner?

No, Ellie Simmonds didn’t seem to have a partner as of 2022.

The only “partner” she ever mentioned over interviews and socials then was her training partner/friend Susie Rodgers. The two often were spotted swimming together, training for the Paralympic.

In case you don’t know, Susie was a technical Advisor at FCDO (Disability Inclusion). She won the gold medal in the Rio‘16 and London’12 Paralympics and flaunted five bronze medals at the time of writing this article.

The duo also carried their friendship out of the training arena and often attended dinner parties together.

“When me and my partner in crime @Susie_Rodgers are together it’s always a laugh. A fun night at @TeamSportsAid Ball,” Ellie tweeted in Nov 2017, after attending a spots aid ball with Susie.

Well, considering the busy schedule training and meanwhile also filming the BBC show, Ellie probably didn’t have time for romance.

Ellie Simmonds Dating History

Ellie Simmonds kept her dating life under the wraps. There were no records of her previous relationships, and no hints about her love life on her social media as well.

She spent Valentine’s Day 2020 training in her new swimsuit, alone!

Also, she spent the 2020 lockdown alone — “just trying to just focus being in the present moment and taking each day as it comes.”

According to her, Ellie needed the break that was forced upon everyone. It made her realize that it was those little things in life that truly brought happiness and joy.

Has Ellie Simmonds’s Height Affected Her Love Life?

Probably not. As per Ellie Simmonds, she doesn’t let her condition ever drag her down. She remarked that she was never bullied in her life because of it, and she won’t ever let anyone belittle her either.

“I’m just small. I can do everything everyone else can do,” she explained.

Ellie has a medical condition called achondroplasia which shunted her height; especially the growth of her arms and legs. But Ellie finds her condition as a blessing in disguise.

She believed that if she wasn’t small, she wouldn’t have gone to the Paralympics and never become who she is today. Her philosophy is that there is no point in being sad or hating who you are. “I just embrace every day as it comes and try to live the best I can,” she added.

This was also the main reason why Ellie was skeptical about Vosoritide.

A world without dwarfism isn’t exactly an ideal world for her. The road to acceptance and inclusion for disabled people is hard-won, and she believed that these gains were in danger of being lost.

Reflecting on all the challenges she faced, Ellie confessed that she’d still keep her life “exactly the same” even if she had the option to change.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Ellie Simmonds Now?

As of 2022, Ellie Simmonds was 27 years of age.

She celebrates her birthday on November 11 and is of the Scorpio zodiac.

  • What Do We Know About Ellie Simmonds’s Family Members?

Ellie Simmonds comes from a family of seven. She is the youngest child born to parents Val and Steve Simmonds. Above her are her three sisters and one brother — Georgina, Pauline, Katie, and Steven Simmonds.

Interestingly, Ellie and three of her siblings have more than 20 years age gap between them. Because of this, Ellie was always trying to copy them as she believed that they were cool.

However, Ellie and Katie are only five years apart. No wonder, they were closest.

Also, Katie suffers from achondroplasia.

But it wasn’t just her family of seven Ellie grew up with. Her grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins — all lived locally.

Ellie recalled that her mother was “the doer,” shuttling kids to their activities, while her dad was the fun one, playing and swinging them around. So, when Ellie turned 11, her mother make a difficult decision and moved with her to Swansea so she could train with the GB squad

And thanks to her sacrifice, Ellie is a Paralympic star today.

  • How Much Is Ellie Simmonds Net Worth?

Ellie Simmonds flaunted a net worth of over $2 million in 2022.

This 4 feet (123 cm) swimmer, first stepped into the limelight by qualifying for the Durban World Championships in 2006. Then in 2008, she attended her first Paralympics (in Beijing) ever and won two gold medals in 100m freestyle S6.

Four years later, Ellie then made her second appearance at the London Paralympic Games 2014 where she secured two gold medals in 400m freestyle S6 and 200m individual medley SM6.

Then followed her 200m individual medley SM6 victory in Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Since then, Ellie hasn’t been able to secure gold.

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