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Meet MIC Star Tristan Phipps! His Father, Mother, Height

Made In Chelsea Tristan Phipps gained fame as a reality star and for dating Bentley heiress, Olivia Bentley. But besides his romances, his fans are also interested to learn about his father, mother, and siblings. If you came looking for the same then this article is for you.

Learn more about his family in this article here.

Tristan Phipps Girlfriend

In August 2022, DailyMail reported that Tristan Phipps revealed that he is back together with his Olivia Bentley. The news outlet revealed that they were back together and also moved in together with each other. They previously dated each other between 2020 and 2021.

Tristan and Olivia shared that they rekindled their romance during a boozy night out at Raffles nightclub in London, which involved a racy lap dance. Their friend Ollie Locke and his husband Gareth showed concern after they started dating again. Livia then said, “We don’t need it.”

Tristan and Olivia have tried previously to share the same roof before, which was during the lockdown. The pair did it but struggled due to not being able to ‘escape’ one another. Tristan said, “Being almost forced to live together during the pandemic – when we were also filming the show together – meant we couldn’t learn to love each other naturally. Any normal lovers’ tiff was heightened in that environment.”

But the couple claimed this time, it’s different. Olivia said, “It’s our own terms now, so it’s been a lot more exciting. It would take a serious amount of arguing to break us up now – even if there’s always an abundance of laundry around our flat, or I leave my hair clips everywhere.”

Before their first breakup, Olivia had shared that her relationship with Tritan Phipps might see the end of Made In Chelsea. She never lived with her boyfriend before and they moved from dating to living together quickly which was “so intense in a short space of time”. Olivia said her friends in the mansion witnessed a lot of her squabbles with Tristan and felt the rest of the cast were ‘making their own judgments’.

In spite of their arguments, Olivia believed Tristan has changed her for the better as before they started dating she was good at not ‘relying’ on anyone else. The pair were friends before they got together and they would previously help each other through their old break-ups.

They announced their split in around mid-2021.

Olivia announced their split on Instagram stories. She said: “Tristan and I are no longer together and haven’t been for a while.” She then asked her fans to respect their boundaries. Olivia added, “I would greatly appreciate if people didn’t feel the need to tell me what he’s getting up to. It’s none of my business but also don’t feel like I need to hear about it. Appreciate all the love and thank you.”

After the split, they were rumored to be together again in September 2021. They were spotted taking a romantic dip together on Ollie Locke’s social media. Tristan’s representative told OK!: “After taking some time apart Tristan and Liv are back together and are happier and stronger than ever.”

Tristan has always been smitten by Olivia. The handsome reality TV star revealed that he was actually on a date with another girl when he saw Liv for the first time since their split, and upon seeing her, he knew he was still in love with her.

“I was actually on a date – or a liaison, let’s call it – at that club one night, and then Liv walked in with her friends. I hadn’t seen her in person for around five months and I just thought to myself, ‘Oh f**k, I’m still in love with her,’ Tristan explained.

OK! Magazine recently did an interview, where the couple showed around their current residence. On Tristan’s Instagram, they recently appeared together in September 2022 post and said, “Home is where the heart is.”

How Old Is Tristan Phipps?

The date of birth of Tristan Phipps is 15 November 1994. He is 27 years old (as of Sept 2022).

Tristan Phipps Father

Tristan Phipps was born to his father Simon Phipps. He is the founder of RECO Life. Find him on IG here (@simon_phipps12).

He writes in his company bio, “RECO Life is the culmination of a lifetime of experiences. Following the sale of my business three years ago I found myself at a stage in my life where I had lots of energy, lots of time and the luxury of being able to do anything I want. I set out to develop a brand that reflected the values I follow in life and business and that had the flexibility to represent any number of products and services. RECO Life was born.”

He continues, “We are starting with producing beautiful hi-specification structures out of single-use shipping containers because it was a need I had that was reflected in the wider market. I could not predict the crisis we are living through, but I can certainly help people work and live in a better space. I now have the luxury of working with my son Tristan who is brand director for the RECO Fit range of products as well as a number of good friends and professionals that I trust and know will deliver to the high standards we should expect.”

Tristan has also shared a few pictures of his father on his Instagram. In December 2018, he posted pictures of the two and wrote, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at the end of the day.” During an interview with House Of Influence, he shared that his family lived in South Africa for 15 years. A year after he was born, Simon moved to the UK in 1995.

Tristan has also talked about career advice from his father. He told the magazine, “My father gave me the best advice, he said, ‘Figure out what you love, and figure out how to make that your career.’ ”

Tristan Phipps Mother

Tristan Phipps’s mother is Carrie Wicks. They are very close to each other. The mother and son duo have also collaborated with local brands. In May 2019, he wrote, “Putting Mumsy’s shopping habits to good! Harrods have collaborated with the  @nspcc_official with their amazing #fashionretold pop-up. All the money from purchases will go directly to the NSPCC to support children all over the UK. Thanks for a great evening!”

In January of the same year, the mother-son duo was touring in South Africa in Cape Town.

Carrie Wicks was born to her father Mike Wicks, Wycombe’s soccer team’s center-half from 1953-1959 who made 164 appearances and became an Amateur Cup Final hero in 1957. He’d celebrated his 88th birthday in September 2020 and his 58th wedding anniversary with Carrie’s mom and his wife Sally the same year.

Carrie has a brother named Martin Wicks and a sister named Natalie. Find her here on Facebook (@carrie.wicks.5) and Instagram (@carrie_wicks).

What Does Tristan Phipps Do For A Living?

Tristan Phipps worked as a safari guide at Kruger National Park, in South Africa, before he joined the Channel 4 cast in 2016. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was a Botswana and Namibia country specialist at Audley Travel before starting his own business as a director in December 2018.

The 24-year-old now works with fitness companies like Bare Bells UK and Nocco UK and is an influencer. He just tweeted an advertisement for Carex. Tristan is a boxer, skier, and cyclist who enjoys participating in sports.

Tristan also co-founded Bellr in July 2022. He has also been working with his dad at Reco Life as Brand Director. He writes in his bio, “I’m Tristan Phipps, Brand Director for RECO Fit. I am also the younger and wiser son of RECO’s founder Simon Phipps. Over the last few years, I’ve worked on building a strong online social community using health, wellness, and sustainability as my core focuses Beforehand, my love of adventuring and exploring remote parts of the world culminated in four years of working in remote regions of Southern Africa as a Safari Guide. My home was the road, and my house was a converted pickup truck!”

How Much Is Tristan Phipps Net Worth?

The burgeoning net worth of Tristan Phipps should be above $700 thousand.

Tristan Phipps Height

Tristan Phipps stands tall around 6 feet 2 inches in height.

Related FAQs

  • Does Tristan Phipps Have Siblings?

Yes, Tristan Phipps appears to have two half-siblings (mom’s side); Oscar John Gilliam and Anna Wicks.

  • Where Was Tristan Phipps Born?

Tristan Phipps was born in South Africa in 1994. He moved to the UK in 1997. Three months into university, he moved to South Africa because he wanted to get into the Safari industry.

  • Is Tristan Phipps On Twitter?

No, Tristan Phipps doesn’t seem to be on Twitter.

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