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Meet Nicole Cox, Lori Vallow Brother Adam Cox Wife!

Nicole Cox is the wife of Adam Cox — the brother of Lori Vallow. She only stepped into the limelight in 2022, after the Netflix docuseries Sins of Our Mother explored the case of her sister-in-law, Lori Vallow.

Keep reading this article to learn more about Nicole Cox.

Meet Nicole Cox, Adam Cox Wife

Viewers of Sins of Our Mother must know the accusations Lori Vallow faced (murdering her two children and the ex-wife of her fifth husband), but what they might not know is that Lori’s family members including her sister-in-law Nicole contacted police after Alex Cox (Nicole’s bother-in-law) shot and killed Lori’s fourth husband, Charles Vallow.

In the reported letter that Nicole wrote to the police, she tells that prior to all the incidents that happened, the Cox family cut ties with them, and even deleted them off social media.

Why? Well, according to Nicole, it was because they knew Nicole and Adam “know the truth and won’t tell a lie.”

“Lori and Alex both think they are immortal beings. Lori does podcasts and is a follower of Julie Row. This is like a cult. For the last few months, she has been telling family members Charles’ body has been overcome by a demon and it’s not Charles and that he needed to die. She told my son Zac this. Zac called my husband and me both telling us how crazy she was becoming,” Nicole detailed the situation.

Besides this, Nicole also revealed that Lori once made up a lie telling that Charles was cheating on her and she took his clothes, and credit card and left him stranded somewhere.

Later, Charles called Nicole and Adam, baffled that she left him and the kids like that!

But this was just one of the multiple secrets Nicole revealed.

Amongst others, Nicole also shared that Lori believed that her daughter Tylee was a dark spirit. And surprisingly, Nicole agreed! Because Tylee allegedly often bad-mouthed her mother, hated her father for no reason, and was just lazy and spoiled.

Now coming to the murder of Charles, Nicole shared that the morning he was shot, he texted Adam saying Alex was there with a gun. And Adam texted him asking him to be careful because he knew his family was up to something.

Nicole and Adam never heard from Charles again.

Did you know: Adam was once very close to Lori. They have several lovely pictures together.

How Many Kids Do Nicole Cox And Adam Cox Have?

Nicole Cox and Adam Cox share a son named Zachary Ammon Cox who turned 23 in July 2022.

The last we checked, their son Zac Cox worked as an insurance agent at AnnieMac Insurance. He was licensed in AZ, DE, IN, MD, MN, NH, NJ, OH, PA, TN, and VA.

Here’s his FB.

Besides Zachary, Nicole and Adam are also parents to two dogs, Reece and Molly (who slept in bed with them).

Nicole Cox Age

Nicole Cox was 48 years of age in 2022.

What Is Nicole Cox Maiden Name?

Nicole Cox’s maiden name is “Meier.”

Her full name is “Nicole A Meier.”

Nicole Cox Job

Nicole Cox never mentioned her profession.

On the other hand, her husband Adam was a known radio host who worked for  Radio Deejay. Infact, he’s been in the radio business for 30 years, and also has voiced a 5 hrs long audiobook called “My Crazy Radio Life.”

In the book, Adam talks about his brother-in-law Charles’ death, his depression, and how he recovered from it.

“If you have ever listened to a DJ on the radio, this book will change the way you listen. I was fired, lost everything, dealt with depression, and still came out on top,” the book’s publisher’s summary read.

When Adam wasn’t on his job, he loved playing basketball and ping-pong with Nicole.

Trivia: Nicole’s husband Adam’s nickname is Lukas.

Related FAQs

  • Is Nicole Cox On Instagram?

Sadly, we couldn’t find her on Instagram. However, here’s her Facebook @nicole.a.meier.

  • Where Is Nicole Cox From?

So far, Nicole has resided in Andover, KS; San Tan Valley, AZ; Fair Oaks, CA; Gilbert, AZ; Rocklin, CA; Lincoln, CA; Roseville, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Little Rock, AR; and Queen Creek, AZ, one of which could be her hometown.

But as of 2022, she resided in Wichita, Kansas with her husband Adam.

  • Does Nicole Cox Appear On Netflix’s Sins Of Our Mother?

No, Nicole doesn’t appear on Sins of Our Mother and neither does her husband Adam.

But despite choosing not to grace the Netflix documentary, Adam shared their story with ABC’s 20/20 in an episode entitled “Adam & Evil.”

According to Adam, he was a “normal guy living a normal life” until he began asking uncomfortable questions about his family. He explained that he knew something was up with Lori and Alex and got cut off when he started calling out the strange and highly suspect behavior of his siblings.

After being treated like a family outcast, Adam then felt so alone that if he wanted to “crawl up into a ball and never had to work again and hide somewhere.” But because he was doing radio for a long time — he didn’t want to destroy his legacy! “It’s like being in acting, they say the show must go on,” he added.

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