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Jess Potter Bio, Height, Family, Job, Age, MAFS UK

Meet Jess Potter, one among the batch of hopeful romantics on the new (Season 7) Married at First Sight UK that first aired on Channel 4 on 29 August 2022.

Jess, looking for love, was matched by experts Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson, and Charlene Douglas to one among the 16 singletons. She, therefore, exchanged vows with a complete stranger as is tradition, in MAFS. The rest, if the experts got it right pairing her up, and more about her, we shall tell you all in this writing called ‘Jess Potter Bio’.

MAFS UK: Are Jess Potter And Pjay Finch Still Together?

Amid being matched by the experts, Jess Potter gets married to Pjay Finch during the second week of the show, on their first date.

This couple, however, did not get off to the best start. As Jess even broke down in tears when Pjay revealed his career as a stripper with the Dreamboys. Unimpressed, she actually insisted she would not go on the honeymoon telling the camera that she “literally” wants to go home.

But, later when Pjay insisted he was willing to change his career, Jess started to warm to him. And during their honeymoon, she opened up to him about her ex-partner sleeping with a very, very close family member at the time.

Then, during one incident, when Paul Brunson told the bride that she was not showing Pjay any physical affection, Jess accused Paul of painting her as “b***h”.

So, did Jess and Pjay find their happy-ever-after? Did they survive the drama? Here’s what we know.

First of all, Jess and Pjay still were following each other on Instagram (as of 2022), So, things can not have ended that badly even if they parted at last.

Jess particularly seemed to be living her best life after the show. After the show, she went out with her friends a lot. Naturally, like her costars on the show, she also did not yet give spoilers as to if or she and Pjay were still married.

It should be also noted that Jess recently revealed her shock at the backlash since her wedding. Six months since her wedding on the show, she revealed that she has been getting death threats following her wedding to Pjay. Because of her stripper meltdown. Fans also quickly had come to the defense of Pjay after Jess’s mom brutally grilled him over his work as a stripper.

Introducing herself as “unique, weird, but extremely fun and outgoing” Jess previously said on the show that she was looking for a partner who will match her energy. As well as her love for all things Harry Potter. Before the whole MAFS experience, she was used to jumping into relationships too quickly.

Jess Potter Job

Jess Potter graduated as a dental hygienist (from the University of Essex) in July 2018. She has likely been practicing since. While MAFS UK viewers will have to stay tuned to see if she decides to stay married. As for her work, she already had returned to her 9-5 job as of the time of this writing.

She started working at her current workplace, LittleportDental, as a dental hygienist in 2017.

Follow Jess on her business account on IG (@j_anne_aesthetics) for her appointments and career-related information.

Other than her popularity among co-workers and patients, her workplace, on their website, also wrote that when Jess is not working she is often found at a music festival, chilling out and watching films, or being with her cats Albus and Severus.

Jess Potter Age

Jess Potter was 31 years old when filming the show in 2021. Also so you know, her real name is Jessica O’Connor. Though it is not understood what made her go around as Jess Potter.

Is Jess Potter On Instagram?

Yes. Jess Potter could be found on Instagram @jesspotter_xx where there were 1,339 posts and 14.8K followers as of 15 September 2022.

Jess also entertained some 12.5K users on TikTok @jesspotter_xx.

Jess Potter Height

Stunning Jess likely stands above 5′ 5″ in height. Adding to her glamorous look is her incredible body art. She has several small to large tattoos on her. One of them is actually of late queen Elizabeth II (on the right leg). But the MAFS fans were quite taken aback or even shocked by particularly this large tattoo she got in homage to Harry Potter.

She showed it off to the cameras saying she has a Daniel Radcliffe tattoo next to a collection of wands.

Jess Potter Family

Jess Potter is really fond of her parents. She can not get enough of gushing about how blessed she is to have them around.

Especially about her dad, Jess said, he is the greatest influence in her life. And that she looks up to him so much.

Jess writes similar things about her mother, Marge.

As for siblings, she has a younger brother and a younger sister likely named Chloe.

On 20 November 2021, Jess took to her IG to write that her “little baby” is 18. Then, she went on to gush that her little brother is not only an adult now but is also a foot taller. She said that she feels like a proud mum because of who he has become.

Jess also briefly mentioned that her grandfather was a mayor.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Jess Potter Reside?

Jess Potter comes from Cambridgeshire county in the East of England.

  • When Does Jess Potter Celebrate Her Birthday?

Jess Potter’s birthday is on the 7th of April and that makes her an Aries.

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