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Meet Nicole Shanahan Family: Dad, Mom, Siblings!

In Nicole Shanahan family, she has her dad, mom, and siblings. Learn all that we know about them in this article below.

This article covers their age, job, and their current residence.

Who Are Nicole Shanahan Family Members?

Nicole Shanahan is of Asian-American ethnicity. Nicole was born to her parents in Oakland, California. It is unclear if her parents are still married because she once talked about being raised by her single parent (her mother).

Nicole’s early life is a story of hardship and financial struggle. Her family went through some tough times which in a way made her into this strong independent woman that she is today.

Nicole bussed tables at 12 years old before pursuing a law degree later in life. She studied at the University of Puget Sound and attended law school at Santa Clara University. She also worked as a patent specialist before starting her own company and is a CodeX fellow at Stanford Law School.

Nicole even mentioned that she feels surprised at how far she has come in life looking back from where she started. She was married to Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. Before that, she married a finance executive named Jeremy Asher Kranz.

Meet Nicole Shanahan Mom, Amy Shanahan

Born in September 1954, Amy Shanahan (nee Wong) the mother of Nicole Shanahan is currently 67 years old. According to Nicole, Amy Shanahan worked as a maid to support her family. At times, she was also unemployed so they had to rely on food stamps. But back in China, Amy worked as an accountant.

Amy Shanahan was born Hean Man Wong. She was one of the five daughters born to her parents Chen Zhen and Fai Kwok Wong. In China, Amy, her sisters, and her parents lived in Guangzhou City. Amy’s father was originally from Macau.

In an event held at the University of Puget Sound Nicole shared that her maternal grandfather was part of the group of landlords that had been governing Macau for several generations. When the communist revolution occurred in Macau, the whole family disbanded. Some of the landlords ended up in Hongkong, while her grandfather traveled to Guangzhou, China.

It was there that her grandfather met her grandmother, who was a factory worker. Nicole’s grandmother came from a very humble means.

Nicole also shared that her grandfather believed that son was more valuable than a daughter. He pushed his wife to have more children until she bore a son which her maternal grandmother never did. They ended up becoming parents of five daughters.

She added that her grandfather raised her mother Amy as his son. In

Amy came to the United States when she was in her 30s during Deng Xiaoping’s open door policy. She gave birth to Nicole two years after coming to the States.

Nicole added that she was always confused by her mother as Amy never told Nicole her life story. She is still in the process of learning about her life.

Nicole lost her grandfather a few years back but she shared he was proud of her for pursuing law school even though he didn’t understand why.

Meet Nicole Shanahan Dad, Shawn Shanahan

Nicole Shanahan’s father Shawn Shanahan was born on 22 January 1957. He is currently 65 years old. Nothing is known about Shawn Shanahan’s employment history. Shawn probably didn’t get to work for more than half of his life due to his mental health.

At the event, Nicole also talked about her father. She shared that she grew up in a single-parent household.

Whereas, she told Modern Luxury Magazine, “As a kid, I really had to figure out how the world works on my own”. Nicole added, “My dad was diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia when I was 9, and my Chinese-born mom had only been in the United States for two years when I was born”.

Nicole then said that she had two unemployed parents for the majority of her childhood so there was no money and they resorted to public welfare. She said, “There was almost no parental guidance and as you can imagine with a mentally ill father, there was lots of chaos and fear”.

She reflected on her mother feeling ashamed asking her and her brother to leave the grocery store checkout line while she counted out paper food stamps.

Online records suggest that Shawn Shanahan is the father of Nicole Shanahan. However, she hasn’t shared anything regarding her father on her socials.

Does Nicole Shanahan Have Siblings?

The parents of Nicole Shanahan had two kids. James Shanahan, her younger brother, was born in September 1987. He is 34 years old right now. James and Nicole have a tight relationship.

It was a family of two for Nicole Shanahan. In September 1987, she gave birth to a sibling who goes by the name of James Shanahan. His age right now is 34. The two people, Nicole and James, are close.

In September 2018, on Nicole’s birthday, her brother wished, “Happy happy birthday to my amazing sister! I wouldn’t be half the man I am without your efforts at de-dorking me. Have a wonderful day and I love you!”.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Nicole Shanahan Family Members Live?

Nicole Shanahan’s family members are residing in different cities in California. Her mother resides in Grass City, California whereas her father is in Oakland, California and her brother are likely is in Kensington, California.

  • Are Nicole Shanahan Family Members On FB?

No, Nicole Shanahan’s parents are not on Instagram. But, her mother is on Facebook (@lotusleafamy). You can find her brother James on Instagram (@jamespshanahan) and Facebook (@james.shanahan.73).

  • What Is Nicole Shanahan Family Ethnicity?

Nicole Shanahan’s mother’s side is Chinese immigrants whereas her father’s family is White American. So, she and her brother are of Chinese-American ethnicity.

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