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Meet Nirja Patel, Landon Brown Wife! Her Bio, Age, Job, IG

The A&E documentary Bobby Brown: Every Little Step, the autobiography of none other than the living legend Bobby Brown premiered on 31 May 2022. In the 12-episode docuseries inv, Bobby himself invites the fans into the behind-the-scenes look at his road to superstardom; the aftermath of his personal struggles; dealing with sobriety, and the terrible deaths of his two children and first wife and superstar Whitney Houston.

This exclusive access into Bobby’s daily life gives viewers a look at how he juggles his music career; the 2022 reunion with New Edition on The Culture Tour; and how he is raising a family with his wife Alicia Etheredge-Brown.

Then there are also Alicia, La’Princia, Landon, Cassius, Hendrix, and Bodhi, Bobby’s children getting up-close and personal in front of the camera like never before.

With that being said, in the rest of the writing, we mean to tell you about not any one of these people but Nirja Patel, Landon Brown’s wife.

Meet Nirja Patel, Landon Brown’s Wife

Landon Brown is the eldest son of Bobby Brown and Melika Williams and he was born on 22 June 1986. Fast forward to 2022, Landon is married to Nirja Patel.

Nirja and Landon seemed to have been turned into a wife and a husband freshly in the first week of June 2022. And since that day Nirja also seemed to have started to go around as ‘Nirja Brown’.

A week later Nirja also shared on social media about how it all went down. And from what she said, Whoa Tacos was there and the food was absolutely delicious. The guests could not stop raving about it.

How Many Kids Do Landon Brown And Nirja Patel Have?

Landon Brown and Nirja Patel have two kids and they both are girls. Also, the couple is really proud to be their parents.

Nirja Patel and the family as seen during Christmas of 2021 (PIC: Instagram)

The first born is a daughter, Nillan who came into this world in May 2009. On Instagram, when Nilaan turned 6 Landon recalled how life changed so much in a good way since “this gift was given” to him. Before that, Landon admitted he was always focused on partying and violence. Landon literally said that Nilaan saved him and brought him out of his darkness. (Of course) he then also appreciated Nirja for being such an amazing mother and for being so understanding.

Then, on 19 August 2018, “little firecracker” Naloa aka Loa aka Lulu came around. And later when she turned 2, it was Nirja’s turn to take to her IG to gush how her daughter is the definition of independent, strong-willed, intelligent, caring, stubborn, and absolutely beautiful.

Nirja Patel Age

Born in 1986, Nirja Patel reached the age of 35 in late 2021.

Nirja Patel Job

As of the time of this writing, it was unclear what kind of a career Nirja had lived to; or what kind of a job she did. All we knew was she had graduated from Reseda High School back in 2005.

Is Nirja Patel On IG, Facebook?

Indeed! Nirja Patel could be found on Instagram @nirjiepb and it included 19 posts and 422 followers as of 13 June 2022.

She also occasionally shared glimpses of her life on ‘Nirja Brown’ Facebook.

Nirja Patel Family

Nirja’s mother is Reetu Patel and she could be found on Instagram @ints1029. There were a few posts on this page and all of them were glimpses of Nirja and Landon getting married.

Clearly, the matriarch seemed super proud of the man her daughter got married to, not to mention the feeling is mutual as Landon also really adores his mother-in-law. He actually calls her “mimi” and this was his sweet message to her on Mother’s Day, “Oooooh my mimi………. what he When your daughter first brought me to meet you I could feel all of your indian rage at this super confident young black man. How that relationship turned into you putting vitamins in my mouth with your bare hand because you knew I wasn’t going to take them on my own lol. Or how tightly you hug me when you see me.” So, that way Landon thanked Nirja’s mother for being a great mother to him and grandmother to his children. He said he could never repay her enough and that she is one of his best friends.

As for Reetu, she mentioned, hailing from Shillong, a hill station in northeast India in Meghalaya; and studying at M S University Baroda and Pine Mount School of Shillong. While lately (2022), she seemed to be based in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan with her partner Travis.

As for siblings, Nirja likely has two more sisters as once on Instagram her mother said “two down and one more to gay” when implying that two of her daughters have been married.

The one we know about is Leeja Patel of San Francisco, California. Also, she turned 38 in September 2021 and could be found on Instagram @leejapatel.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nirja Patel From?

As per her Facebook, Nirja Patel hails from her hometown in Los Angeles, California, and continues to dwell there as of now (2022).

  • When Is Nirja Patel’s Birthday?

Nirja Patel’s birthday is on the 4th of November. She is, therefore, a Scorpio; and it is believed the ones born on this day are quick-witted and talkative, and they tell the truth without fearing its consequences.

  • Does Nirja Patel Appear On A&E’s Every Little Step?

Nirja Patel has also appeared in the Brown family documentary; which came around following many immense tragedies and adversity in the public eye. Albeit, she was not listed amongst A&E’s Every Little Step cast on IMDB.

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