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Meet Noella Bergener Step-Mother, Nicholette Nance!

Meet Nicholette Nance, step-mother of Noella Bergener. Noella’s father Christopher Nance married Nicholette after separating from her mother Nancy Noel.

So, who is Nicholette Nance? Keep scrolling down this article. Here you’ll learn about Nicholette’s relationship with her father, their marriage, her job, and her age. Furthermore, you’ll also learn about her fraud in Nestle. So, keep reading to learn more about Noella Bergener’s stepmother.

Meet Noella Bergener Step-Mother, Nicholette Nance

Noella’s stepmother Nicholette Nance was the youngest daughter of Cuban immigrants. Nicholette was ambitious, she wore Nordstorm, had newly straightened her teeth when she met Christopher and rode a green Mercedes roadster. A source told, “She was so beautiful. I don’t know a man who wasn’t in love with her.”

They met each other at a book fair during a fundraising event. Christopher was smitten by her Nicholette. The event was hosted by Nestle, where Noella was working at the time. Christopher was there with his first book, doing business, signing autographs, meanwhile, Nicholette wandered down from her tenth-floor office.

A former co-worker described her as “She has a real knack for picking people she can manipulate and control”.

At the time, Nicholette was previously married to her ex-husband Raymond Paul Novak. She met him a decade earlier while working at Bekins. Raymond ran the company while Nicholette was his secretary. They married in 1988. Raymond was nine years older than Nicholette, gray-haired, and was a pocket protector.

Raymond paid for all of her expenses, business trips, nice clothes, which eventually got both of them fired from the company.

A year after meeting Christopher they got divorced. Nicholette and Christopher reportedly married on 6 December 1997 at the Universal City Hilton & Towers. NBC4 even aired a clip on the evening news. They danced their first dance to “Shower You with Love”.

Nicholette Nance Age

Born in January 1966, Nicholette Nance turned 56 years old in early 2022.

Nicholette Nance Job

Nicholette Nance worked at Bekins, a Glendale-based moving and storage firm at the time. Her ex-husband footed the bill for her lavish vacations, jewelry, clothing, and furniture. In 1986, Bekins fired both of them. She then went to work for Nestle. Nicholette, as previously said, was a divisive figure at Nestle.

She finally became the supervisor of a department of seven or eight people. Men loved her Women who worked under her complained that she “was vindictive, creating rivalries, stoking jealousies.” An insider recollected, “We had women in and out of human resources all the time”.

Nicholette had been stealing from Nestle for two years by the time she married. She had the authority to sign for a $25,000 transaction as a manager. The year she married Christopher turned out to be a financially successful one.

According to the court filing, she earned $109,781. Her illegal earnings totaled $397,58o. Given Nestle’s overall loss of more than $3 million, Nicholette is likely to have made at least $1 million from the plan. She was allegedly in charge of $3,376,827.23.

Prosecutors who charged Nicholette with the crime said they have no proof that Christopher was involved in or aware of the act. She was in charge of Nance’s publishing and philanthropy efforts at the end of her career at Nestle. She also presided over his golf tournaments, enlisting the help of her Nestle subordinates to collect the funds.

Nicholette counted and bagged the coins that 7-Eleven had collected for Nance’s charitable fund with some of the same staff. She repurposed a Nestle employee to work as Christopher’s assistant.

Nestle was participating in Nance’s reading program at the time, purchasing his books for the company’s adopted schools.” He’s not kosher,” says a source close to both. “But she’s not kosher.”

Her last day at Nestle was on 7 February 2000.

What Is Nicholette Nance Maiden Name?

The name on Nicholette’s birth certificate was Norma Ortega, hence her maiden name.

Is Nicholette Nance On Instagram?

No, Nicholette Nance is not on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Nicholette Nance From?

Nicholette Nance Huntington Beach, California.

  • When Is Nicholette Nance’s Birthday?

Nicholette celebrates her birthday in January.

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