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Noella Bergener Parents: Nancy Noel And Christopher Nance

Meet Noella Bergener’s parents. Here, you’ll learn about her biological mother Nancy Noel, and her father Christopher Nance.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about Noella’s parents.

Who Are Noella Bergener Parents?

Noella Bergener was born to her parents Christopher Nance and Nancy Noel. Not much is known about the relationship between her parents.

But, her father later met Nicholette Nance. They met each other at a book fair during a fundraising event. Christopher was smitten by her Nicholette.

The event was hosted by Nestle, where Noella was working at the time. Christopher was there with his first book, doing business, signing autographs, meanwhile, Nicholette wandered down from her tenth-floor office.

They reportedly married on 6 December 1997 at the Universal City Hilton & Towers. NBC4 even aired a clip on the evening news. They danced their first dance to “Shower You with Love”.

Meet Noella Bergener Mother, Nancy Noel

Nancy Noel is the biological mother of Noella Bergener. There are no records of their marriage. But, they separated after having Nancy.

After separation, Nancy considered demanding more child support, according to Riverside County Superior Court records. But in a 1997 declaration, she contended that Christopher had “threatened to hire someone to have me killed” if she sought to increase his payments.

Fun Fact: When Christopher’s older brother Cedric died in 2002 September, the obituary in the Monterey Herald mysteriously referred to Noella as his child, not Christopher’s.

  • Nancy Noel Age

Born in September 1953, Nancy Noel turned 68 years old in 2021.

  • Nancy Noel Job

Nancy Noel earned her bachelor’s degree in 1976 from Boston University. In 1986, she moved to California and graduated from the Monterey College of Law with a law degree. Nancy then relocated to Palm Desert and established her Estate Planning practice in 1987, earning the designation of Certified Specialist in Estate Planning in 1993. She has been a part of the Coachella Valley community for more than three decades.

The Law Office of Nancy Noel provides services such as living trusts, powers of attorney, California healthcare directives, assignments of Business Interests, grant deeds, and many more.

  • Is Nancy Noel On Instagram?

No, Nancy Noel is not on Instagram.

Meet Noella Bergener Father, Christopher Nance

Noella Bergener’s father Christopher Nance was born in Fort Dix, New Jersey. He was raised in the idyllic Monterey Peninsula town of Pacific Grove. He grew up feeling isolated. His father was a U.S. Army colonel who served in the Korean and Vietnam wars, and the family moved frequently to both the United States and Europe.

In one of his books, Christopher wrote in the prologue, “I was always the new kid at school. Making friends was hard for me because I was very shy.”

Noella’s father was five years old when he was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia. The people suffering from the disease were expected to die at that time.

He once reflected on the statement his mother made to him. She told him, “So, there are God’s laws, and there are man’s laws. Just because a man says you are going to die doesn’t mean that’s what will happen. God decides who you are and how long you live.”

He was in an out of the hospital every year till he was 10. For the first three years of her life, her father denied paternity. But, the court established DNA-test did he agree to pay $400 a month in child support.

One source close to Christopher shared about Noella, “She’s a jewel, and he doesn’t even see it,” says another source. “That’s the true irony here. He’s made all this money off of children’s books, and I doubt he’s ever even read a story to his own daughter.”

Noella was the only child of Christopher Nance. Because Christopher was born with a death sentence, he used his illness as an excuse and a license and never thought of the future. He also justified failing as a father for the same reason.

  • Christopher Nance Age

Reportedly born n May 1954, Christopher Nance reached 67 years old in 2021.

  • Christopher Nance Job

Christopher Nance graduated from Santa Clara University in 1976 with a political science degree. He was the Jesuit college’s first black student-body president. He considered law school but found himself working in restaurants, selling shoes, and doing comedy bits in BayArea clubs.

In 1979, after a stand-up gig on Cannery Roq, he was approached by a TV executive. “That was some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever seen,” the man told Nance, whose account was published in the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel’s official magazine. “We need minorities in front of the TVcamera-give me a call.”

Christopher spent the next four years doing news and weather for KMST in Monterey then two years at KPIX in San Francisco. In 1985, he was hired by NBC4 to do weekend weather here, eventually moving to the weekday edition of Today in L.A., the city’s first and longest-running morning news show when he fell ill again, this time losing his gallbladder, his mother – who handles his personal finances-challenged him to ex-examine his faith.

In the hospital bed, Christopher made a pledge to himself if she survived he would write a children’s book. He published his first book in 1995 and by 1999, he had produced six more.

  • Is Christopher Nance On Instagram?

No, Christopher Nance was not on Instagram.

Related FAQs

  • Are Noella Bergener Parents Still Married?

Noella Bergener’s mother Nancy and her father Christopher separated decades ago. He could still be married to his wife Nicholette at the time of his death.

  • How Many Kids Do Noella Bergener’s Parents Have?

Noella was the only child born to her parents.

Noella’s mother lived in Palm Desert, California. Her father was also living in Los Angeles. Nicholette Nance lives in Huntington Beach, CA.

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