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Meet Pamela Chrisley, Todd Chrisley Sister-In-Law! Age, Job

Get to know Pamela Chrisley, the sister-in-law of Todd Chrisley and wife of his brother Randy Chrisley. Todd and Pamela had a troubled relationship with each other which brought them to the limelight several times. Where doe she resides now? What is her current job?

Learn all about her in this article below.

Meet Pamela Chrisley, Todd Chrisley Sister-In-Law & Randy Chrisley Wife

Saying Todd Chrisley and his sister-in-law didn’t see eye to eye with each other would probably be an understatement. But, one thing that they have in common is one is doing his time in prison currently while the other has also done her fair share previously.

Todd’s ex-sister-in-law Pamela was detained in 2016 for reportedly attempting to blackmail the Chrisley family for money in exchange for not disclosing “family secrets” to the public, as previously reported. Affidavits from Todd and his mother, Faye Chrisley, have just surfaced online, detailing some of Pamela’s claimed harassment and threats over the last few months. They also claim that Pamela had a similar history with a prior mother-in-law, which resulted in an arrest.

Faye gave her statement on February 24 whereas Todd’s was obtained on March 3. Faye states in her declaration that Randy Chrisley (Pamela’s ex-husband), her son, and Todd’s brother, informed her of his and his wife Pamela’s impending separation in late October 2015.

“During this tumultuous period of time, Pamela began to call and text me with threatening messages,” Faye said. “She demanded that I deposit monies into her account or according to her, ‘she was going to destroy my family’. She also sent me numerous text messages threatening to ‘bash my brains’ if she caught me in town.”

Faye also claimed that Pamela (seen in the mug photograph above) publicly made disparaging remarks about her and her family on Facebook, as shown, in part, by this lengthy post from January. When Faye shares some of her own “family secrets,” she then flips the script on Pamela. She added, “I have also learned that Pamela was arrested for assaulting her ex-mother-in-law which resulted in her being hospitalized for the injuries.”

Beginning his affidavit, Todd Chrisley states that he has only encountered Pamela “6 to 8 times since being introduced in 2012.” Todd claims that Pamela wanted to appear with her husband Randy on Chrisley Knows Best, and when that didn’t happen, the threats started. Todd and his family allegedly rejected Pamela’s demand for $100,000 in hush money and told her to stop talking to them.

The reality star has discussed Pam’s extortion with Radar Online in addition to the affidavits. The site reported that “his sister-in-law threatened to kill his mother Faye by ‘stomping on her face!'” Todd added: “I do not know Pamela and I will fortunately never have to. She threatened my family and tried to extort money from us. No one, I repeat, NO ONE, disrespects or threatens my family without having to pay severe consequences.”

Pamela’s ex Randy was also arrested in October 2016. He allegedly stole $22 worth of candy from a Dollar General store in South Carolina, according to In an incident report obtained by the site, the responding officer said Randy’s “pants were bulging with items,” with a “crunching sound like plastic being rustled coming from his pants.”

Randy told the officer that he “put candy in his pants because he did not have room to carry it,” but the report stated that the “jogging pants were taped to his legs, preventing the candy from coming out.” After making arrangements to have his car towed and his son, who was at the time 11 years old, picked up, he was then brought to the Westminster Police Department.

Pamela Chrisley Age

Pamela Chrisley was born in 1972. Hence, her age is 50 as of March 2023.

What Is Pamela Chrisley Maiden Name?

Pamela Chrisley’s maiden name is either Campbell or Bryson.

Pamela Chrisley Job

According to Pamela Chrisley’s Facebook, she formerly worked at Walmart as a former customer service manager. She also worked as Former Retail sales at the W.W. Thraves Jewelers. Furthermore, she has also worked as Assistant Manager at Dollar General.

Information on her current employment is not available at the time of this article.

Is Pamela Chrisley On Instagram?

No, Pamela Chrisley is not on Instagram. However, you can find her on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Pamela Chrisley Birthday?

Pamela Chrisley’s birthday is on 8 June.

  • Where Is Pamela Chrisley From?

Pamela Chrisley hailed from Westminster, South Carolina.

  • Has Pamela Chrisley Appeared On TV?

No, Pamela Chrisley hasn’t appeared on TV.

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