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Estee Williams Bio, Age, Husband, Before, TikTok Tradwife

Estee Williams is TikTok’s favorite trad wife, AKA traditional wife. She has been popular on the internet sharing videos about her life as a traditional wife, for some time now.

Let us tell you why she chose to live by the 50s ideologies of practicing old-fashioned homemaking skills, never working outside the home, or not abiding by the science behind feminism. In this writing called ‘Estee Williams Bio’ let us also tell you about her age, husband, life before finding fame as “TikTok Tradwife” and more.

Meet Estee Williams, TikTok’s The Tradwife

“Being a traditional wife is my greatest blessing 💕”, Estee Williams most recently wrote next to February 2023 TikTok video. Here she also sternly put her belief that despite the world continually condemning traditional wives, she will continue to live her truth.

Estee first started sharing on TikTok in March of 2022 with her Ukrainian Borscht soup recipe. Then, around the end of that year, she made a video describing what it means to be a “Tradwife” and the intent of her channel because over the course she not only found fans but also decent haters for her controversial commentaries. For instance, once she advised the “wives” to “submit” themselves to their husbands as “you do to the Lord”. That the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, and so on.

So, in this way, Estee has been promoting the “Tradwife” life on her TikTok @esteecwilliams and encouraging other wives to not be shunned by identifying as one. As of 1 March 2023, Estee entertained 80.3K followers and 597.4K likes on the channel.

Estee on the platform also strongly promotes being feminine and not a feminist. She says a woman should always seek a masculine dominant man to guide her, protect her and solve her problems.

Before taking on this traditional wife role, Estee worked as a weightlifter for over six years. She said she used to be an extremist.

Estee Williams Before

Just until December 2019, Estee Williams had but a different style than her current “Tradwife” style.

Estee Williams Before (PIC: Instagram)

This is what she looked like before. And around this time, she scarcely promoted her “lTradwife” lifestyle.

Estee Williams Husband

Estee Williams’s husband was seen on her TikTok video for the first time in May of 2022. And fans then liked him for how handsome he looked and also for the two of them making such a “cute” pair.

Before getting married Estee’s now husband Conner Wayne Williams presented her dream ring back in March 2022. Their wedding then happened in January 2023. Estee later described her wedding on social media.

And recently on Valentine’s Day, we saw Estee write “Happy Valentine’s Day honey 🌹I absolutely adore you! 🥰 While the world continues to condemn traditional marriages, we will continue to live our truth ❤️.”

She said the ceremony was beautiful and so emotional, how they incorporated the Christian tradition of foot washing to represent humility and serving her spouse, the unity candle representing becoming one, the communion, and more. “This day,” she said will be her forever and most treasured memory. All of this took place none other than their childhood church. According to Estee, she her husband in middle school. In a TikTok video, before getting married, she gushed that she is “literally” marrying the boy she used to tease back in middle school.

Estee’s husband could be found on IG @c_williams1331 and on Facebook, he mentioned working at Davis & Green Services and living in Midlothian, Virginia. Davis & Green, so you know, is a local, family-owned electrical, heating and air, plumbing, and generator company.

Is Estee Williams On Instagram?

Yes. Estee Williams could be found on Instagram. And the account @esteecwilliams included 117 posts and 12.6K followers as of 1 March 2023.

Estee Williams Age

A wanna-be of the 50s, Estee Williams turned 25 years old in 2022.

Estee Williams Height

Estee Williams stands above 5 feet and 5 inches in height.

In May 2022, Estee took to her TikTok to encourage people to give bleach and extensions a break. She gave her own example of how once she was platinum blonde with hair extensions for over 5 years and sadly a stylist when she moved to the States broke off over 4 inches of her hair. Slowly, her hair started breaking off more. Then, for months, she quit extensions and bleach and sporting short hair and which she recalls was the best decision for the health of her hair. It was 2018 when hesitatingly she chopped off her long hair.

In many of her videos, Estee dolled up in shirtwaist dresses while prepping food for her husband while.

  • Where Is Estee Williams From?

Estee Williams hails from her hometown of Henrico, Virginia. And at the time of this writing, she was residing in Richmond, Virginia.

The exterior and interior of the home that now she lives in can be seen in the background of her videos resembling one of the 50s. She puts it in a way that she has been doing most of the work without the aid of modern-day cooking and cleaning appliances.

  • When Is Estee Williams’s Birthday?

Estee Williams’s birthday is in December. On 29 December 2022, she took to her Facebook to gush that her family gave her the most special birthday, and Conner and she gave them a memorable wedding shower.

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