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Meet Rebecca Musser Parents: Sharon Steed And Lloyd Wall!

Rebecca Musser calls Sharon Steed and Lloyd Wall her parents. Below we attempt to cover their age, jobs, and their current residence. Moreover, we also discuss the details of their children.

Scroll down this “Rebecca Musser Parents: Sharon Steed And Lloyd Wall” to unfold more information.

Who Are Rebecca Musser Parents?

Rebecca Musser was born to her parents Lloyd L. Walls and Sharon Steed. Rebecca’s mother was the second of three wives of her father Lloyd. Her father was previously married to Myrna Walls on August 25, 1954. Together they had 9 children of his own. With Sharon, Lloyd had altogether 14 children.

Meet Rebecca Musser Mother, Sharon Steed

Sharon Steed was a hardworking wife and faithful devotee of the FLDS church. When Rebecca escaped from the compound and called her mother a few weeks later, Sharon was happy for her daughter but was disappointed that her daughter “was trading [her] salvation for material goods”.

At Lloyd’s home, she took care of her nine children while living in the basement of the house.

Rebecca Musser With Her Mother Sharon Steed And Her Ful Sisters (Pic: Pinterest)

Sharon and Rebecca had also helped with her sister Elissa Wall’s wedding. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, they prepared Elissa’s wedding dress.

  • Sharon Steed Age

In 2022, Sharon Stee should be above 75 years old.

  • Sharon Steed Job

While Sharon Steed probably didn’t hold any jobs outside of the FLDS church. According to Rebecca’s sister Teressa, Sharon worked very after being married to her father Lloyd. She was responsible for cooking, cleaning, and sewing for the whole family.

“We were the first family’s servants,” Teressa Wall said. She shared that her nose was bloodied and her jaw bruised in the course of standing up for her mother and siblings to the first wife. “It made me so mad, the way they treated her,” says Teressa, “the way they treated all of us.”

  • Is Sharon Steed On Facebook?

No, Sharon Steed is not on Facebook.

Meet Rebecca Musser Father, Lloyd Wall

Lloyd Wall was born to his parents Lloyd and Ola (Buck) Wall.

Rebecca Musser’s father Lloyd Wall had a physical altercation with his son. As a witness to the incident, Warren Jeffs assigned Sharon and her children to Fred Jessop, who became Sharon’s second husband.

Both Rebecca and Lloyd had also appeared on Dr. Phil Show in 2014. While he was being sat in the hot seat, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw confronted about how could possibly he let his young beautiful daughter marry off to Rulon Jeffs who was 85 at the time.

Lloyd shared that when he was part of the church. He added that the men were programmed to believe that their daughter marrying the prophet was an honor. So, it seemed like the right thing to do, having Rebecca marry Rulon Jeffs, who was about 85-years-old at the time in 1995.

  • Lloyd Wall Age

Born in February 1936, Lloyd Wall is 86 years old in 2022. He celebrates his birthday on 2 February.

  • Lloyd Wall Job

Lloyd Wall was the owner and president at Cons. Geologist based in Salt Lake City and Brigham City since 1958. In 1958, he started serving as plant manager at Thiokol, Brigham City, Utah., He served the company until 1966. Moreover, he also served as the manager of operations at Sealcraft, Salt Lake City from 1966 to 1968.

In addition to that, Lloyd was also serving as programs manager at Eaton-Kenway, Bountiful, Utah from 1968 to 1976.

Furthermore, Lloyd was also the owner and president of HydraPak, Inc. in Salt Lake City till 1986. In 1979, he joined Kolt Mining Company as a president in Salt Lake City. He was serving as the owner of Lloyd L Wall & Associate from 1986 until he retired.

Lloyd holds AS in Chemistry from College Eastern Utah, and he graduated in 1956. He earned his undergraduate degree in Geology from Brigham Young University in 1958.

  • Is Lloyd Wall On Facebook?

No, Lloyd Wall is not on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Rebecca Musser Parents Still Married?

No, Rebecca Musser’s parents are no longer married. Not long after, Rebecca’s father married his third wife. But, it appears they are living in La Verkin, Utah after retirement.

  • How Many Kids Do Rebecca Musser Parents Have?

Rebecca Musser’s Parents had 14 children from their marriage. Llyod had 9 children (Jeffrey B., Julie, Neil S., Charlene, Gail, Matthew W., Suzzane, Michael L., and Connie) from Lloyd’s marriage with Myrna.

  • Did Rebecca Musser Parents Appear On Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey?

While only, Lloyd Wall appears on Netflix’s Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, her mother doesn’t appear on the show.

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