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Meet Renee Puente Parents: Brenda Lee And Rene Puente!

Meet Renee Puente Parents: Brenda Lee And Rene Puente.

American actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter Matthew Morrison was fired from the production “after he had an inappropriate relationship with a female contestant”. He had joined the judging panel of So You Think You Can Dance in April, according to People. However, he defended himself regarding getting fired from the show and claimed that the messages were not inappropriate.

A week after, Renee Puente, his wife, took to Instagram and wrote a post in support of his wife. She praised him for his “grace and integrity” almost a week after he was fired from the show. Let’s learn more about the side of her side of family.

This article covers information on Renee Puente’s parents Brenda Lee And Rene Puente.

Who Are Renee Puente Parents?

Renee Puente was born to her parents Rene Puente and Brenda Lee on 5 October 1984.

Meet Renee Puente Father, Rene Puente

Renee Puente has featured her father a few times on her IG. In May 2022, she was inspired to write a post about her father. In the post, she explained that her father is a courageous, loving, and childlike human being. She wrote, “It has been so fascinating and fun BECOMING with my dad. We are peers, best friends, confidants… We laugh, cry and go into the depths of vulnerability. And now, you hold our baby girl. Your one and only granddaughter.”

She continued, “What an incredible journey life has been with you daddy! Thank you for choosing me and You’re Welcome for me choosing You”.

  • Is Rene Puente Still Alive?

Yes, Rene Puente is still alive. He completed high school at East Bakersfield High. He graduated college from Freed-Hardeman University.

According to his LinkedIn, he works in facilities at Freed-Hardeman University. In September 2021, he was one of the 37 employees who received service awards during the fall convocation. He was honored for 15 years of service at the university along with other four employees.

Some of his Facebook posts suggest that he also coaches soccer.

  • What Is Rene Puente Nationality?

Rene Puente is American by nationality. He is a native of Henderson, Tennessee. He is available on Instagram (@puente2569) and Facebook (@rene.puente.52).

  • How Old Is Rene Puente?

Born in September 1956, Rene Puente is 65 years old. He receives birthday wishes from family and friends on 5 September.

Meet Renee Puente Mother, Brenda Lee

Renee Puente’s mother is Brenda Lee. On Mother’s Day post from 2021, Renee shared that she was “craving the touch, the affection, the tickles and hair playing, the voice, the laughter of [her] mom so desperately lately”. Likewise, she also posted about her mother in May 2017.

In the post, she wrote, “happiest of Mothers Days to all the super women out there who grew life in her womb… I can’t thank you enough, Brenda, for being my mom.. my one and only… I love you more than all the ✨in the sky”.

Brenda Lee Frampton, mother of Renee Morrison (Pic: Brenda’s FB)

Coming to March 2022, Renee gave a brief insight into the relationship between her and her mother. She quoted, “She has been the bravest of souls agreeing to come into this life with me to teach me the most extreme lessons. We have been through hell and back together”.

In the post, she added that her mother was abused and struggled with addictions. She quoted, “I buried my baby brothers because of the choices she made keeping her children in dangerous environments until the day she died”.

She continued that she understands it all now and forgave her mother.

In the same way, Brenda was also proud of her daughter’s accomplishments. She often posted about Renee on her Facebook. In July 2011, Brenda posted, “my daughter Renee Puente was on E-news last night, did anybody see it?????”.

  • Is Brenda Lee Still Alive?

No, Brenda Lee is not alive. She passed away on 8 April 2013. She was survived by her husband Robert Frampton. Brenda’s siblings Patricia, Michael, and Cynthia, and her stepdaughters, Rebecca and Erin also outlived her.

  • What Is Brenda Lee Nationality?

Brenda Lee was American by nationality. She attended East Bakersfield High School followed by Bakersfield College. She formerly worked as a Clinical Lab Tech II. You can find her on FB.

  • How Old Was Brenda Lee?

Brenda Lee died at the age of 50.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Renee Puente Parents Married?

Renee Puente’s parents separated long before. Her father is currently married to her stepmother Teresa Puente. Teresa is a graduate of Kapiolani Community College and Colby Senior High. She is working as RN at Medical Solutions.

Renee’s mother Brenda was married to her husband Robert Frampton before she passed away.

  • How Many Kids Did Renee Puente Parents Have?

Renee Puente had two sons named Justin and Josh from her father’s current marriage with his wife Teresa. Whereas, her mother had other three children; Lorraine Bruce, Valentine Lango, and Brian Lango. Her brother half-brother Brian passed away in 2016. She paid a parting tribute to her Brian via an IG post in August 2016.

Currently, Renee’s brother Valentine is working as a Sales Supervisor at Safelink Wireless.

  • Where Do Renee Puente Parents Live?

Rene Puente, Renee’s father is living in Henderson, Tennessee, and her mother Brenda lived in Bakersfield, California at the time of her death.

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