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Renee Puente Ethnicity: Is She A Filipino? Where Was She Born?

Renee Puente has spoken against her husband Matthew Morrison’s allegation of having an “inappropriate relationship with a female contestant.” And like a supportive wife, she’s praised his “grace and integrity” and requested the world to “stop perpetuating hate and shame.”

So, in case you’ve stumbled upon her over the internet, you definitely must have been intrigued by her exotic looks which mostly resembled a Filipino. But is she a Filipino? If not, where was she born? Find answers as you scroll down.

Meet Renee Puente, Matthew Morrison Wife

Renee Puente first met the love of her life, Matthew Morrison, at a Grammys party in 2011. At the time, Renee was an aspiring actress while Matthew was already a part of Glee for over 2 years. However, it wasn’t Renee’s Filipino looks that attracted Matthew to her. Rather, during the party, the former So You Think You Can Dance judge heard Renee speaking pidgin (Hawaiian slang), and was immediately intrigued by her.

“I sang backup for a guy named Don Ho in high school and spent summers in Hawaii. So when I heard her speak, I said, ‘How is it, sistah?’ and she laughed. The rest is history,” Matthew explained.

Fast forward to June 2013, the lovebirds then got engaged and announced the good news at “White Tie and Tierra Ball” in London on June 27. A cherry on top, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin even dedicated Elton John’s classic “Your Song” to Renee and Matthew at the event and sang it as a duet with John.

The next year, in Oct 2014, Renee and Matthew then walked the aisle in an intimate celebration in front of 50 family and friends on a private estate in Kihei on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

As for their kids, the duo shares two children — Revel (born: October 2017) and Phoenix (born: June 2021).

Sadly, they also suffered a miscarriage in Dec 2019.

Now, coming to Matthew’s allegation of having an “inappropriate relationship with a female contestant.” He was fired from SYTYCD for it! However, Matthew claimed he had nothing to hide and only wanted to help the contestant to get a job as a choreographer on the show.

Likewise, Renee posted a video of her husband’s claim and praised him for his “grace and integrity” during the allegations.

Renee Puente Ethnicity: Is She A Filipino?

No, Renee Puente isn’t a Filipino. The reason why she looks a lot like one is because she flaunts a mixed ethnicity — White and Native American.

According to Renee, her father is White, while her mother is Native American, and she’s proud of it! “I am grateful for my Native American heritage. For the culture that runs so deep into the core of the earth that even though they tried, man could never fully obliterate,” she explained.

Also, Reneeadded that she’s grateful for her “brown skin, and larger, exotic features.” 

However, Renee does find her ethnicity to be troubling at times. But she then consoles herself that this was that made her different than the others.

Furthermore, she admits that her fondness for Ocean and the wisdom that flows through her comes from her “powerful ancestors.”

Renee Puente Family

Renee Puente comes from a family of five — her parents: Brenda Lee and Rene Puente, herself, and her three siblings.

But sadly, her memories with them aren’t all wonderful.

Her mother, Brenda suffered from abuse and addiction. And because of the choices she made — “keeping her children in dangerous environments until the day she died” — Renee had to bury her baby brothers.

However, Renee has no hatred toward her mother. She’s long forgiven her and instead, she thanks her mother for the life she’s given to her.

On mother’s day 2017, Renee even shared a few pics of her mother, captioned, “Happiest of Mothers Days to all the super women out there who grew life in her womb… I can’t thank you enough, Brenda, for being my mom.. my one and only… I love you more than all the ✨in the sky…”

As for Renee’s father, he was alive and doing well as of 2022. She described him to be a “courageous, loving, childlike human being” who was her “peer, best friend, and confidant.”

Talking about Renee’s siblings, they are Lorraine Bruce, Brian Lando, and Valentine Lang. Sadly, Brian passed away in August 2016. He was Renee’s “everything — favorite human and best friend.”

Also, Brian was a husband and a father of three daughters.

Where Was Renee Puente Born?

Renee Puente was born in Hawaii, US.

She grew up there and spoke fluent Hawaiian Creole English or Pidgin.

Renee Puente Age

Renee Puente was born on October 5, 1984. That made her 37 years of age in 2022.

As per her birthday, Renee is of the Libra zodiac.

Renee Puente Net Worth

Renee Puente flaunted a net worth of above $1 million in 2022. On the other hand, her husband boasted a stunning net worth of $10 million then.

An actress and model by profession, Renee has appeared in a few movies and TV series including The Exes (2012), Divergent (2014), Dave & Ethan: Lovemakers (2016), High School Lover (2017), and Tell Me I Love You (2019).

Also, she’s modeled for reputed companies like Bebe and Calvin Klein.

Besides this, Renee ran a program called Breaking Cycles Collective where she offered 5 step master plan to her clients to “create deep, meaningful relationships, reclaim their power, and break free from self-sabotage.

Her bio official wrote that Renee specialized in empowering people to Break Destructive Cycles by openly identifying self-sabotage and moving toward self-awareness as they discover a life of self-mastery and love.

Related FAQs

  • Is Renee Puente On Instagram?

Yes, find her on Instagram @reneemmorrison.

  • How Tall Is Renee Puente?

Renee stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm).

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