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Meet RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais Kids: Oliver, Jaid, Jax!

Garcelle Beauvais is a household name among Real Housewives fans. Other than that the Haitian-American actress, author, and former fashion model is known for her starring roles in the sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show and the crime drama series NYPD Blue.

In 2020, Garcelle took on a new job of becoming the main cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and ever since she has been in the news only more than before.

So, in the process, the August of 2022, saw her condemning online attacks on her sons. The rest we shall reveal in the rest of the writing. Also, we thought this to be the right time to finally tell you all about Garcelle’s kids.

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Who Are RHOBH Star Garcelle Beauvais Kids?

Garcelle Beauvais is the mom of three sons, Oliver and twins Jax and Jaid.

Growing up, the RHOBH star was the youngest of seven children. As a result babies and kids were always around her. That is why, Garcelle, recalls she always wanted to have kids. And when she dreamed about her future, she pictured having a boy first and then a girl, the perfect nuclear family. But of course, Garcelle has made peace with the fact that we can not always have it our way. In fact, she now thinks she got really got with the kids she got.

Meet Garcelle Beauvais Oldest Son, Oliver Saunders

Garcelle Beauvais recalls her oldest, Oliver Saunders being the best baby, so easy and happy. She says she feels like it was still yesterday when she took him everywhere with her on photo shoots, on location. Of course, according to her, baby Oliver also did so well on airplanes.

Adult Oliver is now an up-and-coming rapper with the stage name, Jayson Rose.

Thanks to his parents, Oliver received his first shot at stardom as a child actor. Eventually, other than TV shows he had his heart set on becoming a pro rapper. And by the time he was 13, he was already freestyling for Jamie Fox and Disney Hall.

  • Oliver Saunders Age

Born on 22 February 1991, Oliver Saunders reached the age of 31 in 2022.

  • Oliver Saunders Father

Garcelle Beauvais had her first son, Oliver when she was very young. She was modeling in New York when she met his dad, producer Daniel “Danny” Saunders. They immediately fell in love and got married after only two months. Two years later and Oliver was born.

Unfortunately, Oliver’s parents ended their marriage.

Anyway, Garcelle’s ex-husband and Oliver’s dad seemed to be based in the Bronx as of 2022. He was on IG @danny.saunders and also often also appeared on Oliver’s @iamoliversaunders as of the time of this writing. They seemed to have a beautiful relationship, the kind that Danny did not mind dropping at his son’s workplace unannounced.

  • Who Is Oliver Saunders’s Wife?

Oliver Saunder’s wife is Samantha Saunders (also known as Sam).

The two have been married wearing masks during the COVID pandemic in May 2020 outside of a chapel. Also, three months before exchanging the vows, the couple welcomed a baby and named him Oliver Junior.

  • Oliver Saunders Net Worth

Reportedly, from his job as a rapper, Oliver Saunders was said to have accumulated an estimated $300 thousand net worth as of 2022.

Meet Garcelle Beauvais Twins, Jax And Jaid Nilon

Since Garcelle Beauvais already had a baby, she thought it would be a cinch. But, she learned the hard way that trying to have babies when one is older is a whole different ball game. It took her blood, sweat, both the good and bad kind, lots of tears, and most importantly, fertility treatments before she was finally pregnant with the twins Jax and Jaid Nilon.

Later, in her blog on People Garcelle had journeyed her pregnancy and her excitement to bring twin boys into the world. The boys arrived via C-section.

Jax and Jaid are fraternal twins. But despite that, they do not have a lot of similar personality traits. From day one, they have been different according to their mother.

  • Jax And Jaid Nilon Age

Twins Jax and Jaid Nilon were born in 2007. So, they turned 15 years old in 2022.

  • When Is Jax And Jaid Nilon Birthday?

Jax and Jaid share the same birthday on October 18th and that makes them Libras.

  • Who Is Jax And Jaid Nilon Father?

Jax and Jaid Nilon’s father is Mike Nilon, a talent agent with Creative Artists Agency when he married Garcelle in May 2001.

In April 2010, Garcelle publicly indicted Nilon of infidelity after he admitted he had been having an affair for five years. Then, in May that year, she filed for divorce on 10 May 2010, seeking joint custody of their sons.

  • Jax And Jaid Nilon Height

As of 2022, Jax and Jaid Nilon were of the same height, and Jax even boasted his being 6’2″ in his IG bio.

Related FAQs

  • Are Garcelle Beauvais Kids On Instagram?

Yes. Garcelle Beauvais are on Instagram: Jaid (@not_jaid_), Jax (@jaxvolleyball), and Oliver (@iamoliversaunders).

Though following recent trolling, Oliver said that he would be making his account (18.8K followers as of 25 August 2022) private. He also shared that the purpose of his Instagram account is not for publicity or the public’s gaze, but to be seen by his peers as just another kid.

  • Where Do Garcelle Beauvais Kids Live?

As of the time of this writing, Garcelle’s twins were based around Porter Ranch, California and the eldest, Oliver was living in North Hollywood with his wife and son.

Anyway, despite the huge age gap and coming from different fathers, Garcelle’s sons, she says, are really close.

  • Have Garcelle Beauvais Kids Appeared On The Real Housewives Franchise?

Garcelle Beauvais’s twin boys have been been featured on the Bravo reality series since their mom joined the franchise in Season 10. With Season 12 premiering on 11 May 2022, Garcelle and her sons were still the main attraction on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as of 2022.

Months into the new season’s airing (in August), Garcelle and her boys made other headlines as Jax was targeted by online trolls leaving hateful messages on his Instagram account. Garcelle had then taken to Twitter to bash the despicable comments and plead with fans to leave her son alone. She wrote that despite being a strong woman at all times, she is vulnerable when it comes to her kids and this one incident was one of them. She wrote that she was in tears all night thinking about it.

Upon hearing about the brutal social media attack, other RHOBH also quickly took to social media to defame the haters urging people to treat them just like people on TV and get entertained and leave their kids alone.

To number it exactly, Oliver had only so far appeared in 5 episodes of RHOBH while his younger brothers had in around 14-15 episodes between 2020 and 2022.

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