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Meet Shannon Murphy, Graham Ferguson Wife! Age, Job

Barnwood Builders continues to be a hit television show as in 2022, the West Virginia-based Barnwood Builders returned for the 13th season. However, not all OG cast members have remained on the series. Luckily for fans, Graham Ferguson continues to play an active role on the show that has moved from the DIY channel to the Magnolia network this season. Anyways, in the rest of the writing, we mean to tell you all about Graham Ferguson’s wife, Shannon Murphy.

Graham has been on the crew since 2013 after he was introduced on the show as “the rookie”. He has since been doing landscaping and people have loved watching him do his craft.

Meet Shannon Murphy, Barnwood Builders Graham Ferguson Wife!

Barwood Builders’ Graham Ferguson was already very much in love (however not yet married) with Shannon Murphy by early 2009.

Graham has been very mindful not to reveal too much about their relationship. Yet, it is known that Shannon is supportive of his career and often travels for work and other purposes.

A couple of years back (in 2017) Shannon was still referred to as his girlfriend. Once around this time, she was helping Graham and his crew of builders from the Barnwood Builders to staff the store as a volunteer during the wildly busy event. She then talked to media outlets about the chemistry of these builders that has made the TV show such a hit. Shannon described that these builders are a lovely, hard-working bunch of people and that they really do like each other. No doubt Graham and the crews have been a big hit traveling across the country delicately demolishing 100-plus-year-old cabins and repurposing them elsewhere.

Back to Shannon and Graham, some sources also have it believing that Graham has a daughter with another unnamed woman.

Graham’s well-known daughter, Willow Ferguson is however not the one the gossip is about. Because her mother is Shannon and this fact is mentioned all over Willow’s social media and blogs.

Shannon Murphy (on left) with her husband and their daughter Willow, as seen on 6 June 2022 (PIC: Facebook)

Like Graham, Willow is a nature lover and a country girl, at heart. She loves spending time outside and in the garden, and loves getting her hands dirty.

Last year in June, fellow Barnwood builder Mark Bowe proudly introduced Willow as the newest blog contributor for Barnwood Living. (Willow’s dad always had a close relationship with Barnwood Builders’ Mark Bowe, who was the main reason behind his inclusion on the show.)

Willow however has not yet joined her dad, and the Barnwood Builder boys, on TV.

Also, early in 2022, Willow, while still a senior at Greenbrier East High School, was awarded a $10,000 per year Citizens Bank of West Virginia Emerging Leaders Scholarship to Davis & Elkins College for a total of $40,000 over four years. That was for her contribution as a member of the National Honor Society, student government, and HOSA; she also has volunteered with blood drives and rabies clinics.

Months after gaining the scholarship and Willow was already studying at Davis & Elkins College and at the same time was working as a columnist at The Register-Herald. Willow had plans to major in biology and environmental science.

Willow, a writer, student, quirky, cool dog-loving country girl, could be found on Instagram @salixwv12 and @wackywit.

Shannon Murphy Age

As of July 2022, Shannon, with the full name Shannon Marie Murphy, was in her 40s.

Shannon Murphy Job

Shannon Murphy’s LinkedIn could not be found and her job information also could not be uncovered from elsewhere.

Is Shannon Murphy On Instagram?

Yes. Shannon Murphy could be found on Instagram @willowtreeandme where there were 230 posts and 208 followers as of 29 July 2022. And while this page was set to private and out of reach to the public, she posted glimpses from her life publicly on Facebook.

Shannon Murphy Family

Shannon Murphy’s father is Mark Murphy. He is married to Julie Kruger Murphy, Shannon’s stepmother (on Instagram @mzmurf). And 64-year-old Shannon and Mark were likely based in Papillion, a city in Sarpy County in the state of Nebraska, as of the time of this writing.

Shannon also has two step-sisters: Demi Ludington (married to Vance Ludington of Chandler, Arizona); Dani, who is also married and has a kid.

Other family members that we know of are Sam Murphy, Scott Murphy, and Vicki Forte’ Murphy of Lake Worth, Florida.

With that being said, there still remains so much that we do not know about her people, like her mom and her own siblings (if she has any).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Shannon Murphy From?

Shannon was based in Wolfcreek, West Virginia with likely her husband and daughter, as of the time of this writing. Maybe she is also a native of this place. As for her husband, he was born in Summers County of West Virginia.

  • Has Shannon Murphy Appeared On Barnwood Builders?

She is also not listed in the cast members list of Barnwood Builders. She has, however, been spotted at the likes of Barnwood Builders‘ fan event, where people come in to get an autograph or a picture or buy a souvenir from their favorite stars, and other charity events.

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