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Gena Tew Bio, Story, Nick Cannon, Partners, Sister

Meet Gena Tew, the IG model who was diagnosed with aids. Since she broke the news that she contracted the disease, fans have been wondering about her link with the high profiled artists. One that we know of is Nick Cannon. But who are her other alleged partners? What happened to her sister?

Let’s dig deep into this story below. This article attempts to cover it all briefly.

Gena Tew Story

Gena Tew first hinted at being sick when she posted a snapshot of her GoFundMe on 23 July 2021. She captioned the post, “Not A joke my pills cost $3000 without help”. The bio stated that she was diagnosed with a medical condition that caused her to be very weak unable to walk & lose a lot of weight. It also stated that the medicine she took was making her sick and was unable to work.

In December 2021, Gena made an update video on TikTok. In the video, Gena explained that she was in the hospital for over a month. She didn’t reveal what had happened to her but stated that “there’s a lot wrong with me”.

Gena’s followers were concerned about what happened to her and why she was in the hospital. On 21 March 2022, she decided to respond to the comment of her followers. She shared that she was in the hospital for a lot of reasons like bowel problems and kidney problems and “every other day, it was another problem”.

On 24 March 2022, she finally decided to bring the truth to the light. She captioned the video “don’t judge me”. She revealed that she was diagnosed with aids. Less than two weeks after that, she made another TikTok video that explained how she got aids.

Gena stated that she didn’t know she had aids and one day she got sick, she fainted, had a fever, and felt weak. She went to visit her doctor and they assumed cervical cancer while others said that she was perfectly okay. Eventually, a doctor broke the news that she got aids.

In May, Gena shared that she was losing vision.

On 25 July 2022, Gena added that she doesn’t know who she got it from. She shared about being rap*d a few times and getting free tattoos. She also made it clear in the comment that she wasn’t promiscuous.

Gena Tew And Nick Cannon Relationship

Gena Tew and Nick Cannon likely first linked back in 2015, according to DailyMail‘s article. She shared the snapshots and clips from the time on her TikTok on 23 April 2022. She captioned the video, “That time I met nick cannon”. Fans on the comments were mostly concerned about her previous relationships, she is single now.

One of the names that frequently came up was, Nick Cannon. Some of the followers commented on the post, “Now he would be wrong if he sues 😵‍💫🥴 sooooo much wrong here”.

Another added, “hahaha friends don’t go to hotels to hang out”. Likewise, another chimed in, “Damn near google nick had “lupus” that almost killed him 10 years ago… could’ve been something else….. tea. Also Idk if y’all saw Chris brown recently”.


Gena Tew Partners: Who Else Has She Dated?

Nick Cannon was the first on the list of the “partners” of Gena Tew. Several other reports suggest that besides Nick, Gena Tew was also linked to Chris Brown, Dave East, and Chief Keef.

In May 2017, Gena shared a snapshot of Chris Brown posting her picture on his IG. She captioned the post, “Dying happy. Thank you CB”.

Chris Brown Posting Gena Tew On His IG (Pic: Twitter)

Not many in-depth details have surfaced about her relationship with each one of these musicians.

How Old Is Gena Tew?

At the time of this article, Gena Tew is 27 years old.

Gena Tew Sister

On 9 June 2022, Gena Tew posted about losing her sister Laporsha Romanique Martinez. She captioned her TikTok video, “Rip.. I lost my sister yesterday.. 29y/o from a rare lung disease on our way to the park.. my heart hurts but she will always be with me 😢💕😭”.

Gena’s sister died on 8th June 2022 after being diagnosed with Fibrosing Mediastinitis. She left behind a husband & 3 small children. A GoFundMe was started by Teresa Green.

In the video, she insisted her followers to go talk their families. She added that she missed her a lot and that her sister was her biggest TikTok fan. She also had her own TikTok (@@bearmountianview).

How Much Is Gena Tew Net Worth?

Gena Tew is a singer and an aspiring model by profession. The model has a SoundCloud profile on which she has shared her original music. She has made R&B and POP songs like Live For You, Need Me, Its That Easy, Hopelight, Curtains, and a few others. She has also sung or shared videos of herself in a studio in a few of her Tiktok videos.

As an aspiring model, Gena also has a profile on ModelMayhem. Her model bio stated that she was looking to do more editorial and high fashion looks with an edgy twist. She added that she is also licensed in hair and make-up and worked as a freelancer. About her distinct feature, she added that she has an owl tattoo on her throat.

Gena reportedly charged 50/an hour shoot while modeling in lingerie, she charged 100/hr. She also tried her luck in acting. She appeared on TLC’s Love, Lust or Run.

Gena Tew Before

For the before picture, see below!

Gena Tew Before Pic (Pic: FB)
Gena Tew Before Pic (Pic: Twitter)

Related FAQs

  • What Is Gena Tew Ethnicity?

In May 2020, Gena shared that she is a mixed child. Her father is Black while her mother is White (Hispanic).

Gena Tew Mixed Ethnicity (Pic: TikTok)

She also has a brother. Her mother is Teresa Green (Tew) who is currently married to her father Wilford Green since 14 July 2000.

  • What Is Gena Tew Nationality?

Gena is American by nationality. She hailed from Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Is Gena Tew On Instagram?

Yes, Gena Tew is on Instagram (@tewgena). Her TikTok is (@genatew2) and her Facebook (@gena.tew.71).

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