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Carl Lariviere Bio, Age, Job, Height, Snowflake Mountain

Carl Lariviere had no goals in life. Leading a lavish lifestyle, partying hard, and even dropping out of school, this brilliant athlete had lost his way after stardom. However, on Snowflake Mountain, the star was determined to take home that $50K cash prize. And working hard for it, he didn’t even hesitate to push himself to that extent where he would dislocate his arm and knee.

Get to know all about his age, job, and more as this article proceeds.

Carl Lariviere On Snowflake Mountain

Carl Lariviere was one of the 10 participants who joined a wellness retreat for the new Netflix reality show Snowflake Mountain. As the title suggests, the survival series clubbed a group of affluent yet spoilt young adults (a.k.a Snowflakes)  and put them in the middle of nowhere — with no running water, WiFi, or home luxuries at hand.

So, no facilities for “snowflakes” means a lot of drama. However, given Carl’s athleticism and his will to survive in the show, he didn’t seem worried. Rather, he promised to push himself further than most of his cast mates, and even lend a helping hand wherever needed.

But sadly, as the show progressed, his anger got the best of him. Carl often got into fights with the casts, lost control over himself, and he even ended up discouraging his co-contestants when they failed a challenge.

Still determined to redeem himself, Carl pushed himself all the way to the final challenge. But yet again, he lost his temper in the final mountain climbing challenge and dislocated his arm and knee. However, this time, he managed to find joy in the success of his co-contestants.

“I’m happy for her and I just can’t wait to see what life brings her,” Carl congratulated the winner Deandra.

Also, before the show premiered Carl took it to his IG to share, “Thank you Netflix for letting me be a part of an amazing cast! Hope you guys like every episode that comes out.”

Joining Carl at the wellness retreat this season were his co-stars — Solomon (unemployed), Randy (a “boujee brawler”), Deandra (a make-up artist based), Olivia (a Harry Styles fan), Devon (a born rebel), Rae Hume (a happy-go girl), Darriea (a free-spirited soul), Liam Brown (The Style marketing executive), and Sunny (a  “hot dog restaurant”).

Is Carl Lariviere Dating Anyone?

Carl Lariviere didn’t reveal who he was dating as of 2022. But going through his IG profile, we found that this charming man was close to Shene, the owner of TREASURES BY SHENÉ boutique.

Over a post gently kissing the lady, Carl captioned, “Appreciating my Queen! We both models 👑 🤞🏾#deletinlater.”

Carl Lariviere Age

Carl Lariviere was reportedly born in 2000. That made him 22 years of age when he appeared on Snowflake Mountain in 2022.

One of the youngest contestants that season.

Carl Lariviere Height

Carl Lariviere stands tall at a height of 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm) and weighs 84 kg (185 lbs).

Also, he has 33 inches weight and 12 shoe size.

Mentioning his district features, he has dark hair, brown eyes long face, and a ripped body.

Is Carl Lariviere On Instagram?

Yes, as of June 2022, find him on Instagram @carllariviere1 with 2.4K followers.

Also, here’s his TikTok @1lariviere and Facebook @Carl Lariviere.

Carl Lariviere Job

Carl Lariviere is a model and actor who has also undertaken minor acting roles. So far, he’s been represented by Los Angeles-based Verge Agency and Wilhelmina.

But modeling alone wasn’t enough to pay the bills. So, he was working in customer service at Willdd Cycles for almost 4 years, at the time of writing this article.

Prior to stepping into the modeling business, Carl was a brilliant athlete. He was on the boy’s varsity basketball of Walhalla High School and played forward wearing Jersey #1. According to the records, he’s played against  Berea, West-Oak, Seneca, Pendleton,  Crescent, West-Oak, Franklin County, and Blue Ridge. And he had a win rate of almost 50%.

Thanks to his skills, Carl was then recruited by Georgia Southwestern State University on a basketball scholarship in 2018. Unfortunately, his luxurious lifestyle soon got in the way, and the athlete wasted time attending lavish parties. Eventually, he was then unable to keep up with his grades, which led to him dropping out of school that very year.

Carl Lariviere Parents

Carl Lariviere was born to parents with Haitian roots. Or at least, one of them is Haitian.

Unfortunately, we have no more information about them.

The last Carl talked about them was when he described how his basketball scholarship ended after partying a lot and flunking his grades. At the time, his parents, siblings, and even his basketball coach all tried to get him back on track, but the star never listened.

Luckily, Carl’s still doing good.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Carl Lariviere Birthday?

His birthday wasn’t revealed.

  • Where Is Carl Lariviere From?

Carl hails from Walhalla, South Carolina.

But as of 2022, he resided in Los Angeles, California.

  • How Much Is Carl Lariviere Net Worth?

By 2022, Carl garnered a net worth of under $200 thousand.

For those of you interested, an average model in LA made around $113 thousand per annum. So, perhaps, this was what Carl earned annually as well.

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