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Snowflake Mountain Solomon Bio, Age, Parents, Height

One of the cast members of the new Netflix survival series Snowflake Mountain is Solomon.

The Netflix show is about ten young adults who deviated from their way of life. Joel Graves and Matt Tate, two survival specialists who will put them to the test, were approached by worried family members. The magnificent nature that their parents thought they needed to enjoy more frequently is the only thing they still had after losing their phones and WiFi.

Most of them signed up for the show believing that they would wound up on shows like Jersey Shore or Love Island. But, all the enthusiasm swept away when they reached the set, of mother nature.

A $50,000 cash reward is up for grabs, so efforts are not in vain. The candidates will learn how to compete, network, outsmart rivals, and do whatever else is required to come out on top in the end.

The contestants are Sunny, Deandra, Liam Brown, Randy Wentworth, Rae Hume, Darriea Clark, Olivia Lagaly, Devon Smith, and Solomon.

You’ll discover information related to Solomon’s life after this. This article provides information on his age, occupation, family, and romantic status.

Meet Solomon, One Of The Contestants On Snowflake Mountain

Solomon is “unemployed”, but his wealthy parents support him financially. According to New York Post, he spends $500 a week on grooming. So, he likes to call his situation, “unemployed”. The project that these young adults unknowingly signed up for was going to put bring some changes in their lifestyle and their attitude.

Viewers saw the same thing with Solomon who was a bit cocky at the beginning. But, as the show progressed he started making friends with everyone in the show. Like most, he felt like quitting and going home but he decided to stick around and see it through to the end.

In fact, he once proposed the notion of stealing and concealing food from a stash, but when found, he strongly defended himself. Solomon also chose to hang around by himself and did not make many friends, despite the fact that the other competitors seemed to warm up to nature and the survival experts.

He wasn’t impressing survival experts and was given the Last Chance Lake Challenge which was easy to pass but his selfishness persisted. Like they say, old habits die hard. In the end, Solomon left the group and went home because he couldn’t take it anymore.

Because he is a devout Christian and a pastor, his ideologies contradicted his actions on the show. One show viewer commented, “How do you claim to be a Jesus follower with your view on the world and your attitude to others. You’re the perfect example of why people are no longer seeking religion. You can talk the talk but don’t walk the walk”.

She added further, “his life would have also changed if he let mother nature guide him and followed through with the experience. This was a resource for Solomon but he did what he did.”

Before the show premiered, he posted, “Make sure you watch on June 22 @netflix“.

Snowflake Mountain Solomon Age

At the time of filming the show, Snowflake Mountain Solomon was 26 years old.

Snowflake Mountain Solomon Parents

In the show, and before the show premiered, Snowflake Mountain Solomon boasted that his mother paid for his affluent lifestyle. He also shared that no one can walk in his shoes because his shoes are too expensive. Other than that, he keeps his family members away from the limelight.

Moreover, the mother who does everything for him, he hasn’t even posted a single photo of her on his socials.

Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon On Instagram?

Yes, Solomon is on Instagram (@jesusxsolomon) and Twitter (@jesusxsolomon).

Snowflake Mountain Solomon Height

With an average build, Solomon stands tall at a height of 5-feet-9 inches.

Snowflake Mountain Solomon Job

Solomon was working toward becoming a pastor. He likes to call himself “Hollywood Pastor” instead he says that his sister would like to call him that. It has been quite a long time since he was waiting for the opportunity to establish a career in the entertainment industry.

Solomon has appeared on Buzzfeed’s video. He also appeared on Investigation Discovery‘s true crime show.

Furthermore, he also delved into modeling posing for brands like New America.

However, his entire focus is primarily on becoming a pastor. Most of his content on Instagram is related to Christianism. According to his IG bio, he provides the service of faith-based mentoring/coaching.

Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon Dating?

Based on his social media posts, no, Solomon is single. But, he has been on an on-screen date in Buzzfeed LA’s video. At the time, he was a seminary student.

In the show, he showed interest in Devon Smith but when the news of his planning to steal ousted, she felt repelled away from him.

Solomon also preaches about “bible dating advice“.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon Last Name?

Solomon is yet to reveal his last name.

  • When Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon Birthday?

As for his birthday, Solomon is yet to spare details.

  • Where Is Snowflake Mountain Solomon From?

Solomon hailed from Los Angeles, California.

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