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Meet Sonia Cipriano, HGTV Joe Mazza Wife

A new series Home Inspector Joe starring the home renovation pro-turned-home inspector Joe Mazza hit HGTV on 19 January 2022. And as the viewers binged him helping his home-buying clients find the house of their dreams, they wondered who the lucky woman married to this guy is. Turns out, her name is Sonia Cipriano and she has been married to this New York-based home pro, with ample construction background and the sixth sense for safety, for more than a decade.

To know more about Joe Mazza’s wife be with us through the end.

Meet Sonia Cipriano, HGTV Joe Mazza Wife

Joining Joe Mazza and his wife Sonia Cipriano on their happy marriage is their daughter Gia Lucia. They sure make a small yet joyous family.

Recently, when talking about his new release Joe mentioned his wife and daughter. “What comes through in the show is that I love my wife, my daughter, I am into fitness, I am into motorcycles and I repair houses and bring all that into the show. That’s going to draw people and it won’t be boring”, yet, he was careful to not spill all. Because, from what it seems Joe, as well as his wife, need to have their space untouched by any unwanted outsiders.

When Did Joe Mazza And His Wife Sonia Cipriano Get Married?

Reportedly, Sonia Cipriano and Joe Mazza have been married for more than 13 years as of 2022.

As of now, we can not give you the detail of their love story or their relationship dynamic; but can certainly tell you that Joe’s wife and young daughter are especially excited to see him make his television debut.

“She jumped in my lap and was just hugging me and holding me and saying ‘Daddy’s on TV,'” Joe himself shared how his daughter could not contain her excitement after watching a scene from the show.

Joe is very fond of his “cookie monster”. He is the kind of father who when his daughter asks him “Daddy can I put my makeup on you?” he not just says “YES!” but also pretends to become as involved.

Sonia Cipriano Age

Sonia Cipriano also goes around by her married name Sonia Mazza and she was 39 years old as of the time of this writing (January 2022). So, she is younger than her Joe who turned 46 in May last year.

Further, a report mentioned the people with the names Mattie Cipriano, Allison J Mazza, Joseph A Mazza, Brian Mazza, and Joseph Cipriano as her relatives.

Now, why would he miss to mention Sonia’s father-in-law and Joe’s retired veteran father, John M Mazza?

Sonia Cipriano Job

As per LinkedIn, Sonia Cipriano is a teacher at New York City School District in White Plains, New York. Also, speaking of her education, she went to Iona College from 1999 to 2003.

A hint on her salary would be: as per a Glassdoor estimation, the average salary for a teacher is $63,127 per year in New York City.

Is Sonia Cipriano On IG, Facebook?

One could certainly give Sonia Cipriano a follow on Instagram but sadly not on Facebook. However, as of 21 January 2022, even her only found account on social media @smazza424 was set on private mode. She had some 150 followers on it.

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Sonia Cipriano?

Sonia Cipriano stands below 5′ 2″ tall in height.

  • Where Is Sonia Cipriano From?

All we know is, Sonia Cipriano is currently in Westchester County, in White Plains with her family.

Meanwhile, her husband seemed to divide his time also between New York and Connecticut for work purposes.

Jow, an AHIT Certified home inspector, worked in construction for 20 years before he became burnt out and decided on a career change in 2015.

  • Does Sonia Cipriano Appear On Home Inspector Joe?

Yes, word has it, Sonia Cipriano as well as her daughter will make appearances on Home Inspector Joe as well.

Sonia features Joe’s Instagram @joemazzahomeinspections and Facebook @JoeMazzaHomeInspections, but not as much as their Gia who is appearing on her dad’s social media almost regularly.

Also so you know, these are the same social media of Joe’s are the ones that got the attention of HGTV. It was a regular day on 26 July 2019 when one of its team had reached out to him in email. “Joe we have something we’re planning, and we love your content on Instagram.” they had said and Joe, of course, had thought it was a hoax at first.

Soon, he was flown out by production to do some test filming.

Lastly, a fact you must not miss about him.

Joe Mazza was “very close” to the Twin Towers when they were hit in a terrorist attack on 11 September 2001. He says it is the most surreal thing he has ever seen in his entire life and hopes that no one would ever have to see that kind of chaos again.

He has since memorialized the attack in a tattoo sleeve featuring the Statue of Liberty, Twin Towers, and newspaper headlines about the attacks.

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