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Meet Steven Ray Tickle Daughter, Daisy Tickle! Her Bio, Age

Steven Ray Tickle, or just Tickle, for short, is a fan favorite among the Moonshiners fans. The reality star is loved for his appearances on the Discovery reality television show as well as its offshoots such as Moonshiners: Smoke Ring, Tickle, and Moonshiners: Master Distiller. Now that this much is established, we are about to tell you instead about his daughter, Daisy Tickle.

Meet Moonshiner Star Steven Ray Tickle Daughter, Daisy Tickle

The recent (2022) season of Moonshiners teased the return of Steven Ray Tickle after a year in jail. The previous season watched as Tim paid Steven a visit when he was transferred closer to a jail closer to his home in Culpepper County. But the show had not revealed the exact reason Steven was behind bars this time around. (Yes. This was not Steven’s first time facing trouble with the law.)

As it turned out, Steven was driving on a suspended license and had a car accident and the judge had decided to throw him in jail for the remainder of his 18 months of probation. And from behind the bar is when Steven mentioned his daughter and got the viewers curious too.

“Do I have regrets? Well, of course, I have regrets. Everyone has regrets. But I’ll tell you what, you can get a lot of stuff back in your life, but one thing you can not get back in time”, he said this and revealed his torment. He said she missed a lot of stuff while in jail. Especially his daughter, Daisy Tickle, who he said was going to college. He regretted that he was not there to take her and set her up in her dorm room and stuff.

Daisy Tickle Mom

Daisy Tickle’s Moonshiner dad married bail bondswoman Carol Ann in 2019. This Carol, who Steven claimed had “pursued” him for 6 years until he relented and went out with her, is not Daisy’s biological mom. (The stepmom and Steven had married in a moonshine-themed wedding.)

But years from then, when talking to, they only gushed about each other. Of course, they also confirmed that they are still married. “She completes me. For years, I struggled, I could never find my way. I was in and out of jail. I just couldn’t seem to act right. She gives me a reason to act right. Really a reason to stand up and be the man that I am today”, these were Steven’s words. The realtor-wifey too had chimed in that how since getting married to him she had gone to a lot of places with him.

With that being said there were still no details concerning Daisy’s biological mom. It was also not understood just what kind of relationship Daisy had with her stepmom, from whom Daisy got a bunch of younger step-siblings.

Daisy Tickle Age

Daisy Tickle was reportedly born in 1999. So, she likely turned 22 years old in 2021.

Is Daisy Tickle Dating Anyone?

Yes. Daisy Tickle certainly admitted being in a relationship on social media platforms, as of the time of this writing.

Daisy cited on Facebook that she has been dating this guy named Nic Fitzpatrick since 19 January 2020. But she was yet to post online the pictures of them together.

Daisy Tickle Job

Also as per her BIO on Facebook, Daisy Tickle had been working as a sales associate at Goodwill since June 2019. Goodwill, if you should know, is a thrift and consignment store that claims to provide customers low priced options of clothing, furniture, books, and more·

As for her educational background, Daisy is a Southern New Hampshire University alumni. Before that, she graduated from Chatham High School in 2017 and went to Galileo Magnet High School from 2013 through 2015.

And while we were not so sure about her net worth, it was apparently reported that her dad had $300 thousand as his, some time ago.

As per, Daisy should have likely been paid an average salary of $12.81 per hour with a $6,000 commission per year, working as a sales associate in Virginia.

Daisy Tickle Height

Daisy Tickle stands below 5’3” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Daisy Tickle Live?

Daisy was based in Dry Fork, Virginia as of the time of this writing; she was born and bred in her hometown of Danville, which is also a place in Virginia.

Her dad, on the other hand, called rural Pittsylvania County, Virginia his home. On the Moonshiners, she was said to be working in the town of Gretna.

  • Is Daisy Tickle On Instagram?

Daisy Tockle did not seem to be on Instagram as of 8 April 2022. But, she did show some activity over her accounts on Twitter @daisy_tickle and ‘Daisy Tickle’ Facebook.

  • Has Daisy Tickle Appeared On Moonshiners?

Daisy Tickle certainly has appeared on Moonshiners.

IMDB has credited her for a couple of episodes, Arrested Development, Moonshiners xXxmas, and Pony Express, as Tickle’s daughter, between 2017 and 2018.

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