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Meet Survivor 43’s Dwight Moore! Age, Girlfriend, Height

Dwight Moore is one of the 18 castaways in season 43 of Survivor. Survivor 43 premiered on 21 September 2020 and viewers saw a new group of cast members being dropped off in the Mamanuca Islands off the coast of Fiji. He has to outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest of the contestants for the next 26 days and if he does the reward is $1 million.

While his journey unfolds, learns a few details about Dwight. Below, you’ll uncover details related to his age, girlfriend, height, and more.

Dwight Moore On Survivor 43

CBS premiered season 43 of the Emmy-winning show Survivor in September 2022 and introduced new faces as contestants on the show. One of the new faces that we see is Dwight Moore, in the Vesi tribe. Before joining the show, Dwight described himself as “Ambitious, confident, and strong-willed” three qualities that could get him far in this season although he confessed that he is out of his element, he hopes his academic skills and adaptability are able to apply to his strategy to send him to the front of the class once more.

About his motive as to why he joined Survivor, Dwight shared with Parade that he has been watching the show with his family as a little kid. Participating in the show is his dream and being on the show is more than just him representing himself and all the advice his parents gave to him throughout his life.

He said, “And I want to come out here and see what I’m made of. I know that I can come out here and win this game. I feel like all my life experiences make me very unique as a 22-year-old, and I feel like I’ll carry me a long way in this game.”

Dwight said that his whole career as a journalist has prepared him for the competition. It gave him the confidence he needed “to go up and talk to anybody, get their story, get them to share information with you, and just go out there and put myself out there.” He also added that one survivor winner he identifies with is Wendell.

Dwight believes that people will perceive him as “someone who’s intelligent, hopefully not as smart as I think I am.” He believes that high intelligence might come in handy though it is built on social and strategic success. He hopes to build an alliance with a rational player who is strategic and also has social bonds that are different than his own.

Dwight Moore Girlfriend

Based on the social media posts. Dwight Moore’s relationship status is likely single. But he is yet to confirm that. On the otherhand, Dwight rarely posts on his socials so he might as well be keeping his romantic life away from the public eye.

How Old Is Dwight Moore?

In 2022, Dwight Moore is 22 years old.

Dwight Moore Family

Dwight Moore shared on his CBS bio that his parents are his heroes. His dad grew up in a small town in Mississippi and is now a doctor with his own practice in Memphis. As for his mom, she works as a registered nurse [turned] stay-at-home mom. He told, “They’ve been able to do so much with their lives despite obstacles, thus being able to provide me with so much in my life.”

Dwight’s father Dwight Moore Sr hailed from Covington, Tennessee. He works as an obstetrician-gynecologist.

Dwight Sr attended Central High School and graduated in 1968. He studied zoology at Howard University in 1972. Moreover, he is a managing partner at the Ob/Gyn centers of Memphis.

Dwight Moore Job

Dwight Moore shared on his LinkedIn that he worked as a software engineering intern at Google. For four months from June 2019 to September 2019, he worked as an intern as a part of the Engineering Practicum program. He partnered with another intern from the same program for a project and worked alongside a team of full-time engineers daily.

From June 2020 to September 2020, he spent four months again at Google in Memphis, Tennessee. Furthermore, same time in 2021, they spent four months at Sunnyvale, California.

As a journalist, Dwight had a prominent career that even rivaled professionals before he entered college. He got into journalism as a kid and wanted to become President. He decided that the best way to learn was by interviewing other political figures. Dwight also interviewed three political figures; Cory Booker, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice.

Moreover, he had also covered the red carpet at the National Civil Rights Museum’s Freedom Awards for many years, interviewing honorees.

Talking about his academic qualifications, Dwight attended Christian Brothers High School and then attended Stanford University.

Is Dwight Moore On Instagram?

Yes, Dwight Moore is on Instagram (@dwight.moore.jr) and Twitter (@dwightmoore_jr).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Dwight Moore From?

Dwight Moore’s hometown is in Collierville, Tennessee. He is currently residing in Stanford, California.

  • How Tall Is Dwight Moore?

Dwight Moore’s height measures above 6 feet 1 inch.

  • When Is Dwight Moore Birthday?

Per Survivor Fandom, Dwight Moore celebrates his birthday on 30 August.

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