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Meet TikToker Roger Skaer! His Age, Wife, Job, Instagram

Short-form video platform TikTok continues to be the biggest source of viral content on the Internet, with videos garnering millions of views in a matter of hours. Something like this happened when TikToker Roger Skaer uploaded his ‘F*ck around and find out’ chart video.

Below is an article on Roger Skaer. Continue reading to find out about his age, job, wife, and most importantly about his viral Find Out chart video.

Roger Skaer Went Viral With His Find Out Chart Video

TikTok Roger Skaer, who had 32 thousand followers at the time of his writing, uploaded a TikTok video on September 26, 2022, in which he demonstrated his F**k around and find out’ chart. The video has already garnered over 10 million views and close to 1 million likes.

“As you can see, the more you f**k around, the more you’re gonna find out. And also, if you stay down here and you never f**k around, you’ll never find out. So, I hope this lesson is helpful, thank you,” he explained in the video. He also used a whiteboard and pen to demonstrate how much one needs to “f**k around” to “find out” a certain amount.

TikTok users absolutely loved Roger’s video as it quickly went viral. “This is the important stuff that I didn’t learn in the college classroom,” the top comment in the TikTok clip read. Another user commented, “It’s a very 1:1 scale,” under the video with a laughing-out-loud emoji.

The same day it was uploaded on TikTok, the video was also reposted to Twitter by the user named @anna melissa with the caption “this is my favorite clip on the internet.” As of October 1st, 2022, the Twitter post had 12.7 million views and over 500 thousand likes.

Roger Skaer Age

The same clip that Roger posted on TikTok, he also posted to his Instagram account with many hashtags. One of the hashtags was #51yearoldbaldman. From there, we can know that Roger Skaer’s age was 51 as of September 2022.

Is Roger Skaer On Instagram? 

Roger Skaer’s Instagram username is @rogerskaer. He has more than 3 thousand followers on his Instagram account and his IG bio is “I am a 51-year-old bald man.” You can also find Roger on Facebook.

Roger Skaer Job

Roger Skaer is a carpenter instructor by profession. He is a member of Northwest Carpenter’s Institute of Washington.

As per his bio on the website, Roger has been a carpenter for over 27 years already. He spent over 14 years in private residential construction before joining UBC as a member. Upon the completion of the apprenticeship, he began working in the field as a carpenter, a foreman, and a general foreman on jobs like scaffolding, concrete formwork, interior finish jobs, etc.

Roger became a full-time carpenter instructor at NWCI in September 2016. There, he teaches a wide range of subjects in the General Carpentry Apprenticeship as well as hosts continuing education classes such as First Aid/CPR, Powered Industrial Truck Operator, and Construction Fall Protection.

In August 2019, Roger also appeared for the episode of the NWCI podcast. In the podcast, the host dived into Roger’s vast carpentry experience, picked his brain about the future of the trades, and unwrapped his philosophy towards technology in his classroom. However, the podcast was unavailable to stream at the time of this writing.

Roger Skaer Wife

Roger Skaer’s wife is Tiffany Skaer. As per Roger’s Facebook, he has been married to Tiffany since August 28, 2004.

Roger and his wife Tiffany share an excellent rapport, which is evident in their social media activities. On October 16, 2016, Tiffany wrote, “My husband is the greatest Husband in the history of all husbands since the beginning of husbandry,” on Facebook. In another post, she shared pictures of 4 beds and captioned it: ‘I said I wanted raised beds…I got raised beds my husband is awesome.’

Roger wished his wife on her 48th birthday making a sweet Facebook post. In the post, he called her his “best friend, a partner in crime.” Roger also thanked Tiffany for providing him with “stability, food, direction, guidance.”

Roger and Tiffany share a beautiful son named Nik Skaer. As per, Nik was born in 1997 and his age was 25 at the time of this writing. On Nik’s 25th birthday, Roger shared a picture of his son carrying a knife and captioned “Pictured below is a man named Nik. He is awesome. He’s been awesome for 25 years.”

Talking more about Nik, he was a BMX rider. On August 25, 2014, Tiffany shared that her son won the #6 state plate in racing.

Roger also has a grandson. However, we don’t have any details about him. In one of Roger’s TikTok videos, he was teaching his grandson how to get a way around measuring tape.

Roger’s TikTok also tells us that the Skaer family has two family dogs. As of September 2022, we did not know the name of those dogs.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Roger Skaer From?

Roger Skaer’s Facebook tells us that he is originally from Richland, Washington. However, for a long time now, he has been living in West Richland, Washington.

  • What Do We Know About Roger Skaer Family?

Unfortunately, we had no information about Roger Skaer’s family as of September 2022. Roger rarely posts about his family on his TikTok or Instagram.

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