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Megan O’Cain Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Next In Fashion

All eyes it seems are on 3 March 2023-releasing Season 2 of Next in Fashion also because none other than Tan France and Gigi Hadid have taken up its hosting roles. 12 new designers with impressive portfolios also have been put together for the competition as they did during the previous season winner Minju Kim‘s time. Megan O’Cain is one of the designers this season. So, in this writing called ‘Megan O’Cain Bio’ let us tell you everything about her.

Megan O’Cain On Netflix’s Next In Fashion

When Megan O’Cain was finally allowed to tell her Next In Fashion truth to the world, she was so beyond grateful. Excited to share that she is going to be on season 2 of the Netflix series, she gushed about how she always dreamed of being able to share her work since she was 5 and now it is coming true. Filled with love and gratitude, she teased a trailer of it on a social media post and next to it, she wrote how she can not wait for everyone to see all their work.

Also, like her fellow competitor designer Courtney Smith, Megan took herself to NYC Times Square to catch herself appearing on a billboard, ahead of the show’s release.

Megan will be joined by other talented designers and hosts Tan France and Gigi Hadid. And again, all of them will be joined by a lineup of star-studded judges.

In each episode, contestants will be eliminated, naturally leaving just one winning the huge cash prize. If Megan gets lucky and becomes the winner, she will get to debut her collection on Of course, she will then also have to take home the hefty 250 thousand dollars prize.

On the show, we will how Megan’s love for bright colors and busy patterns influences her pieces strongly and how her work mostly includes hand knitting, sewing, and embroidery as well as illustration.

Megan O’Cain Net Worth

Megan O’Cain reportedly had less than $350K net worth as of March 2023.

When it comes to her design, Megan is known to prioritize playfulness above everything. She is a recent graduate of Parsons from the BFA Fashion Design program and is passionate about print design, pattern making, construction, and illustration. She already acquires ample industry experience in small brands as a design assistant intern and stylist.

As a kid, she always gravitated toward vintage clothes and dressing up. She would deconstruct clothes and experiment with her grandmother’s 60s patterns. Designing, she says, always felt like a way to escape her struggles with anxiety and allowed her to create a space for play and possibility.

Between 2015 and 2019, Megan was at Parsons School of Design – The New School working for her BFA in Fashion/Apparel Design. In her final year there, she was one of 25 finalists in the Eyes on Talent Award issued in May of 2019 based upon my recent collection “The Land of Pip and Honey” and its subsequent portfolio and lookbook.

In the coming years, she says, we can expect her to continue exploring textiles and handwork techniques.

The Fashion designer and Illustrator’s products are a hybrid of handmade and made-to-order. Each of their prints and characters has a story and a world all its own just like the wearer, she claims. And they are put on display in her online shop:

Does Megan O’Cain Have A Boyfriend?

Megan O’Cain’s dating status was unclear at the time of this writing. If she had been dating anyone she did not reveal, not even on her flashy appearing social media.

Megan O’Cain Age

Born in 1997, Megan O’Cain turned 25 years old in 2022.

Megan O’Cain Family

Megan’s mom is Sara Schmedinghoff O’Cain. More recently, people saw her on her IG @ocainsara, teasing about Megan being on Netflix. “It’s official! Megan’s going on tv!! So proud and excited!”/”I’m case I haven’t mentioned this, this sweet girl is on “Next in Fashion!”, she has been tirelessly promoting it for her so young yet very talented daughter.

According to her Facebook, the matriarch originally hails from West Kingston, Rhode Island, and was living in Providence, Rhode Island as of 2023. A year before in April, she turned 58 years old. Her husband Peter Michael O’Cain, on the other hand, turned 64 in March of that year.

In her family, Megan also has a sister. Her name is Lauren OCain and she left Barrington High School in 2020. Also, one could look her up on IG @laurenocain.

Is Megan O’Cain On Instagram?

Yes. Megan O’Cain could be found on Instagram @_meganocain with 224 posts and 5,365 followers as of 4 March 2023.

Besides, on TikTok @meganocain, she entertained 15.5K followers and 146.2K likes. And one could also look her up on ‘Megan O’Cain’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Megan O’Cain Birthday?

Megan O’Cain’s birthday is on July 23rd and that makes her a Leo.

  • Where Is Megan O’Cain From?

Megan O’Cain originally hails from Providence, Rhode Island. As of March 2023 though, she had been calling Brooklyn, New York home. She likely moved to New York in 2018.

  • How Tall Is Megan O’Cain?

Beautiful Megan O’Cain stands below 5’4” in height.

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