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Darius Homayoun Bio, Age, Wife, Height, Family, Net Worth

Sex/Life just keeps getting better and better. Billie (Sarah Shahi) now has a new love interest. Yes, there’s a third man in her life now, and his name is Majid, portrayed by the actor Darius Homayoun.

But who is this new face? Get his real-life details as this Darius Homayoun Bio proceeds.

Darius Homayoun Plays Majid On Sex/Life

Netflix Sex/Life premiered on March 2, 2023, and in the very first ep, Billie was shown she’s living in her new apartment after separating from Cooper. Her bestie Sasha (Margaret Odette) then arrives at her aid to get her out of her funk, and back into the dating scene. Soon, the two get glammed up and visit a bar where Sasha assures Billie she has nothing to feel guilty about and can talk to other guys.

“In that case, let me just go get my f*ck on right now,” Billie sarcastically snaps. So, as she whips around at the bar thereafter, she stumbles upon a dreamy man and it was Majid (Darius Homayoun’s character). Funnily, upon their encounter, Billie accidentally drops her phone, then lifts her head and smashes into his nose. But the cool Majid rather asks if he could have her “insurance information” just in case his nose turns out to be broken. Obviously, the conversations turn flirty with soon Majid asking if Billie’s single.

Given Billie was on the verge of getting a divorce, she says that there’s no man in her life, but then proceeds to give in the SparkNotes version of her chaotic life. “You don’t want to go out with me. I’m a messy mess who just blew up her life. I mean kind of unintentionally. But if I’m really being honest, completely intentionally,” she explains. Also, she adds that she has two young kids, is in the middle of a bitter divorce, and is pining away for the love of her life who’s having a baby with a model.

Surprisingly, Majid stays and tells her, “You’re something else. I like it. Usually, you have to put in three dates before you get to the truth of what’s really going on with someone. At this point in my life, it feels so much better to just skip the dance and cut to the chase.” He then invites her to dinner, and the next night when they meet up, he reveals that he’s the owner of the restaurant.

Later on, Majid reveals more of his professional life telling how he used to be in finance and unhappy, so he took a chance on himself and changed careers.

Unfortunately, after their first date, when the two were just about to land their first kiss, Brad and his new girlfriend appear at the restaurant to spoil the moment. Turns out Brad and Majid were friends and Brad is also an investor in the restaurant!

How Much Is Darius Homayoun Net Worth?

Darius Homayoun garnered a net worth of under $600 thousand by 2023.

An international actor, Darius started his career in 2013 as “Toby” in the movie After the Dark. The same year he landed a role as “Norman” in Open Spaces whilst also filming Affluenza as “Navid Abaday.”

In 2015, he then appeared as “Abu Omar” for six episodes of the TV series Tyrant.

Then, he took a two-year break, before again gracing the TV as a “Jassim” in the series The Long Road Home. Thereafter, he played “Amir” in Succession (2018), “Colt Skeen” in The Dead of Night (2021), and “Peyman Mohammadi” in Tehran (2022) before finally landing a role in Sex/Life season 2.

As for his training, Darius pursued his passion through the fantastic drama department at his high school, Dubai College. He then attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where he trained for four years at The Experimental Theatre Wing. Whilst there, he had the chance to work with such prominent directors and playwrights as Moises Kaufmann and Nicky Silver.

When Darius’s not working, he likes to climb, surf, learn Chinese martial arts, and run barefoot.

Darius Homayoun Age

Darius Homayoun was 30 years of age when he appeared on Sex/Life in 2023.

But he was a year younger when he started filming the show.

Darius Homayoun Family

Darius Homayoun didn’t talk about his family. But we do know that his sister is a director and he’s worked with her.

As for those of you wondering about his on-screen parent in the spy series Tehran, they are Vassilis Koukalani and Behi Djanati Atai (who plays Qasem Mohammadi and Fatemeh Mohammadi).

Is Darius Homayoun On Instagram?

In March 2023, Darius entertained 4.8K followers on his Instagram @darius.homayoun.

Also, here’s his Facebook @darius.homayoun and Twitter @dariushomayoun.

Darius Homayoun Wife

Darius Homayoun didn’t reveal his relationship status. So, we’ve no idea if the actor’s got a wife or a girlfriend.

For all we know, this charmer might even be single and just enjoying his on-screen romance on Sex/Life. His on-screen love interest is Sarah Shahi (portrayed by Billie Connelly).

Darius Homayoun Height

Darius Homayoun stands tall at a height of above 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Darius Homayoun Birthday?

Darius receives his birthday wishes on January 28 and is of the Aquarius zodiac.

  • Where Does Darius Homayoun Reside?

The actor lives in the US as of 2023.

  • What Is Darius Homayoun Ethnicity?

Darius Homayoun was born in Dubai and is of Iranian heritage.

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