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Melina De Macedo Bio, Today, Age, Summer Job

Meet Netflix’s Summer Job star, Melina De Macedo. Her recent role has turned the heads who wish to learn more about her. Below in this article, you’ll learn about her age, job, birthday, and what is she today.

Keep scrolling down and get to know Melina more.

Melina De Macedo On Netflix’s Summer Job

Melina De Macedo like all of her fellow cast members came from an affluent family. She and the team of young boys and girls believed that they were going to vacation on a luxurious vacation in Mexico. The hitch is that each competitor must work summer jobs to qualify for the tournament, so therein lays the catch.

The cast receives a salary from their separate bosses at the end of each week, and if it’s empty, they can be eliminated. The winner is ultimately the one left standing, who is also awarded a significant sum of prize money.

The first season of “Summer Job” had some fairly entertaining moments and exposed us to a diverse Italian ensemble. Even some who had never worked a day in their lives were able to adapt, going so far as to get recognition for their dedication.

Sadly, she didn’t win the title but it wouldn’t be justice to the winner Sofia Carollo who worked hard to earn that place. Along with Sofia, others joining her are Pietro Fanelli, Matthias De Dona, Pietro “Pit” Martini, Gian Marco Caggiari, Marina Asinti, Lavinia Polizzi, Angelica Brattoli, Samuel Mastrangelo, and Martina Tobanelli.

Before the show’s premiere, Melina took to her IG and shared, “When as a joke you cast and they take you on Netflix ūü߆ #netflixsummerjob¬†@netflixit.”

Where Is Melina De Macedo Today?

Melina De Macedo appeared to have the most motivation and was very committed to her work among the other cast members. She lacked team spirit though, and once people saw how challenging it was to work with her, she swiftly turned into a common enemy.

Once the chase started, Melina even started to distance herself from the group, but at the end of week 2, viewers decided to vote her off. Melina is currently living her life in Turin and seems to be having a great time. She doesn’t appear to have started a career just yet, despite the fact that she enjoys photography a lot and bonds well with her competitors.

Melina De Macedo Age

In November 2022, Melina De Macedo turned 22 years old.

Is Melina De Macedo On Instagram?

Yes, Melina De Macedo has an Instagram account (@_melinchia). She is also on TikTok (@melinchia).

Melina De Macedo Job

Melina Macedo started her career as a tourist entertainer at Iren Group. She landed the job in June 2016. Melina worked in that role till September 2019 in San Bartolomeo al Mare, Liguria, Italy. Melina has been working as a speaker and social media manager since 2021.

She is also working as a manager at BerraiBarriera, a podcast dedicated to social issues in the suburbs of Turin.

Melina shared in her bio, “I’m a student of Intercultural Communication at the University of Turin, and I hold the role of speaker and social media manager at BerraiBarriera, a podcast dedicated to social issues in the suburbs of Turin.¬†Creative, dynamic, smart, and determined. Since adolescence, I have been extremely interested in social and interpersonal dynamics.”

Melina shared that she attended the Human Sciences High School to learn sociological, anthropological, and psychological concepts. In university, she studied Intercultural Communication allows me both to increase her knowledge of the world and to develop techniques aimed at the world of communication.

The reality star added on her LinkedIn bio, “Because of my strong personality, critical thinking, and energy, I can easily build relationships with other people and exchange ideas and values ‚Äč‚Äčin a horizontal way. For me, mutual respect, listening, and good emotional intelligence are essential. I have a strong tendency to develop a bonded community pursuing a common goal. Therefore, I feel very comfortable in team management and work.”

She added, “I always use the concepts and techniques learned at the University in the practical world. Therefore, for me, it is very important to advance both my academic and working careers since they can be useful for a better understanding of the world of communication. Indeed, through the podcast, I have the opportunity to develop skills such as content creation, community management, social media management, story-telling, and interviews… I like to spend my free time doing theatre, improvisation, contemporary dance, and contact dance. Also, I am very interested in volunteering, ethnographic research, travel, and documentary.”

Fun Fact: Melina speaks four languages Italian, Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Melina De Macedo Birthday?

Melina De Macedo celebrates her birthday on 14 November.

  • Where Is Melina De Macedo From?

Per her TikTok bio, Melina Macedo is originally from Brazil. She is currently based in Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

  • How Tall Is Melina De Macedo?

Melina De Macedo’s height measures 5’6”.

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