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Samuele Mastrangelo Bio, Age, Today, Lavina, Summer Job

Samuele Mastrangelo is one of the cast members of Netflix’s intriguing reality show Summer Job. Although Sofia Carollo was declared the winner, Samuele’s persona and the changes they attained during the filming made viewers more interested in him.

Learn details about Samuele’s age, where he is today, and his relationship with Lavina. Tag along and learn more.

Netflix’s Summer Job: Are Samuele Mastrangelo And Lavina Still Together?

Samuele Mastrangelo and Lavina Polizzi linked with each other the very first day they met each other. Heck, they even shared a kiss right after they met each other. Now, the show has ended and fans are interested to learn if are they still together.

Lavina an Italian beauty from Turin stated during her appearance on the show that she was anticipating a fun-filled luxury holiday. She was totally opposed to the idea of working. Lavina was used to having whatever she wanted from her loved ones.

She occasionally worked modeling jobs. However, Lavinia insisted that she chose to go out with her pals and party instead than to work.

Lavinia, who was already there, began to move toward Samuele as soon as he entered the home, and the two instantly fell in love. In reality, Samuele and Lavina enjoyed a passionate kiss and cuddle on the latter’s bed just moments after meeting. They appeared to be interested in beginning a relationship.

Samuele had to settle for Angelica at his first job because he was unable to partner with Lavinia. Even though he appeared to be somewhat dissatisfied with the outcome, he was adamant about continuing. Hence, he was able to win over his supervisor enough to receive a weekly payout. Lavinia, who was working at a restaurant, encountered her fair share of difficulties but eventually managed to secure a full paycheck.

Samuele and Lavinia spent many nights together and were matched for the following few tasks, after which they became utterly entwined. With each day that went by, their bond grew deeper and seeing their growing romance was quite heartwarming. However, after being matched with other cast members in weeks 4 and 5, Lavinia started to perform poorly at work and eventually earned an empty paycheck, which caused her eviction in episode 7. Naturally, Samuele was sad to see her leave, but they agreed to stay in touch even after the movie was finished.

Although Samuele and Lavinia both prefer to keep their romantic status a secret, recent events seem to point toward a potential breakup. Lavinia went back to her hometown of Milan after “Summer Job” filming wrapped up while Samuele settled into his normal life in Cuneo. In addition to being geographically separated, the two seldom ever interact in public and have never been featured on one another’s Instagram accounts.

Such a change, along with the absence of information regarding either star’s love life, leads us to believe that they have split up and are now leading independent, single lives. The good news is that Samuele and Lavinia have maintained their friendship. Therefore, supporters of the two people shouldn’t give up hope.

Where Is Samuele Mastrangelo Today?

When Samuele Mastrangelo arrived on the show, he made it clear that he had no interest in having any job. The only thing he wanted to do was spend every second in comfort and luxury. Samuele didn’t want to waste time on activities he didn’t enjoy doing when he could go out and party or maybe engage in romantic endeavors.

He had plans to take on the assignment and quit casually shortly after.

Samuele frequently talked back to his superiors, dressed inappropriately for the job, and even frequently arrived late to work. He also appeared to be fairly uncertain of basic workplace protocol. He paid himself nothing at the conclusion of week 2 as a result of his refusal to take ownership of his actions. But when Samuele was threatened with elimination, he abruptly changed because he understood he had to work hard if he wanted to survive.

As a result, he started working with new energy after avoiding elimination and excelled in most of his tasks.

The son of volleyball legend Luigi Mastrangelo, Samuele, grew up amid lavish circumstances in contrast. Samuele had never worked a day in his life. He was adamantly opposed to following directions from others while his father labored away on the court in order to amass wealth.

The inhabitant of Cuneo, Italy, made a fortune as a bitcoin trader, but Samuele said he always acts of his own free will and would never consider working for someone else.

By the end of the show, Samuele was quite pleased with his development. He went on to receive additional gold payments for extra dedication. He eventually found himself competing against Sofia Carollo for the title but understood that the experience was more valuable than the accomplishment.

Samuele was really appreciative of the show for giving him the chance to demonstrate his value and was thrilled when Sofia was finally named the winner.

As for where he is today, he still loves partying and learned something about himself, that he wants to be his own boss.

Samuele Mastrangelo Age

When Samuele Mastrangelo was filming the show, he was 19 years old.

Is Samuele Mastrangelo On Instagram?

Yes, Samuele Mastrangelo is on Instagram and you can find him on his IG handle (@mastrohh).

Related FAQs

  • How Tall Is Samuele Mastrangelo?

The Samuele Mastrangelo’s height measures under 6 feet.

  • When Is Samuele Mastrangelo Birthday?

Samuele Mastrangelo celebrates his birthday on 29 September.

  • Where Is Samuele Mastrangelo From?

Samuele Mastrangelo calls Cuneo, Piedmont, his hometown located in Northern, Italy.

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