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Mia Emani Jones Bio, Parents, Height, Job, FBoy Island

It’s no surprise when parents are opposed to their kids participating in experimental dating shows. But surprisingly that wasn’t the case for Mia Emani Jones. Infact, it was Mia’s father who encouraged her to participate on FBoy Island.

So, who are Mia’s parents? What’s her height and job? Continue reading this Mia Emani Jones Bio to find answers. 

Mia Emani Jones On FBoy Island

After its success with the inaugural season, FBoy Island returned to HBO for its season installment on July 14, 2022. And as before there appeared 13 nice guys and 13 Fboys all ready to charm the three new girls, Louise Barnard, Tamaris Sepulveda, and our star, Mia Emani Jones.

For those new to the show, the theme is if a Fboy is chosen by one of the three girls he could take home the entire $100,000 in prize money. But if a nice guy makes it to the end, he’ll split the earnings with his new beau.

So, what was Mia’s game plan? Well, it was simple. She was on the show to find a genuine connection. Whether it be a fboy or a nice guy, she just wanted someone to like her. “I can tame an fboy if I need. My mom did it with my dad, so it’s in my blood,” she added.

However, that didn’t mean she went after whoever came to her first. The star worked together with other bachelorettes, and put their heads together after filming. “Like ‘What do you think? I don’t know, they all look bad to me.’ We became like sisters because we would tell each other everything. That experience together was great, because we were like little detectives,” she explained.

Now, coming to the talk about how did Mia get on FBoy Island — it was all because of her dad. A big fan of the show, Mia’s dad asked her to go on the show and had a casting agent reach out to her. So, Mia filled out some paperwork, went to L.A., did interviews in front of the executive producers, and a couple of months later, she received a call saying she was chosen.

Who Is Mia Emani Jones Dating Today?

Mia wasn’t dating anyone as of 2022. Or at least, this was what her FB profile said.

As for her potential boyfriend on FBoy Island, Mia was hitting it off with Peter Park, a returning participant from season 1. Also, she tried out a few men on the show including Danny and Kian, but nothing was as good as it was with Peter.

Mia Emani Jones Parents

Mia Emani Jones was born to parents, Erik and Nneka Jones, both of whom are Delaware State University graduates. As of 2022, they were 51 and 49 years of age and worked as William Penn’s Principal and New Castle’s Principal, respectively.

It was also because of them Mia had so much confidence in herself about taming a Fboy. According to the star, her dad was a quarterback and a Fboy in high school and college while her mother was a cheerleader. “I don’t know much but I have a feeling stuff went down in college,” she added.

Fast forward to 2022, Mia’s parents were married for over 26 years and looking young in love than ever. “And my dad just worships the ground my mom walks on,” she explained. So, she felt like if her mom could tame a Fboy, so could she! Or, in her words, “My mom did it with my dad, so it’s in my blood.”

Mia Emani Jones Job

Mia Emani Jones was working as an assistant team manager at Cecile Boutique for over 5 years when she appeared on FBoy Island. There, she was a team leader of 10 employees.

Also, Mia worked as a middle school teacher at Colonial School District at the time. As a “Goal-oriented Middle School Teacher”, she claimed to have expertise in designing multi-subject lesson plans and activities with unifying themes. Furthermore, she added that she was highly proficient in applying differentiated learning techniques to achieve optimal lesson comprehension and retention.

As for her education, Mia attended Delaware State University from 2014 to 2018. And during her time there, she also worked as a counselor at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Now, she’s studying to become an orthodontist at a dental school in Tampa, Florida. She was set to graduate in 2025.

Did you know: Mia was Miss Earth USA Water in 2019, Miss Delaware USA in 2017, and Miss Delaware Teen USA in 2014.

How Old Is Mia Emani Jones?

Mia was 26 years of age when she appeared on FBoy Island in 2022.

However, she was a year younger when she filmed the show.

Mia Emani Jones Height

Mia Emani Jones stands tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Mentioning her distinct features, Mia has a big smile and a fit body.

Mia Emani Jones Birthday

Mia receives her birthday wishes on June 1 and is of the Gemini zodiac.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Mia Emani Jones Hail From?

Mia hails from Middletown, Delaware.

She moved to Tampa, Florida in 2019 and resided there ever since.

  • Is Mia Emani Jones On Instagram?

Yes, as of July 2022, Mia was on Instagram @_miaemani with 5.4K followers.

Also, here’s her Facebook.

  • How Much Is Mia Emani Jones Net Worth?

Mia garnered a net worth of under $300 thousand by 2022.

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