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Michael Montgomery Bio, Age, Job, Steven Cozzi Husband

Michael Montgomery revealed to Water Mark Online that 26 March 2023 was the worst day of his life. It was the day law enforcement confirmed that his husband Steven Cozzi has passed away.

“Someone that he worked with messaged me and asked if I had picked him up for lunch,” Michael told Water Mark Online. “I knew something was wrong right away.”

Officers responded to a call for assistance after Steven’s employees discovered that he was no longer in the workplace but that his wallet, phone, and car keys were still there, according to the Largo Police Department. Along with “a strong chemical odor,” they discovered blood in the building’s public restroom as well.

Forensics later determined that “a large quantity of blood had been cleaned up from the bathroom floor.”

“I rushed straight there and Largo PD was already on the scene,” Michael told the outlet. “Within a short amount of time, they were handling it as if he hadn’t just stepped out. I kept telling them that Steve would call and tell me everything, that’s the way we were. We always knew where the other one was.”

Steven Cozzi’s disappearance was challenging both before and after the case became well-known on March 24 as a result of it. “I was just sitting at home with family, waiting for detectives to come and give us an update or call to ask a question,” Montgomery added. “I opened up my life to them right away.”

Michael is thinking back on some of the happiest days of his life even if March 26 may have ended up being the worst.

Michael told Watermark that’s because “I want people to know who Steve was. Everybody’s going to talk about what happened to him, and to me that’s not who he was. At all. He was so brilliant, loving and caring,” he gushed about his husband. “He could also be really tough when he needed to be, because he was an attorney, but the side I saw of him was soft and vulnerable.”

Meet Michael Montgomery, Steven Cozzi Husband

Michael and Steve exchanged their wedding vows on 17 October 2020. They first appeared together on Michael’s FB in 2019. However, they met online but decided to meet each other in person on 13 July 2018. They had dinner and then watched a movie at Cozzi’s home.

“He loved cheap horror flicks and silly, B-rated movies. I don’t remember what we watched, but I remember thinking, ‘this is the most ridiculous crap,’” Montgomery laughs. “His sense of humor captivated me. It was just so witty and lined up so well with mine.”

“I just fell in love with him right away,” he explained further in tears. “At the end of our date we kissed and he had this goofy, happy smile. I just floated home.”

Closing to the end of September 2018, they were officially a couple. After that, the two essentially lived together.

The next year, they became engaged, and on October 17, 2020, eventually, they wedded.

“We had our wedding at my parents’ house in Homosassa and the mothers planned it because we didn’t know what we were doing,” Michael opened up speaking of his wedding. “It was a COVID wedding, so there was a lot of that confusion going on. But all we cared about was each other. It was the best day of my life.”

After Steven’s tragic death, Michael launched a GoFundMe that collected a sum of $27,683 at the time of his death.

Michael also took to his FB and wrote, “Today, our greatest fears were realized. My husband and best friend was stolen from us. Steve Cozzi was the kindest, funniest, and most brilliant man I ever met. I knew he was the one from the day that we had our first date. I only ever wanted to protect him and to make him happy. I know I will see him again one day.”

Michael Montgomery Age

Public records reveal that Michael Montgomery is 34 years old as of 2023. He was reportedly born in 1988.

Michael Montgomery Job

Michael Montgomery shared on Facebook that he studies Business Administration at St. Petersburg College. There isn’t much information about his job.

Is Michael Montgomery On Instagram?

No, Michael Montgomery is not on Instagram. Instead, he has a Facebook.

Michael Montgomery Family

Michael Montgomery is the son of Kevin Montgomery. Kevin is married to his wife Cammy Montgomery since 19 September 1992. Kevin, a native of Idaho, attended Idaho Falls High School followed by studying Radiation Safety at the College of Eastern Idaho. He reportedly worked at Idaho National Laboratory.

Cammy works as a Radiological Control Technician (RadCon Technician) at Idaho National Laboratory.

Michael has a brother named Billie Seggerty. He also has a sister named TrisAnn Perry and Charles B. Mills.

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  • Where Is Michael Montgomery From?

Michael Montgomery has been living in Largo, Florida since 2015.

  • When Is Michael Montgomery Birthday?

The birthday of Michael Montgomery is not available at this moment.

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