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Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Bio, Net Worth, Age

Meet Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz who made headlines in 2016 after getting arrested for a laundry list of drug charges, including selling fentanyl and heroin. And so eventually, he found himself becoming a cast member on the show Love During Lockup.

Luckily for him, Michael actually ends up getting when still behind the bars. To whom? Let us tell you in this BIO writing about him.

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Age

Michael A Persaud or simply Mike was born in 1987. So, he reached the age of 35 in 2022.

What Is Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Nationality?

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz’s nationality is American. As for his mother, she was born in the Dominican Republic while his father was born in the Bronx in New York.

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Wife

In Season 2 of Love During Lockup fans get to see Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz getting married to his girlfriend Justine.

Right from her wedding dress shopping, Justine is seen rushing into the marriage which her mother does not like. Viewers then also got to see Justine trying to explain to her skeptical mom and family members that she and Michael have been waiting for three years to get permission to marry. She says now they finally have it, she is reluctant to wait any longer. The rush is such that she plans on getting married within 24 hours of this conversation.

But, understandably, her mom looks concerned about her daughter marrying a convict. She shares her fear with the camera that once Michael gets out, he may return to selling drugs.

Michael is also shown telling his to-be-wife on the phone that he is excited about their wedding and can not wait to see her. Nevertheless, at times, Justine also laments that she can not just pick up the phone and call Michael as she might be able to do with a partner who was not in jail.

During her confessional, Justine claims to the camera that this man loves her, unlike any other, she has ever been with.

As per the marriage records obtained by Starcasm, Montana and Justine did tie the knot on 5 August 2022.

On the show, Justine also opens up that she had been married before and got a divorce in August 2020.

According to WE tv, Michael and Justine met via Michael’s mother. Fans have thought this to be sweet of his mom to set him up with someone nice.

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Songs

Michael aka Montana Millz apparently is a rapper and is best known for his songs “Sell Drugz” and “Feds Watching.” There are several others like “Me Myself and I”, “Let It Go”, “Oh Lord”, and “Stranger”, available on Apple Music.

How Much Is Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Net Worth?

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz reportedly had a below $500 thousand net worth as of 2022.

The marriage records of him and Justine show that he has his GED, while Justine only completed two years of college.

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Charges

As per the Department of Justice Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz had been dealing heroin and fentanyl for four months at the time of his arrest. Already at the time, he was also awaiting sentencing on convictions of 16 drug trafficking and conspiracy charges in Pennsylvania.

Reports stated back then that his sentencing was set to be served consecutively and not concurrently due to his multiple prior drug convictions. He was supposed to begin serving his time in Pennsylvania following his stay in Rhode Island prison.

According to court filings, in several instances, Michael used other individuals to assist in the delivery of the drugs. In at least two such instances, he was driven by his girlfriend at the time, Tiffany who also happens to be the mother of three of his children. So, he was driven by Tiffany to deliver fentanyl to the undercover detective.

So far, it was unknown if Tiffany will be featured in the new season of Love During Lockup. Because she and Michael have children together, she might show up briefly. At some point, Tiffany was referred to as Michael’s wife. But that

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Height

Michael Persaud stands below 6 feet in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Birthday?

Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz’s birthday is in the month of May, making him either a Taurus or a Gemini.

  • When Is Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz Getting Out?

Weeks after the two got married in August 2022, Michael Persaud was released from prison on parole.

According to the Pennsylvania prison records, he was released on October 7th. So, as of November 2022, he was believed to be on parole and under supervised custody.

  • Is Michael Persaud aka Montana Millz On Instagram?

There are actually a couple of Instagram accounts of Michael aka Montana Millz. But the one he recently updated upon his return from prison is @montanamillz with 321 posts and 17.9K followers as of 13 November 2022.

Soon after his release from prison, he posted a pair of Montana Millz sneakers wanting to sell them at the price of $250.00. More such products and deals are available on his online shop,

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