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Michael Pfaff Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Height, Tortilla Man

Slipknot have confirmed the identity of the “Tortilla Man.” Yes, he is indeed Michael Pfaff. After years of rumors and internet sleuthing, Michael finally announced to the world that he was the “Tortilla Man” v.i.a. a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on March 16, 2022.

This “Michael Pfaff Bio” explores his life. 

Meet Michael Pfaff aka The Tortilla Man On Slipknot

“You’ve been warned,” Slipknot tweeted ahead of the Reddit AMA scheduled to reveal Michael. But there was one thing that immediately gave away that the revelation was going to be Michael — the percussionist pictured holding a piece of paper with the online event info and four words written over it, “I am Michael Pfaff.”

So followed the Reddit AMA post. “Hello, Reddit. My name is Michael Pfaff. I’m the percussionist in Slipknot. Leg 1 of our US Headline Tour (3/16 – 4/17) kicks off tonight with In This Moment and Wage War,” Michael wrote.

Naturally, the thread was flooded with fans asking him a bunch of questions. To summarize, the revelation day was the moment when Michael felt like he was “no longer the new guy in the band.” Also, standing next to all the band members, Michael felt “pretty empowering.”

Though it was a revelation, most of Slipknot already knew that it was Michael behind that “Tortilla Man” mask. “Michael pfaff tortilla confirmed finally, wish it was sooner bc it feels like Old old news now,” a fan wrote.

Michael and Slipknot‘s connection goes way back much further than 2019 (when he stepped into the band). Reportedly, he was first introduced by Sid Wilson to Clown in the 2000s, and together, they formed the alternative rock band called Dirty Little Rabbits with Michael on keyboard and organ and Clown on drums.

Fast forward to 2019, he got a phone call while he was working at his day job, and the next thing he knew he was a Slipknot band member.

Trivia: Before the revelation, a few believed that the comedian/voice actor Gilbert Gottfried was the “Tortilla Man.”

What Instrument Does Michael Pfaff Play On Slipknot?

Michael is a percussionist on Slipknot. He replaced the long-time band member  Chris Fehn in 2019.

But more than drums, Michael loves playing the piano. He’s been playing keys ever since he was young. Marimba/vibraphone/xylophone — he loves the combination of the two.

Also, Michael does the back vocals as well.

Michael Pfaff Net Worth

Michael Pfaff garnered a net worth of under $1 million by 2022.

Meanwhile, his band member’s net worths then were — Paul Gray: $8 million, Shawn “Clown” Crahan: $10 million, Mick Thompson: $20 million, Corey Taylor: $15 million, Jim Root: $12 million, Joey Jordison: $6 million, and Craig Jones: $15 million.

Before joining Slipknot, he was in a band called Dirty Little Rabbits, formed in 2007. The band members included — Shawn Crahan on drums, Jeff Karnowski on bass, Stella Katsoudas on vocals, Ryan Martin on guitars, and Michael on keyboards. They’ve released over 10 songs (all available on Spotify).

Michael Pfaff Wife

Michael Pfaff was keeping his identity secret all this time, let alone talk about his wife. So, her identity is a mystery to us.

However, he did once mention her, talking about how hard it was to keep his identity secret when he joined Slipknot in 2019. “These days everybody is on the internet and has a phone. You could tell a person at the grocery store and the next thing you know it’s on the internet. I flew to LA twice before my wife even knew,” he shared.

How Old Is Michael Pfaff?

Michael was born on April 4, 1973. That made him 48 years of age in 2022.

As per his birthday, Michael is of the Aries zodiac.

Michael Pfaff Height

Michael Pfaff stands tall at a height of around 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

He, Clown, and Jay are almost of the same height.

Michael Pfaff Without Mask

Michael is a white man with an oval face and a bald head. The face behind that mask is that of a lovely man, unlike the horrifying texture you see from outside.\

You might be surprised, but Michael’s mask is made from a mold of his head. Yes, the mask is turned inside out, with extra latex on it, and painted to look sick, with a zipper mouth.

Reportedly, it was Jim Ojala who applied the fabrications to the mask.

Also, it was because of his terrifying mask, which looked similar to a tortilla, he was nicknamed “Tortilla Man” by fans.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Michael Pfaff From?

Michael’s hometown was kept a secret.

Although we do not know where he hails from, we know for sure that its not Los Angeles, California.

  • What Do We Know About Michael Pfaff Family?

Michael kept his private life away from this professional one. And that means he kept his family a secret.

  • Is Michael Pfaff On Instagram?

No, as of March 2022, Michael wasn’t on Instagram.

However, he did have an IG fan page @tortilla_guy with over 57K followers then.

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